How to Get rid of Stubborn Back Fat


Our back consists of 3 parts upper back, middle back, and lower back. Excessive amount of fat tissues that aggregate around the back cause the appearance of back flab around the upper and lower back along with flap appearance of sides because these tissues are less dense. The fat around the back and sides promote the appearance of muffin top. The accumulation of stubborn fat around your back fat has many causes such as low activity level and poor nutrition habits. But there are many exercises and foods to get rid of these annoying back fat and change the fatty back appearance to smart and slim back.

Causes of back fat:

It is important to know the primary reasons of accumulation of fat tissues around your back. Flaps around back have two major causes Atrophy of back muscles and excess body fat.

Atrophy of muscles: points towards the loss of muscular elasticity shape and tone. This situation can be due to:

  • Aging: With the increase of age the production of some specific hormones like dehydroepiandrosterone, otherwise known as DHEA, and this hormonal decline cause fat around your back.
  • Poor Nutrition: Eating without following any proper time. Snacks and oily food diets that increase cholesterol level in the body. Aggregation of fat in the body has a direct link with calories; intake of large number of calories in turn causes more body fat.
  • Lack of Target Exercise: if a person suffering from back fat and exercises the way to lose stomach fat then there is less of no probability to get rid of back fat.

Excessive body fat can be due to:

  • Hereditary: It is a fact that genes determine each and every trait of your body and personality. Similarly, fat distribution of your body is also genetically coded.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: If your routine life lacks exercise then you are leading a sedentary lifestyle. This lifestyle increases the probability of getting serious health conditions because the body requires proper movement to remain healthy.
  • Food type: Regular drinking of carbonated drinks, fast food rich diet, avoiding vegetables and sugar-rich diet all these cause an increase in back fat.
  • Stress: Research and experiments have shown that stress hormones cause fat accumulation in the abdomen. Women are more susceptible to the effects of stress hormones such as cortisol.
  • Other causes: In addition to the above causes of getting body fat is lack of proper sleep, low intake of protein diet, hormonal change associated with menopause in women, not wearing your bra correctly and disturbed eating habits also gather fat around your back. Thus, it is urgent to avoid all these habits to minimize the risk.
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How to get rid of back fat:

The basic way to get rid of back fat is through following targeted back fat exercises.

Getting rid of back fat through exercises:

  1. Push-ups: the best exercises to get rid of back fat if performed in a proper pose. Keep a straight line from your heels to your head. 12 to 20 pushups are recommended.
  2. Rope jumping: it looks like the exercise of forearms fat lose, but it has a link to you back fat. Plus, it’s a great cardio workout that’ll burn fat all over.7
  3. Side Fierce: Make a fierce pose by inhaling while bending your knees and lowering your hips and raise your arms overhead. Exhale while crossing your right elbow over to your outer left knee. Press palms together and quickly push your bottom elbow against your thigh to rotate chest up and lift. Pull up slightly your hip back while both knees should be parallel.
  4. Rowing: if done properly it is also a good back fat exercise. You are not required to lean back after rowing motion.
  5. Warrior 3: stand with both feet together. Shift your weight onto your right leg and kick the left leg behind you balancing with your torso parallel to the floor. Extend your arms straight in front of you.
  6. Y-RAISE: Lay face-down on the ball feet together, so your pointed toes rest on the and the ball is just below your chest. Hang arms loosely down in front of you. Now slightly raise hands so your body makes the letter Y. Hold them there for ten seconds, then slowly let them down again. Repeat this 2 to 12.
  7. Chin up: place hands with the palms facing you, rather than facing out, and then bend and cross legs at the knee to keep from swaying. Repeat this 2 to 12.
  8. Pull ups: Stand on something to hoist yourself up into the end pull-up position against the bar. Slightly lower your body down in a controlled movement.
  9. Triceps dips: Sit in front of your table or bench with your knees bent and your weight supported on your arms, behind you, on the edge of table or surface. Push yourself up, down again, slowly, with your arms. This will work your triceps, toning your upper arms, but it’s also quite a workout for your shoulders. Do it 2-12 times.
  10. Supermans: begin by lying on your chest on the floor or mat. Align your head and shoulders; now lift your arms and legs a few inches off the floor, keeping your chest on the mat. Hold for a couple of seconds, and then lower to finish one repetition.
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In addition to these exercises walking, swimming, adapted planks, lateral raises are also helpful back fat exercises.

Getting rid of back fat through careful diet:

Many foods help you to get rid of back fat such as:

  • Green vegetables: vegetables like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, cabbage, etc. Contain special nutrients and are rich in fiber that assist the digestive system in its function. The special nutrients help our body to fight against environment estrogen that can add body fat.
  • Oils: Healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil help in controlling hunger and cholesterol in your body. Thus, helpful in burning back fat.
  • Proteins: Protein sources to get rid of back fat. Important protein foods include free-range chicken, wild salmon, protein powders and other fat-busting drink. These protein diets burn 30% of calories after you eat.
  • Nuts: Peanut, walnuts, pistachios, almond and other seeds slim your tummy by keeping it full, as they are full of belly burning minerals and fat.
  • Eggs: Are loaded with belly-blasting proteins, vitamins B12, B6, A, D, E and K useful for metabolism.
  • Other important foods: Antioxidants such green tea, beans and legumes, dark chocolate, avocados, cinnamon and chili peppers are considered useful in getting rid of back fat and reduce weight.

Having a fat body is really annoying and frustrating. It badly affects ones personality and can promote the chances of getting serious health conditions. Thus, a routine of proper exercise to keep your organs and body active and beautiful is very important.


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