Best Exercises to Reduce Double chin

There are many of you that might be facing the problems because of having a double chin. It is not only considered as a cosmetic issue but it can also lead to some of the serious health problems. In order to overcome this problem there are many exercise which will be described below to help you with getting rid of this problem.

Causes of double chin:

You can find numerous factors which can lead to double chin formation. But the main reason is the gaining of an excess weight and also your inactive lifestyle. But once you get older, your skin will lose the elasticity which can cause skin sagging. Besides that the muscles that are not used often lose the tone which also includes the ‘Platysma’ muscle that runs down the jaw along the neck. But if you are able to lose the weight by a huge amount, then it will allow the creation of loose skin which is covering your neck area. You will get to know some of the natural ways of getting over with this issue through the exercises which will be discussed now.

List of exercises

You can find numerous double chin exercises which will help in tightening, toning and building the ‘Platysma muscle’ along with other muscles covering the chin area. Once you go through these exercises for few days you will be able to build up the muscles and there is less time required in maintaining it as it is quite comfortable to maintain your muscles as compared to building it.

Here are several exercises which can help you in overcoming this problem and you must do it on a regular basis so that you can get the perfect results.

1. Opening of mouth

One effective way of exercising is through the opening of your mouth. You must open it as wide as possible and also get your tongue out as much as possible. You must try touching the chin with the tongue. You must hold yourself on this position for 10 seconds and then keep on repeating it 10 times. Once you will do this exercise you will surely feel that the neck and chin muscles are beginning to tighten up.

2. Hanging head

You must lie on the sofa or bed with the head hanging above the edge. You must then try lifting the chin towards the chest. You need to hold this contraction until you count till 10 and then gradually lower the head to its starting point. You have to repeat this exercise 10 times and then relax.

3. Chin lifts 

Chin lifts can be helpful in strengthening and tightening your muscles which are present in neck and face. You must first stand straight with the neck and back straight. Secondly, raise the chin up and squeeze the lips in a position of exaggerated kissing and then hold on this position until you count 10. You must also repeat this exercise 10 times.

  • Rolling of neck

You need to stand with the spine upright. Start turning your head sideways which makes the chin parallel to the shoulder. The eyes must look at this side too. You need then to start rolling the head downward and then at the other side. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

4. Platysma exercise

This exercise operates on your muscle which is running down the jaw along the neck and is known as Platysma. You must stand with the neck in an erect position. Tighten up the tendons in the jaw through pulling the lips above the teeth and turn the corners of the mouth downwards as if you are in a state of frowning. You must hold this position till you count 10 and relax for a while. Repeat with this exercise 10 times.

5. Tennis ball exercise

You must place the tennis ball against the throat and try holding it with the chin. You should press the chin against a ball in a tight position and then release slightly. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

67. Chewing gum

This is another great way of exercising your chin as it will keep your jaw muscles active and will be helpful in getting rid of the chin problems as well.

7. Losing weight

Besides just doing a double chin exercise, you must also find ways of losing your weight. When your body is gaining weight there are many chances that the body fat is increasing and there is fat in every part of your body. It is because of this reason the problem of double chins occurs. The exercises that you perform will have the best effect when you follow a proper diet as well.

8. General exercises and joining gym

Besides performing these exercises, you must also join gym and take help of the personal trainer who can help you in overcoming this issue. There are general exercises which you must also perform in order to overcome the problems of increasing body fat. Some of the general exercises which you can do are: Running, biking, swimming, playing outdoor sports, etc. All such exercises will get your body going and will make you sweat that can be a great way of reducing the fat which is increasing in your body.

When you join gym you must carry on with the cardio exercises that can get you in shape and help in getting rid of fat. The trainer will also guide you to perform the exercises of every part of your body which can be another great activity towards releasing body fat. You must follow the routine and will surely see the difference after few days of continuous exercises.

Double chin removal cannot be done until you carry all these exercises out. You should carry these exercises on a regular basis and you will surely find the best result possible. Besides that, you must also appreciate yourself on a regular basis so that you don’t get de-motivated and keep up with the hard work. It is all about feeling well about what you are doing.

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