10 Ways to get Skinny fast

If you really want to look slim and have a very short time to do it, there are some ways you can follow. Some of the best ways to get skinny are given below.

1. Cardio exercises

The best way to get skinny is that you should do first cardio exercise which increase your heart beat rate. This helps to lose weight and also to burn calories. Cardio exercise includes dancing, swimming, running, biking. Start regular exercises. Join Gym. Ask your friend to accompany you. This will make it more enjoying and interesting. Fix a time or set an alarm that will remind you daily that you have to go to Gym. These exercises should be of 40 to 60 minutes as this time period have best effect to make you skinny. To burn calories faster increase your workout.

2. Interval training

Another way to get skinny is to Do Interval training. Actually interval training is activity of taking short bursts of intense activity in comparatively less intense activity. Specially in jogging this formula really works. This helps to burn calories by improving your cardiovascular fitness. Jog light but take short bursts of intense activity.

3. push-ups and Lunges

Try to do more and more push-ups as much you can do. This is also a very best way to get skinny. Try to wear bikini like or strapless dress that will reveal your upper body and during push-ups will target you to look more toned from shoulders and arms. If you are wearing Short skirts or shorts so it will reveal your lower part and will force you to maintain your thighs butt and hips.

4. Use stairs

A very useful way to get skinny is to Use Stairs. Try to take stairs in your regular routine. Try to do nearby works by walking instead of driving. Go slow but steadily. Try to do more work by foot for example if you see on lights of kitchen so off them by yourself instead of saying to someone else. Continue burning your calories regularly. To look more toned use stairs instead of lift or elevator.

5. Water

Try to drink more and more water because it helps to reduce calories by filling up your stomach. Filled stomach restricts you from overeating. Don’t drink diet drinks because researches have shown that they they help in weight gain. Try to have a refillable water bottle always with you. Keep it with you whenever you go outside. Drink 8 glass of water at least per day. It is also a best way to get skinny.

6. Don’t eat white grains or dairy products

To look skinnier just eliminate food that causes bloating. Dairy products and crabs because bloating specially around your stomach so don’t eat them. Crabs are easier to digest that is why these can make you hungrier.

7. Fibrous food

Eat food which is highly fibrous. This food digests slowly and your digestive system works more to digest it. Add vegetables and beans in your diet. Instead of pasta.

8. Vegetables

To get skinny, eat more and more vegetables because these are high in weight and low in calories. These take much space in your stomach and it remains filling for a long time. Vegetables also have a lot of water so you will not need to drink a lot of water.

9. Deserts

Skip deserts from your diet because these are sugary and also have a lot of calories in them. This can increase fat in your body. Be restricted from those places which enforce you to eat desserts like your favorite bakery.

10. Slow down while eating

Eat slowly and drink a sip of water after every bite. This will make you feel that you are full and no hungrier. Because by this your brain can communicate with your body need.

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