15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

No prepared dish would have the same taste and presentation if we won’t be seeing a handsome amount of black pepper sprinkled on top of it.

It doesn’t matter if we are having Alfredo Pasta or just a routine sunny side up fried egg, black pepper immediately adds up both aroma and taste to the food that has been prepared with love and care.

For centuries, it has been known that black pepper has also been used as a rich spice that prevents and cures a number of diseases. It is popularly known as the ‘King of Spices’ because there would be no charm and aroma in food if it weren’t for some black pepper, also some quick home remedies account for even better use of the spice to prevent all kinds of infectious diseases.

Black pepper a fruit of the Peppercorn plant is known to have originated from parts of India where from it slowly and gradually spread to all parts of the world.

Black pepper that we consume is called the Peppercorn fruit that is plucked from the plant as it ripens. The way we see and consume black pepper is not how it is plucked out from the plants, in fact, the berry-shaped black peppers are removed from the plant when they are still red in color, it is then that they are laid out in the sunlight for them to ripen even further and change into hard, shrivel and black in color just the way we prefer to use them.

The pepper has been a favorite spice for both cooks and herbalists and was therefore part of almost every other food and medicine that were provided in ancient times. Find out 15 of the best health benefits of black pepper that you might not have known before.

15. Beats Indigestion

Having an upset stomach is more like a curse because the mind wanders astray when it has a lot of work happening around in the belly area. People while consuming the food do not really understand what other responsibilities might be accompanying the great food and end up having quite an acidic reaction to almost everything that they ate.

Black pepper is a solution to any such kind of indigestion.

  • Black pepper consists of element Piperine which is known to signal and stimulate extra secretion of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
  • Hydrochloric acid then specifically attacks the toughest of proteins found within the stomach that if left behind cause all kinds of creepy and painful feelings.
  • The acid also facilitates the breakdown of excess, spicy or unsuitable food components that were responsible for signs of indigestion.
  • Possible symptoms being, constipation, diarrhea and acidity.

Tip: It is always recommended to add about a teaspoon of ground pepper to the meal whilst it’s being prepared, this adds both aroma to the dish and also aids the digestive procedure.

14. Efficient Weight Loss Regime

Women have been tired of trying and testing all kinds of fad protein and cabbage soup diets but nothing has actually been that effective as they are advertised. Yes it takes a lot of will to actually cut down your carbs, fats and junk; but if you are able to see the result you wouldn’t even be bothered about it.

Unfortunately, when there are no results after all the efforts then people tend to revert back even harder than they were before.

  • Black pepper contains elements that effectively stimulate proper absorption of all the healthy and effective nutrients from the food that is broken down at the time of digestion.
  • These nutrients when reach the blood cells and provide energy not only boost physical strength but also refresh the mental capacity.
  • The out layer of black pepper containing the potent phytonutrient is an efficient substance involved in effective breakdown of fat cells.
  • Key is to add the powdered/ground spice on top of the meal that you are about to consume and enjoy both the transformed taste and the usefulness.

Tip: It is advised not to overdo the spice for its other harmful side effects.

13. Help Get Rid Of Gas

Though the idea to discuss about gas might seem awkward to many people and not all are comfortable to share with their friends or family if they are going through a phase of painful gas formation and movement; but it is indeed true that many people are often either allergic to some food types that cause gas or they develop certain allergies with time. Whatever the situation might be, gas can be both embarrassing as well as painful.

  • Pepper is known to break down difficult food faster in comparison to the work done by the rest of the spices. This quick breakdown eliminates any storage of food within the stomach that might lead to intestinal upset.
  • Pepper is also a carminative spice that is known to relive you of any odorous gas and colicky pain that a man never really gets used with.
  • The work is done when pepper aids serotonin secretions that helps breakdown and quickly discard any known portion of gas that might stick around for long and cause bigger issues also making it an excellent antiemetic agent.

Tip: Prefer using black pepper to add spice to your food rather than red chili powder.

12. Get Rid Of Dandruff

You might really skip wearing black because there always seem to be a whole lot of dandruff resting on your shoulders and back, but this isn’t the remedy for everything that annoys you.

There are many remedies that provide instant relieve from issues like these and are compiled out things that are resting for long in your kitchen cabinets. It is all in the mix, just get the right ingredients together, mix them well and follow a strict and fashionable routine to experience visible results.

Quick link = Home remedies for dandruff

  • Black pepper has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties because of which this is one unique spice that has a large number of medicinal benefits.
  • In order to get rid of dandruff there is a quick black pepper and yogurt mask for the scalp:
  • Simply add a teaspoonful of ground black pepper in a cup full of yogurt.
  • Mix it really well.
  • Prep your scalp by brushing your hair properly and then applying this mask on to the scalp.
  • Rest it on the hair for a good 30-35 minutes and then simply wash it off.
  • Do not shampoo the hair; keep this practice for the next day.

Tip: You are advised not to add too much of black pepper for the spice will really start burning the skin of the scalp.

11. Cough Relievent

The most irritating thing that happens right when you feel you are finally getting rid of that flu is when you start getting that dry and itchy cough throughout the day and especially when you have calmed yourself down to sleep.

It might be something psychological or the bacterial infection doesn’t take rest for a while but the cough wouldn’t just subside or quit even for a while only.

  • Black pepper is one great option to help get rid of the cough that wouldn’t let you sleep.
  • Black pepper has anti-bacterial properties that help combat all kinds of bacterial infections found in the body.
  • Many herbalists suggest taking a teaspoonful of raw, organic honey with a sprinkle of crushed black pepper on the top. The honey soothes the inflammation while pepper fights the bacteria as well as the spicy-ness of pepper helps loosen any phlegm that might be stuck in the throat.

10. Clearing Stuffy And Congested Nose

You cannot simply feel good about anything while in Flu, there is no taste in food, no smell in the world and simply no sense in the mind. Things are far too messed up with those wet eyes, red nose and a pile of tissue papers.

A part from the major diseases flu is one petty little infection that not only annoys an individual but it also pretty much brings about almost the same breakage inside the body as any other diseases, where you suffer from immense body pain and lethargy.

  • Black pepper is the king o spices not only in terms of its benefits but the level of spice as well. This very spice alerts and alarms all the senses in the body including those stuck behind a stuffed nose.
  • If you want to clear a phlegm stuffed nose, just spice up your bowl of hot soup with a good amount of crushed black pepper and minutes later you will be clearing up the mess.

9. Fighting Cancer

Cancer is one disease that crushes the emotions of a patient more than it actually damages the body.

Cancer might be something not too complicated in medical terms but the limited amount of ways to combat the disease and yet the side effect of going through those medical procedures is another story.

Black pepper because of its ability to fight harmful free radicals has been known to curb unwanted cancerous activities within the body.

  • Black pepper is rich in generous amount of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants work their way on to combating all kinds of free radicals that are found within the body.
  • These are composed of anti-oxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin A along with a combination of flavonoid rich anti-oxidants. A combination of all of this helps unnecessary growth of stem cells inside the body.
  • According to a research study from the University of Michigan the chemical compound piperine inside pepper wards off all kinds of tumor development inside the breast.

Tip: Make it a habit to add a noticeable amount of black pepper in your daily meal.

8. Relaxes Sore Muscles

For workout junkies the leg day might be the worst of all the days in the week because this is the day when you don’t even feel like lifting your legs to walk or even to go to bed.

Even if you are an active gym-goer and know how to work your way with the machines and cardiac workout even then you will go through the same amount of tension and pain in the muscles.

  • Black pepper as obvious is a spice and spices are known to produce heat. This heat when worked in an exclusive manner can be used to relieve all kinds of muscular soreness and pain.
  • The key here is to add small amount of ground black pepper to olive oil and then gently massage it on the muscles that seem to be hurting the most.
  • The heat that thus generates from the spice provides a soothing and relieving effect.
  • The spice also provides warmth to the affected area.

7. Healing Wounds

Getting a cut is pretty traumatizing, even if it is just a cm wide. Cuts are quite dangerous if they are not properly taken care of and given initial first aid to. But sometimes there are no valuable first aid materials found to help relieve the pain and to stop the wound from bleeding and this thus becomes a bigger issue if the bleeding is hard and uncontrollable.

  • Doctors have been advising to try and stop bleeding initially by apply pressure to the affected area. If this takes more time to work than expected then it is best to apply small amounts of black pepper powder on to the wound.
  • Black pepper is a spice with anti-bacterial properties and this thus helps the wound from catching any unwanted bacterial involvement.
  • The spice also clots blood quicker than any other agent, helping to stop the wound from bleeding.

6. Nourishes The Skin

Your skin is the most neglected part of the body. There is a large population of people who is least concerned about the nature and condition of their skin and is astonished to find out the results when they eventually end up at a skin specialist. Just like the rest of our body our skin needs our attention as well.

In fact the skin should be given the most attention because it is the prime surface that gets affected by sunlight and all kinds of bacterial and infectious outbreak.

  • Having a bunch of antioxidant properties, this spice is not only responsible to make you sweat while you eat or refreshes your senses when taken down as part of good lemonade, black pepper also helps your skin through external application.
  • Black pepper can also made a part of your routine facial regime and this will act as an exfoliating agent to peel off the dead and hard skin along with stimulating good blood flow and with providing more nutrients to the skin.
  • You just have to add a bit of ground pepper to your normal facial mask and apply it for about 15 minutes. Rest simply wash it off and practice this more often to get desired results.

5. Fights Tooth Decay

This is a problem that has affected not only children but also adults of all age groups.

To have a toothache is like your mouth is constantly in pain like a mine where men are at work all the time, shoving the pain out again and again or sometimes simply hitting at the painful spot over and over again.

  • In order to keep your dental health up to the mark the best routine is to regularly use clove oil in combination with ¼ teaspoon of ground black pepper.
  • This can be used for both as brushing procedure or used by applying it on the affected areas with the help of a cotton swab.

4. A Natural Anti-Depressant

World’s large population is secretly suffering from harmful effects of depression. This depression is caused by a number of social and psychological reasons. If a person suddenly gets unemployed there are 50% chances for him to be depressed, likewise a kid who just gets the news of his parents splitting up too moves right into the depression-land despite its age.

There are many natural ingredients easily available in the kitchens that are known to have quite soothing effects on the mind and the senses.

  • Piperine is the core substance present inside black pepper that is responsible for improved cognitive abilities of the brain.
  • It is due to the ability of peperine to positively activate the nervous system that both the mind and body seem to be lifted to an elevated mood.
  • A happy, active and positive mind strives to combat depression at a higher rate.

3. Helpful To Get Rid Of Anorexia

It is unfortunate to know that the commercial media has had such harmful impact on the body image of individuals that it has now become hard for people to accept how they look and appear in public. The body image is associated with a much slimmer and thinner looking model that too doesn’t look the same when confronted in reality. Because of these unfortunate marketing techniques many women have fallen deep into the well of anorexia and nothing seems to help them fight off this feeling.

  • Anorexia has now actually become a disease because many women try to find it really difficult to get away with the feeling to keep in food as much as they want.
  • Black pepper as mentioned in the earlier benefits is a spice that is known to improve digestion by improving the secretion of gastric juices.
  • Trying to add black pepper in your food as an alternative choice for the spices that you already choose will change the taste of the food and will also work towards improving your appetite.

2. Cure For Vitiligo

Long thought of as a skin disease that might be caused by having a dairy food product along with fish has now been discarded off as a myth.

The reasons of vitilgo are still unknown and the cure is off the shelf for the moment. However there are a few remedies that are known to have a positive effect on the color tone of the skin that suppresses the effect of vitiligo.

  • In the medical field the cure for vitilgo involves use of a large number of chemicals that are also known to have some obvious side effects.
  • Since vitiligo is a skin disease that results in a loss of pigmentation in skin tone from a number of affected areas, black pepper is found to be a natural remedy to cure the issue.
  • The Piperine found in black pepper has been found effective enough to work towards equalizing the tone of the lost skin pigments.

Tip: Simply increase the involvement of the spice in your daily diet.

1. Assists To Quit Smoking

It is still unknown why people really get addicted to smoking cigarettes despite knowing the gradual harmful effects on the body. It has been debated that cigarette should not really get people addicted beyond a certain level and unlike any other kind of addiction, to quit smoking is the easiest of them all and doesn’t require any medical assistance.

  • It is suggested to quitters that they should purchase what is known as pepper oil and to help them quit smoking they should directly sniff the oil drizzled on the cotton ball.
  • The oil directly hits the same sensors on the brain that are known to be tantalized by the nicotine present in a cigarette, hence forming the same cycle.
  • However sniffing on to pepper might cause a little burning effect but that too is similar to what occurs while smoking and this may also clear up your throat of any bacterial signs.

How To Select  & Sore The Spice

To pick up the best form of black pepper is also one of the tasks that you should pay heed to.

  • Go for whole black peppers rather than their ground or powdered form.
  • It is so suggested that powdered packs may contain signs of adult peppercorns that may change the taste and effectiveness
  • This way you can always use and add freshly ground or milled pepper as per your convenience that will not only enhance the taste but will also enhance the benefits of the spice.
  • Whole peppercorns have a shelf life of years and can as well be refrigerated for a few months.
  • Powdered black pepper however should always be kept refrigerated in airtight jars.
  • Avoid using the spice in excess for it may cause intestinal inflammation or bleeding from the ulcer affected areas.

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