Blood Blister in Mouth Cheek


Blood blister occur rarely as most of such blisters appear because of pinching. It is not just the cheek region where blood blister can form. They can be found anywhere in the mouth. You normally get blisters because of an area of skin rubbing so much that fluid flows to the region to protect layers of skin below it.

Blisters can contain blood but mostly they don’t. Blood blisters can appear in the gums and tongue as well. There are different reasons and treatments for blood blisters in your mouth. Read on to get your questions answered.

Causes of Blood Blister in Mouth Cheek

There are different reasons that can end you up with a blood blister in mouth cheek. Here are some of them:

Cheek Biting

The most common reason that can cause blood blisters is pinching. When your soft tissues of your cheeks get chewed by your upper and lower teeth, it can result in blood blister. This happens because you rupture your blood vessel that forms a blood blister. Cheek biting happens when you are not focusing on the food you are eating and you are lost in your thoughts or when you talk while you eat or maybe you are just eating too fast.

Mouth Ulcer

Canker sores are most common type of ulcer found in the mouth. These sores are usually white because they contain pus but they can also contain blood in some cases. Oral ulcers occur because of the growth of excessive microorganisms in your mouth. At times it is the medications that facilitate growth of microorganism result in mouth blisters.

Allergies and Medication

In case you are allergic to certain kind of food or due to certain chemical compound found in the food, you can end up with blood blisters in your mouth. A food allergy can result in an inflammation in your mouth which can end up in blood blisters. Citrus rich foods are believed to be a cause of blood blisters in mouth. Same is the case with medications that can have side effects in the form of allergic reaction which eventually ends up in blood blisters.

Oral Herpes

A common disease that can result in blood blisters in your mouth is none other than oral herpes. It can for blood blisters on your inner cheek, roof of mouth, tongue and gums. They are painful blisters caused by herpes simplex virus 1 and bring pain, fever, fatigue and burning sensation along.

Certain Food

How you eat your food is not the only way of getting blood blisters. They can occur if you eat food that is too hot and pops a blood vessel in your mouth. Foods that have sharp edges like hard candies, hard crust or piece of toast can also cause blood blisters. Drinking too much alcohol can cause blood blisters in your mouth.

Low Platelet Count

We all know that platelets are an important component of blood essential for blood clotting and other function. If your platelet count drops because of an ailment like dengue, you might develop blood blisters in your mouth. This is because with a low platelet count, blood is unable to clot and flows closer to you skin forming blisters. This condition is also called thrombocytopenic purpura.

Vitamin Deficiency

If your diet lacks in vitamins, you are likely to have blood blisters in your mouth. For instance, insufficient vitamin B12 and vitamin C in diet can cause accumulation of blood blisters in mouth cheek.

Treating Blood Blisters in Mouth


Although blisters usually disappear on their own but if they are because of herpes or bacterial infections, they need to be treated with medications. Antiviral or antibacterial medicines are prescribed by doctors in such cases. In case there is a lot of pain, pain killers are also given along with medicated tooth pastes, ulcer gels and medicated mouth wash.

In case blisters are a result of nutritional deficiency, they are treated using nutritional supplements and a balanced diet. Acidic and spicy foods are to be avoided as it can cause damage to the inner lining of the mouth. In order to prevent future blisters, make sure you use tooth paste with high content of sodium lauryl sulfate.

Do NOT Squeeze the Blood Blisters

No matter how tempting it is and how much you believe that squeezing will in fact help you get rid of blood blisters, it is quite the opposite. You are going to eventually end up irritating it and causing an ulcer to develop. Moreover, it can also cause a bacterial infection which will take even longer to heal. It is best to allow the blisters to heal on its own.

Oral Hygiene

Using toothbrush when having blisters can irritate the tissues in your mouth. It is only best to avoid using toothbrush even if it is a soft one. Instead, use your fingers to clean your and continue with the toothbrush when the blood blisters are gone.

Home Remedies to Get rid of Blood Blister in Mouth Cheek

Home remedies can also help fasten the healing process but it is only best to discuss with your doctor if the blisters simply don’t heal or get worse. Here are some of the remedies you can try:

  • Take some water and add coriander seeds in it. Boil it and use the solution to gargle thrice a day.
  • Combine turmeric powder and glycerin. Use this mixture on the blood blisters.
  • Chew on cardamom grains to treat blisters.
  • Ice is effective to as applying ice to the blisters cause the blood blisters to constrict and stop bleeding as well.
  • Combine honey, rosewater and turmeric. Applying this paste on the blisters will act as an antiseptic and prevent any infection.
  • Aloe Vera gel can heal blood blisters with its anti-inflammatory qualities. It also helps to soothe the area and ease pain.
  • Gargle using a mixture of coconut powder and honey.
  • Chew on basil leaves two times daily.
  • Eat bananas with curd as it is a soft diet and won’t irritate your blisters.

Blood blisters are nothing to worry unless it becomes a chronic issue. They usually heal on their own in a week’s time but larger blisters can take a longer time. It is best to see a doctor if it is very painful.


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