How to get rid of Double Chin

The accumulated fat layer under the chin is usually termed as double chin. It is a condition in which subcutaneous fatty tissue deposits around the neck sagging down leading to wrinkle formation even at an early age. It simply a case of having another chin with the existing one.Double chin can occur with any discrimination of gender. The primary cause of double chin is obesity or old age. But these are not the only causes for the unpleasant circumstance. However with the advancement of medical science, many solutions have been proposed to get rid of double chin problem. These solutions include facial exercises, surgery, use of cosmetics and other home remedies.

What causes a double chin?

Double chin issue is common among old and fat people. But having a double chin does not always means that you are aged or overweight. It can happen due to many other reasons like genetics, bone structure, and weight loss etc. some of the causes that lead to double chin are as follows:

  • Double chin can be inherited:

Like other traits of eye color, skin color, hair structure, height, anemia etc. you also carry inherited genes for the trait of double chin. It depends on the genetic level either gene expressed or not. If more people in your family are the victim of double chin then chance for you to face the condition increases. However, you can avoid this physical condition by bringing necessary changes in your lifestyle.

  • Obesity leads to double chin:

If you have excessive body fats then it’s considered natural if you develop a double chin at a young age. If you continue to eat the fatty diet and does not exercise accordingly to maintain your body then there is the high probability of suffering from accumulated fats around neck and skin deformation.

  • Age Factor:

With the increase of age, skin becomes slacken and muscles start losing the elasticity. Thus, the possibility of deposition of subcutaneous fats enhances. And the worst condition appears in the form of two chins.

  • Muscular tendency to get double chin:

Some people have jaw bone that extend down the chin and thus possess the tendency to develop a double chin naturally. While in some cases muscles layout play a role in the development of double chin.

  • Weight loss:

Sudden and sharp weight loss cause change in original shape of muscles and lead to muscular handing on edges like chin. Thus, an instant decrease in weight can be a cause of double chin.

In addition to above causes some facial postures movements and facial expressions can also become a reason for fat accumulation in the chin area and thus in turn leads to double chin.

Ways to get rid of double chin:

The double chin issue is common and bothersome among many people. Due to its high occurrence rate there have been proposed many different solutions to get rid of this pesky. The following ways help to get rid of double chin fast.

1. Getting rid of double chin through exercise:

Which exercises are helpful in getting rid of double chin? As it is a fact that exercise is the best way to avoid many health risks and other diseases. Similarly, different facial and chin exercises have been proved beneficial to get rid of double chin as these exercises keep the jaw and muscles tight and firm.

Double chin exercises:

  1. Start with breathing in and out that helps in relaxing muscles.
  2. Open your mouth widely.
  3. Rollover the lower lip on your bottom jaw that will contract the muscles below the chin.
  4. Then move the lower jaw up and down to exercise the Platysma muscles.
  5. Repeat the process for at least fifteen minutes and once in a week for the firmness of facial muscles.

Facial exercises:

Facial exercises are essential for strengthening of facial muscles. Facial exercises can be done as:

  1. Tilt your head towards the back and turn back horizontally upside.
  2. While doing this shrink your lips in a kiss manner for ten seconds.
  3. This exercise should be done on the weekly basis.

Exercise to lose weight:

These exercises are extremely helpful reducing the weight and in turn double chin. Among these forearm exercises that increase heart beat are highly useful to get rid of double chin fast. These exercises include a proper nutrient rich diet plan to lose double chin quickly.

Along with these exercises upright facial postures, and jaw exercises like chewing gum have also been proved helpful burning out facial fats and getting rid of double chin.

2. Home remedies to get rid of double chin:

How can the double chin be cured at home? It is necessary to take essential steps for your health care. There are also ways to avoid the double chin issue through employing some home remedies:

  • Massage of affected with a mixture of apple juice and lemon juice is effective.
  • Use of melon improves the complexion, prevent the collapse of muscles. Thus, apply melon juice without water on the affected areas for 20 minutes daily to treat the double chin.
  • Increase intake of vitamin E also strengthens the muscular elasticity and skin health. Thus you can enhance your vitamin E diet by utilizing Green leafy vegetables, wheat germ oil, dairy products, brown rice, barley, rye, beans, sweet corn, nuts, beans, apples, soybeans,
  • Rubbing the chin and neck with the oil of cocoa butter helps in strengthening the muscles and getting rid of double chin.
  • Glycerin natural mask containing one tablespoon glycerin, half tablespoon Epsom salt and few drops of peppermint oil is also helpful in this condition. Apply the mask from cotton on neck and chin. After a few minutes wash with cold water.
  • Other home remedies include the use of milk, egg white and green tea to maintain proper skin health.

3. Other solutions:

Surgery is another way to get out of the trouble quickly, but it is expensive. However, many cosmetics have been introduced in the market to get rid of double chin without surgery, for example, slim-chin cream.

No doubt double chin is a serious condition and it badly affects the personality. Double chin hides the beauty of personality. So one must be seriously concerned regarding the condition and take crucial steps to get rid of it. Research has shown that prolonged double chin condition can cause can diseases like periodontal disease and other fatal illness such as pneumonia and sleep apnea syndrome. So the unpleasant physical condition can be harmful to your health, and hence it’s essential to get rid of your double chin quickly.

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