Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

home remedies for nasal congestionNasal congestion is a condition in which nose blocks and gets stuffy. It is considered as a medical condition which is basically the symptom or sign of other diseases. Pneumonia is one example in which nasal congestion plays a vital role throughout the disease.

Nasal congestion is particularly known for clogged nose, pain associated to sinus, buildup of mucus and swollen pathways to nose. Other symptoms include pain in ear, heavy head and dizziness (which is because of less supply of oxygen).

There are obviously some conditions which are attached to nasal congestion. When these are not taken care properly, they lead to further problems and like mentioned above become the purpose of many other diseases.

Nasal congestion come with flu and cold. Home remedies are the perfect way to heal nasal congestion. You would need to get it checked only if the nasal congestion has become chronic and long term. Some of the common, natural or home remedies which can lessen and eventually diminish the problem of nasal congestion.

Here are the top 10 Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion.

Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

1. Apple cider vinegar

The cloaked or stuffy nose which leads to congestion is best to be cured by the help of apple cider vinegar. The main function of this particular type of vinegar is to liquidize cold and mucus. Immunity and overall health is also strengthened through apple cider vinegar. To get rid of nasal congestion you need to make a mixture of vinegar and honey in the following manner:

  • Take a tablespoon of pure honey and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.
  • Dilute both the ingredients in a lukewarm or warm (depending on your preference) cup of water.
  • Have this thrice a day daily to avoid the stuffiness.
  • Within 3 to 4 days you will feel hundred percent free of congestion.

2. Garlic cloves drink

Another best home remedy which is tried and experimented by many people is through the help of garlic cloves. What makes it effective is the antifungal and antiviral characteristics. These qualities work against infection in the respiratory system which becomes the source of nasal congestion. Make a drink of garlic by following simple and easy steps mentioned below:

  • Take clean garlic cloves, minimum one and maximum 4 in quantity.
  • Boil those cloves in a cup of water.
  • To add on flavor and make the drink more soothing, add quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • Have this drink twice in a day to get rid of nose congestion.

If you are able to chew garlic clove without peeling its skin, it would make you feel better instantly.

3. Eucalyptus essential oil

Like apple cider vinegar, eucalyptus oil also comes with the natural anti-inflammatory and decongestant possessions. To take help from this oil, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Take a clean and sterilized handkerchief and put few drops of eucalyptus oil in it.
  • Inhale the fragrance deeply,
  • Repeat inhaling 4 to 5 time in a day.


  • Put some drops pf essential eucalyptus oil on the pillow to get maximum benefits. This way you will keep inhaling oil throughout the night.

4. Inhalation of steam with carom seeds

Steam does wonders in the nasal congestion. Like many other home remedies it needs nothing but simple tip to follow. To make your respiratory tract strong and pure from congestion you need to do as follows:

  • Take three cups of water and put them on boil.
  • When the tiny bubbles starts to pop, add Carmon seeds which are also known as ajwain in the boiling water.
  • Inhale the steam carefully.

This tip or home remedy is experimented but it is better not to be used with children, pregnant ladies or those who have hypertension or any psychological disorder.

5. Herbal tea

Mucus which stores in the pathways of nose and throat which goes to the lungs are easy to get thinned. How and where is the next question which you may have in mind while seeking for the solution? Herbal tea which can be made by the green dried leaves or any other herb is the best way to sooth down the nasal congestion. Herbs comes as a rescue for two things; firstly it helps in soothing like we just mentioned and secondly, it flushes out toxins from your body which helps in keeping you fresh and healthy.

6. Black pepper

Blocked sinuses and nasal congestion can be cured and treated by one ingredient which is found in all the houses. Black pepper tempt the nasal blockage to be removed by sneezing. In short, it induces sneezes which becomes the source of getting free from different types of allergies and mucus in the sinus.

This is what you can do to help in reducing nasal congestion:

  • You will need sesame oil and black pepper. Put both the things on palm.
  • Soak your finger in the mixture, make sure it carries enough of it and then spread it inside your nose which is nostrils.
  • Do deep breathing, inhale the smell.
  • You will sneeze because of it which is going to be good.
  • You shouldn’t hold it.
  • Repeat the procedure twice or thrice in a day.

7. Saline spray

Pollen and dust is cleansed by the help of saline water which is a composition of sterile water and salt. It helps in reducing, infact treating nasal congestion by the help of removing mucous steadily. These sprays are readily available and don’t have any side effect attached. However, you can make your own solution by following 3 simple steps:

  • Take 3 teaspoons of iodized salt and a half bottle of water. Mix them well. Make sure that the water is clean.
  • Put it in your nose and tilt it that it goes all the way to head.
  • Blow your nose as gently as possible.

Be sure that you consult a doctor if you have any serious type of ENT issue.

8. Chicken soup

After a thorough research and studies it is proven that chicken soup or broth actually helps in reducing the mucus level. It works against inflammation and builds up immune system. Steam is another thing which helps in curing nasal congestion. Above all, it keeps you hydrated.

  • Boil chicken with garlic cloves, pepper and salt.
  • Shred chicken and add corn flour.
  • Add an egg if you wish.
  • Have it steamy hot and enjoy but make sure you have napkins in your hand. It is because, the steamy effect will open your nose instantly.

9. Peppermint tea

Nasal congestion can be dealt by peppermint because it contains menthol which has the property to make the mucous thin. Peppermint tea comes with two major qualities; firstly it has steam which helps in healing congestion and then it also cleans the nasal grease or gunk.

10. Warm water – H2O

Heat and warm water are two things which can help you get rid of nasal congestion. Why do they matter that much to nasal congestion is because of the fact that they have properties to keep nose moist which avoids blockages. It also prevents nose to get dried which may become a cause of nasal congestion.

  • Humidifier can be the best way to give direct heat to the clogged passages of nose.
  • Take a long hot shower, the steam will help you reduce the condition of nasal congestion.

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