20 Little Known Tips for Slimmer Thighs

Beauty standards have really changed over the years. At one time having a heavy bottom and thick thighs was considered a sign of fertility and women with heavy bottoms were well desired. Over the years this has become completely opposite. Now no woman wants fat thighs. It is not just undesirable but also quite unhealthy. Pick up any fitness magazine, visit any website and you would know that slim, toned cellulite free thighs have become every woman’s dream. If you want to know how to get thinner thighs or how to make your thighs smaller you are at the right place.

Toning your thighs require diligent effort. Obviously the effort would consist of both exercise and making a few alterations to your diet. Another thing that we would like to clarify is that there is no such thing as spot reduction. When you start to train or workout you will achieve an overall fitness. You cannot just do squats or lunges and leave the rest of your body. If you exercise there is nothing like it. This article includes some of the best known exercises which you should include in your exercise routine along with some other little known tips for slimmer thighs. Before we start with how to get smaller thighs here are a few things you should remember.

  • Thigh fat is one of the most stubborn fat, don’t be intimidated if you don’t see results immediately
  • Persistence is the key here
  • Do not obsess over how to get a thigh gap; this isn’t just about skinny jeans or shorts but about your health and fitness.

20. Set Realistic Goals

Set Realistic Goals
Yes, women stop beating yourself around the bush if you don’t see a miracle in a week. Chances are that if you start exercising or are on a diet of any sort you will notice some very minute changes in your physique. So when you start your weight loss journey, do not set unrealistic goals for yourself.

  • Analyze your body, are you a natural pear shape or an apple shape or a triangle? These are the three basic shapes in which we define our bodies. Pear shape being heavy from the bottom and having thick thighs.
  • If you have had shapely calves or thick thighs all your life, chances are you will not be able to shape them in a week or two. All this fat has been deposited there over the years, so when you start any sort of exercise regimen set realistic goals about how much you will lose in a week or ten days.
  • Genetics also play a major role here. If women in your family have a certain body type or frame obviously you cannot change that. However, what you can do is get toned and build lean muscle.
  • There is a possibility that your best friend might have a heavy bosom, but still have a thigh gap. Do not compare yourself to her and see what you can achieve with your body.

19. Start Doing Your Lunges

Start Doing Your Lunges
You might know by now that in order to reduce your thighs you must start moving right now. Lunges are one of the best ways to reduce that inner thigh flab. Whether you walk or jog or take up any other form of exercise make sure you incorporate lunges in your workout. Even if you start walking as a beginner you will see a significant change in your calves and thighs within a week or ten days. If you include body weight lunges in your routine this will speed up the whole process, adding lunges to any exercise routine makes it an ultimate thigh gap workout. If you haven’t done lunges before or even if you have remember, correct form is the key here. How to do a lunge right?

  • Start by placing one leg in front of the other. Your toes must be facing forward and your knee and foot must be in one line.
  • Keep your abdominal muscles tight, neck relaxed and gaze forward. Squeeze the muscles in your butt and thighs.
  • You can either put your hands on your hips or keep your arms by your side squeezed tightly.
  • Now slowly bend down, the front leg should form a ninety degree angle but your knee must never cross your toe. Try to lunge down as much as you can. Then slowly back up. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Start with fifteen reps and do two sets on each leg. As your endurance improves you can add small weights and do more sets.

18. Squats

How to get skinny thighs? Start doing squats right now. You will see that squats are included in one way or another in different types of exercises such as HIIT, body weight training, weight training and even yoga. This exercise works your thighs, hips, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Forget about the fancy terms; just remember squats tone your whole legs while lifting your butt. So if you want booty like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez make squats your best friend. There are variations to squats and you can also add weights as you become a pro but for a basic squat follow this.

  • Stand with feet hip width apart.
  • Slowly lower your body as if you are about to sit on a high chair. Keep your arms at high level to support the weight of your body.
  • Sink as low as you can, hold for a second and rise back up.
  • Again keep your spine and neck neutral, abs tight and do not let your knees cross your feet. That puts extra pressure on the knee joint and is very bad for the knees.
  • You might struggle with this initially so just start with 10 squats and do 2 cycles.

17. Butt Lifts

Butt Lifts
Butt lifts or bridges are another amazing exercise if you want to know how to slim thighs. As the name suggests it lifts your butt but at the same time this exercise tones the muscles in your thigh. In fact it works your lower back and your whole core. Once you master this, you can even try doing bridge kicks to add an extra oomph.

  • Simply lie on your back with knees bent at an angle that you are about to do sit-ups, with your arms by your side.
  • Then slowly lift your butt of the floor to an angle that your whole body is in one line. Do not arch your back; make sure the whole body is inline.
  • Hold for five seconds then slowly lower down. Repeat ten times and do two sets of this.
  • For a thigh gap workout, once you master this take it up another notch by doing the exercise on one leg. As you slowly lift your body up one leg will be extended in the air, and comes back down with your butt. Alternate the legs and do 10 reps on each leg.

16. Do the Right Exercises

Do the Right Exercises
Before you take up any exercise regimen it is important to know what the exercise does and does it actually serve the purpose you are looking for. Exercise such as cycling or sprinting actually build bulky muscles in your legs. When you are trying to get slimmer thighs you may want to avoid these types of exercises. Also remember you can’t just work your thighs without working your calves and your butt as all these muscles are interconnected. The key here is to take up a regimen which tones and does not build muscles. Look for exercises which work on multiple muscle groups, such as

  • Walking, jogging or running
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Zumba or any other dancing workout
  • Yoga
  • Pilates.

15. Watch What You Eat

Watch What You Eat
Fat somehow creepily finds its way to our thighs, whether it is big thighs or cellulite. Did you know that cellulite is actually little deposits of fats which give your skin this cottage cheese like appearance? Therefore along with exercise you have to watch what you put into your mouth. Watch out for extra carbohydrates and fats in processed foods. Eat wisely and try to stick to natural and organic foods as much as possible. You should include foods from these groups in your diet.

  • Lean Protein
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Lentils.

14. Say Good bye to Sugar

Say Good bye to Sugar
Along with fat sugar is your biggest enemy when you want to get slimmer thighs. Fitness is important and losing weight is finding the balance between your exercise and diet. High glycemic food which is loaded with sugar or carbohydrates also makes you store fat in your buttocks and thighs. Once you ditch the sugar you will see you lose weight overall and not in just these areas. The goal here is to get rid of both added and refined sugar, which you find in energy bars, cereals, artificially flavored juices and a lot of other packaged foods. Start reading labels more closely. For an ultimate thigh gap diet and to curb those sugar cravings have these instead.

  • Plain Yogurt with fruit
  • Tomatoes
  • Berries
  • Carrots
  • Bananas
  • Dark Chocolate.

13. Indulge in Plant Protein

Indulge in Plant Protein
Lean meat and eggs are not the only source of protein. In fact, there are a number of plants which are equally loaded with protein and are actually very beneficial if you want to get lean, toned muscles. They work to strengthen your muscles and work like building blocks for muscles. Plant protein helps in torching calories, burns fat, boosts your metabolism and helps in slimming your thighs in the healthy way. Some great sources of plant protein include:

  • Sprouted brown rice
  • Seeds such as spirulina and hemp
  • Chick peas
  • Hemp
  • Cruciferous vegetables such as spinach. Cabbage and kale.

12. Try Hiit Program

Try HIIT Program
High intensity interval training or HIIT as it is popularly known as have been a complete rave lately. If you are unfamiliar with these programs this is one of the best answers to your question ‘how to get thinner thighs’? A HIIT program is made up of short bursts of rigorous exercise followed by a resting period, then another burst of activity and so on. The way it works it is that in the short activity intervals you get your heart rate very high which make you torch calories like crazy, even after you stop working out. A typical HIIT program looks something like:

  • 50 sit-ups, 40 squats, 30 push-ups, 20 split jumps, 10 triceps dips, 30 seconds of burpees, you do these exercises while taking a short 10 second break before you move onto the next exercise and repeat the whole thing 2-3 times
  • Another way of doing HIIT is you do one exercise for 30 seconds and then move on to the next move, without resting. These transitions make you work continuously and even the resting period is active such as jog in place.

11. Banish The Cellulite

Banish the Cellulite
There is a wide variety of anti-cellulite creams available nowadays. Working out regularly will definitely break down those fat deposits in your thighs, but sometimes that pesky cellulite can be more stubborn than you think. There is a wide variety of anti-cellulite creams to choose from. Combined with exercise these creams can be very effective in smoothing the appearance of your thighs. Did you know caffeine is also very effective in banishing cellulite from thighs? You can use caffeine in two ways.

  • Add some used coffee grounds to your shower gel and simply rub it in circular motion every time you take a shower
  • Another cellulite banishing trick is combining equal parts of coffee grounds and brown sugar with enough olive oil to make a thick paste. Rub it on your thighs gently before taking a shower and you will see amazing results within a couple of uses.

10. Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing
How to get thinner thighs? Try dry brushing now. This is one of the best kept beauty secrets of Hollywood divas. In fact, some of the beauties actually visit spas for a dry brushing session before a big event or a red carpet. Dry brushing gently removes any dead skin, regulates blood circulation and also breaks down fat deposits especially in your glutes and hamstrings. This is what gives you those flabby inner thighs. You should try dry brushing at least twice a week or more if time allows you. How to get thinner thighs with dry brushing?

  • Dry brushing is done on dry skin; very gently move the brush in upward circular motions.
  • The movements should always be towards the heart and exert very gentle pressure
  • Always chose a brush made of natural bristles as synthetic ones can give you allergies or even break out your skin.
  • Follow up with some moisturizer.

9. Slip On Heels

Slip on Heels
How to make your thighs smaller instantly? Slip on high heels. High heels add to your height giving you a slender appearance. As you walk in heels your whole posture changes and you look toned and leaned. Although wearing heels for a long period of time can be bad for your calves and back but for a night out or when you want to turn a few heads always opt for heels.

  • Go for something with a pointed toe or an open toe.
  • Always choose a sleek heel, instead of those chunky ones.
  • Anything 3 inches or more will do the trick.

8. Wear Skin Toned Pumps

Wear Skin Toned Pumps
This is another one of the Hollywood’s best kept secrets. Wear pumps that match your skin color. It gives the illusion of elongated, slimmer legs. Every girl must own at least one pair of stilettos which go with her skin color.

  • Beige, camel, brown and any other earthy tone is what you should be looking for
  • A shoe close to your skin tone forms an uninterrupted line of color; this gives an illusion of longer, leaner and slimmer legs.

7. Wear Sheer Tights

Wear Sheer Tights
Tights have been around for ages. They somehow went into background but now re back in fashion. Some of the latest tights are made up of materials which are similar to that in shape wear. They lift your skin as you wear them. Pair them with your favorite dress or skirt and you will have skinner thighs in no time, and don’t forget the touch of elegance they can add to any dress.

  • Always choose black or opaque colored tights for that slimming effect
  • When choosing skin colored tights always go for a shade or two darker than your natural skin color.

6. Keep Your Pants Long

Keep Your Pants Long
Obviously when you start to work out and watch your diet, you would not get results overnight. An important thing to remember is wear pants which are well fitted and slightly long. Wearing short pants which are above your ankles may make you look short and stocky. Just like skin colored pumps, long pants give an illusion of long legs by creating a long unbreakable line.

  • Avoid capris
  • Also avoid loose baggy pants
  • Boot cut is one of the most flattering style of pants if you have slightly heavy bottom and thighs
  • Choose a pair that covers your shoe or at least skimps the floor.

5. Go for A-lines

Go for A-lines
If you are well built from the bottom skirts and dresses which are slightly A-line flatter your silhouette really well. They snug to your chest and waist and as they get looser from the bottom they take the focus away from your thighs.

  • Right kind of clothing can accentuate different body parts.
  • To keep the focus away from your thighs make your upper body the focus.

4. Watch Your Hemline

Watch Your Hemline
Yes, the length of your dress makes a huge impact on your appearance. So be very careful, when choosing skirts, dresses and even shorts. Wearing miniskirts and shorts require a lot of body confidence. Here is a simple guideline about what different lengths of skirts do for you:

  • Mid length skirts break the line of your legs, making your legs appear short and stout
  • Maxi skirts are often loose and flowy, they can sometimes make your legs look short too
  • The best length to wear if you want your thighs to look slimmer is just above the knees.

3. Fake Tans

Fake Tans
How to get thinner thighs? Use fake tan. Self tanner or fake tan has been well known since a long time to give you a slimmer appearance. The same goes for your thighs. Apply fake tan or a self tanning lotion to make your thighs look slimmer and sexier.

  • Tanning lotions are buildable, so you can get a nice sun-kissed glow anytime you want to
  • When applying self-tanning lotion give special attention to tricky areas such as knees and ankles
  • Just remember never to go to a tanning salon for a quick an as the UV rays of those machines can be very damaging for the skin.

2. Wear Slimming Colors & Cuts

Wear Slimming Colors & Cuts
When trying to give your thighs the appearance of being slimmer, opt for darker colors such as black, brown or navy blues for you bottoms. Similarly, when choosing jeans opt for darker shades. You can experiment with your tops to add a hint of color. Lighter colors such as beige or white have the exact opposite undesirable effect.

  • The cut and fit of your trousers can also make a huge difference
  • Boot cut, straight leg or boy friend jeans are ideal for women who want their thighs to look slimmer
  • For pants also do not wear material or a cut which will cling t your thighs and draw extra attention.

1. Be Patient

Be Patient
Now as you start following all these tips remember you have to be patient for the results. Thigh fat is one of the hardest to lose and often takes the longest to breakdown. To stay motivated just follow this simple guideline:

  • Set realistic goals for yourself.
  • It is the inches which matter more than the pounds, so keep on measuring your progress
  • Do not obsess about weight loss; instead check your progress just once a week.
  • Whenever you reach your weekly target do not forget to reward yourself to stay on track.

Some More Tips For Sexy Thighs

If you follow all these tips you will see results in no time. Here are a few more things which you should remember when trying to get slimmer thighs.

  • When starting any sort of weight loss journey remember to stay well hydrated. Sometimes water retention can also make your thighs look bigger as fluids are stored just like fat, so keeping well hydrated is the key
  • In the office or even at home, if you have been sitting for too long get up, and walk around every hour.
  • Ditch the elevator, always take stairs for a little extra thigh workout
  • Whenever you want to pick something or bend down to reach something stoop low like in a low squat and do not bend
  • Certain drinks such as yerba mate tea and green tea help in shedding the pounds faster.

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