How to Get Rid of a Hickey fast

What Is A Hickey?

A Hickey (Hickie), also sometimes called a love bite or kiss mark, is a bruise caused by biting, aggressive kissing or sucking of soft skin, usually around the neck or on the arm. Throughout your body, you have many different types of blood vessels that help transport blood around. The smallest blood vessels in your body are called capillaries.

When somebody sucks very hard on soft skin, they can cause the capillaries just beneath the surface to rupture, letting blood seep out into the surrounding tissue. So, hickeys, like bruises, are actually broken blood vessels just under the surface of the skin that blood has come out of. The blood that has collected and clotted under the skin is generally red at first but then, as it is no longer getting oxygen, the blood dries out and turns into a darker purple or brown color.

What Causes Hickey?

What is the real and foremost cause of hickey or bruises isn’t very complicated to be answered.

  • When your partner or spouse goes all kinky and tries to show affection by the help of sadist acts like sucking any part of your body and making a mark their because of no blood flow for a certain time, hickeys take place.
  • Other ways to get hickeys is when you are not sure about the next step and you suddenly throw yourself on someone and causes bruise unintentionally. It also happens when the partner in bed is more into pain than pleasure.
  • According to researchers, men are more active in making or giving hickeys. They are prompt, spontaneous and stern in the compassion for their female partner.
  • When they take a portion of skin in their mouths and suck it hard while other bedroom activities, they leave a mark on the body.
  • The harder they suck, the deeper hickey would appear which will not go in just few hours. It is also said that men are good in making hickeys and women are good in receiving them. As compared to teenagers, older adults are more prone on getting hickeys. It is because of the thin layer of skin.

Symptoms Of Hickey:

Symptoms of any disease or medical condition makes it easy for people to understand them in a better way. Likewise, hickeys or love bites have some symptoms which can make you recognize if the bruise is due to hickey or any other thing.

  • The shape and size is relatively different than any other reason of bruising. It is mostly the size of the area sucked.
  • At times, when teeth are hooked on the skin sucked, they leave their mark and makes it visible and less difficult for others to understand the cause of it. This also helps as to the nature of bruising.
  • On the funny side, hickeys are usually found and seen in odd places where others might not get bruises. They are in the armpit, shoulder, buttocks and neck. However, other reasons of bruises can be seen on cheeks and less abnormal places.
  • Another symptom which determines it of a hickey or a love bite is the timings and discoloration. When a bruise or hickey is fresh it is usually blackish purple. It means that the bite is freshly made. If the color is reddish and not blackish it makes an effect of a day old. However, if it is pale and dim in color the love bite or hickey was made more than 3 days ago.
  • Medically speaking, severe sucking or biting onto the skin may make a person paralyze and can lead to very serious condition.
  • Swelling, soreness, bumpy elevated skin can be taken as a symptom of love bite – hickey.
  • Blood congeals and can lead its way to hematoma.

Treatment Of Hickey:

Hickey or love bites are common and are also known for the mark of love. At times when they are made or given, days and the meetings or plans fixed for them are not taken into account. But what you should to avoid them or in other words get them treated holds importance in one way or the other.

There are two types of treatment to everything. First one is simply by taking pills or medical treatment. Whereas, second one deals with home remedies. Which one is better and what makes them better is frequently asked. Well, obviously home remedies are more likeable and applied as compared to medical treatments. Some basic formulas which help in treating hickeys by the help of medications are:

  • When someone makes a love bite or hickey which intentionally or unintentionally results in pain certain painkillers should be taken. Aspirin is considered good in eliminating pain. Panadol fort can also work as a substitute. If pain is unbearable, you should seek doctor’s help.
  • When the love bite has made a cut which is not deep, it should be washed with Dettol or any antibacterial formula and then should be wrapped with a bandage.
  • If the cut is deep and it bleeds continuously, the person should go to hospital ASAP. Doctor will see the cut and decide if it needs stitching or not.
  • Vitamin K, zinc and Vitamin C helps in prevention from clotting.
  • If you think the blood flow is getting heavy and is not as light as it normally is, you should take Excedrin. It helps in smoothening blood around the effected bruised skin.

Home Remedies For Hickey:

The safest, easiest, comfortable and low on pocket treatments are usually through the help of natural or home remedies. Each home remedy has been experienced and experimented. They are tried by many people and have been declared helpful in this regard.

Here are the top 10 Home Remedies For Hickey.

1. Almond oil and cocoa butter To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

Almond oil and cocoa butter are rich in essential oils which are extracted from pure and clean almonds. Home remedies perfectly work in this special natural way of working on hickeys. All you have to do is to:

  • Take few drop of almond oil in a bowl.
  • Also take equal amount of cocoa butter which is easily found and can be bought from the market.
  • Mix both the ingredients to this perfect home remedy.
  • Take a small amount of the mixture and massage it on the hickey. Massage well and for about 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Take a cloth and place it under hot bearable water. Rap it on the hickey. The clot which is formed on the skin will be removed instantly.
  • Make sure that you do not go harsh on the skin. Massage should be done with very soft hands.

2. Compression of coldness To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

If you want to get rid of hickeys, the clots which are formed due to a hickey or love bite, this small and practical remedy will help you out. What really happens when you compress hickey with coldness (ice cubes in particular) is to unblock accumulated blood and to spread the clots.

  • Take 3 spoons and put them in the freezer to get cold.
  • Wrap one spoon in a piece of cloth.
  • Massage through the area where hickey is made.
  • Make sure that your hands are soft and not too hard while massaging.
  • Massage the spoon on the hickey till its coldness can be felt.
  • Take another spoon and repeat the process and then same repetition has to be followed with the third spoon.
  • Too much massaging with the spoon may give cold burn. To avoid the situation, see if you your skin can handle the procedure thrice. You can always cut it down to two or even one spoon.
  • Do it 5 to 6 times in a day to see results quickly.

3. Alcohol and circulated rubbing To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

Alcohol holds and possesses antiseptic and disinfection properties which helps in the removal of freshly made hickeys. It gives the feel of comfort and relaxation.

  • Take a piece of cotton and put few drops of alcohol in it.
  • Rub on the area where the hickey is made freshly.
  • Rub it well for around 5 minutes taking interval of few seconds after every one to two minutes.
  • You don’t need to wash the area with water but you must apply some moisturizer on the skin so that the area effected isn’t left dried.
  • Repeat the process many times in a day or next 2 days.

4. Toothpaste with peppermint To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

Toothpaste has the tonic effect which helps in taking care of the bruises made by the love partner. Capillaries are also cured with the help of minty toothpaste.

  • Take a small portion of minty toothpaste on the tip of your finger.
  • Rub it on the hickey. Massage it well.
  • The feel which you will get right after applying this minty toothpaste will be more like a tinge but it will wear off in few seconds.
  • Take a small piece of cloth and make it wet with the help of water.
  • Clean the area where toothpaste was applied.
  • Repeat the process only once and not more than that.

5. Massage Aloe vera on hickey To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

We all know that aloe vera is said to be a natural remedy to keep your skin moistened. What other properties it carries within itself include anti-inflammation and antiseptic.

  • Take out aloe vera gel, scoop it out with your finger or simply take a spoon to do so.
  • Rub it on the hickey and massage well for at least 3 minutes.
  • Wash the area with wet cotton or cloth.
  • Repeat the process twice in a day.

You can also use aloe vera based lotion or cream. Planting aloe vera in the house is also a brilliant idea.

6. Vitamin K To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

Characteristics of vitamin K includes help in prevention of forming clots in the blood. It also has healing properties. When a hickey is visible and you want to hide it or simply remove it, you can rely on this home remedy.

  • Increase the intake of fruits or veggies which are rich in Vitamin K. Here is a list in which you can find it:
  1. Spring onions.
  2. Bean sprouts.
  3. Chilly powder.
  4. Soya bean.
  5. Prunes
  6. Oil extract from olive.
  • Cook them or eat them raw is based on your choice.

7. Yummy and fresh orange juice To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

Orange juice is yummy when you add sugar and some lime in it. You can consume it even without that. It is said to be an excellent remedy to prevent hickeys. To make the drink, follow the steps below:

  • Take an orange and squeeze it well to extract all the juice in it.
  • Add one teaspoon of sugar.
  • Also add a pinch of salt.
  • Mix it well.
  • Drink and enjoy.
  • Have it once in a day to reduce bruise or to prevent yourself from it.

8. Banana, tool to hide a hickey To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

Looking for a natural remedy which would cure the mark on your skin left by the passion bite? This one home remedy can help you do so. Banana! Yes, banana can help you sooth the after effect itchiness on the skin.

  • Take a ripened banana and peel the skin off.
  • Eat the banana or make its shake, that’s up to you what you do with the remaining part.
  • Cut the peel of the banana according to the size of hickey.
  • Place it on the area affected.
  • It doesn’t need to be massaged through the skin. Simply leave the peel on the hickey for about 3 minutes.
  • Repeat it thrice in a day.

9. Tea bags on the way To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

Tea bags are said to be the remedy of hickeys. You can use any tea bags, let it be black or green. All you have to do is to follow the steps below:

  • Boil half a cup of water.
  • Put tea bag in it for five minutes.
  • Take the tea bag out and let it be cool enough to bear on the naked skin.
  • Let it remain on the hickey.
  • Remove it once it is cold and not hot enough to feel the warmth.
  • Repeat it twice in a day for at least 3 days.

10. What! Eye drops too!! To Get Rid of a Hickey fast

Eye drops are easiest, quickest and practical way of getting rid of hickeys.

  • Pour eye drops, one or two drops on the hickey.
  • Rub it for one minute.
  • Wash if necessary.
  • Repeat it thrice in a day till the bruise sustains.

How To Avoid Hickey?

Would you like to show your hickeys or would want to keep them unnoticed? If you want them to be less prominent or to avoid them altogether you must and should do the following:

  1. Make sure that the person in the company is not too excited about the acts rather is a bit less compassionate. This might put you off for a while but if you really want to avoid the hotness, you have to bear with it.
  2. Another technique or tip to avoid hickey is to show compassion where it is less obvious. Do not go all kinky and lose control over the emotions which might be problematic in the times to come where others will point out fingers on you.
  3. Avoiding hickey is not possible when two love birds are out of control. There should be other way to hide them instead. You should let the emotion intact but yes, beware of the no hickey zone.
  4. If your partner has given you a real big shameful discolored skin patch in the form of a love bite then you can go and cover it up with makeup. How to do so is explained under other headings.
  5. You can also take instant help from covering it up with full sleeves, turtle neck or polo neck shirt. Hiding them is easy than avoiding them.

Can Hickey Be Prevented?

We can safeguard ourselves from hickeys by preventing them. How to prevent them and to keep ourselves away from it is not very simple as many thinks. The reason why they aren’t very simple is due to fact that they are based on the emotions of passion and even lust. However, when we say we can prevent them then there must be ways of preventing them too.

There are always some ways through which these ugly and uncomfortable geeky bruises be prevented. How and when they should be treated are some questions which are answered in the section “Home Remedies for Hickeys”.

When To See A Doctor?

We at times get carried away during foreplay or showing and expressing love in the form of hickeys or love bites. When we get off the hook and rely on nothing, set no barriers and loses control on the excitement, we fall into some risky factors.

We should be careful and monitor if the hickey is not just a bruise but more than that. If the bruise bleeds or the color changes into deep purple, it is an indication of danger. It is a must thing to seek doctor’s help in this regard. Another thing is the bursting of any vein, embossed teeth marks on skin and hickeys followed with temperature. When you have temperature and your sweet love bite bleeds, it is an extremely risky situation. Doctor may even hospitalize you and charge warrants on the person who has done it (only if u sue on that person for doing such hideous act).


  1. However, if you got the hickey on your cheeks certainly you won’t have the capacity to avoid others seeing it.

  2. to get rid of a brow spot take a lemon squeeze it into a cotton ball or a paper towel and apply to the skin for 10-20 minutes if still deosnt work apply longer and put more lemon juice on it it should be cleared in two days cause mine did and do it 5 times a day and each time make sure you have a clear skin brow spot.

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