When Do Girls Stop Growing?

There are various things that contribute to the height and growth of any person including genes, diet, lifestyle and environment. Girls grow faster compared to boys.  Most girls dream of being tall and are obsessed about their heights.

So when is it exactly that girls stop growing? Do they keep growing in their adult life or simply stop at puberty? We have garnered information just for you to know interesting and shocking facts about growth in girls.

When Do Girls Stop Growing in Height?

Girls usually experience puberty at an early age compared to boys. They stop growing either at the end of their puberty or sexual development. Some of the major signs of puberty are appearance of pubic hair, breast development and growth of hips. The reason that growth ends at puberty is that nutrients and hormones utilized for growth attain its maximum level.

For most girls puberty begins between 8 years and 13 years. Between 10 and 14 years they are mostly likely to have a growth spurt. As soon as the period begins, girls begin add two inches in their height every year and attain their adult height when they are fifteen or sixteen years old. Depending of various factors, these numbers can change considerably. For instance, if teens are obese they go through puberty earlier and if they are malnourished they go through puberty later in life. As a simple rule, girls stop growing after their first menstrual period.

When Do Girls Stop Growing?

Just because girls stop growing in height, it doesn’t mean that the entire process of growth stops. Their bones keep on building even when the height stops growing. Till the age of 25, the bone continues to become more dense, heavy and thick. Along with the buildup of bone, the muscles also develop which is the reason why women put on weight and tend to have a heavier physique once they cross 20. To keep looking slim, girls go on a diet which blocks the solidification process of the skeleton. When they move on to their menopause, their store of calcium is not enough which is why they are at a risk of developing osteoporosis.

Other signs of puberty

  • You are likely to put on fifteen pound during puberty because your muscles and bones grow along with the fat in your thighs, hips, stomach and breast.
  • The hormonal changes cause an increase in production of sweat. It is common to sense a change in body odor. You can easily avoid it by maintaining cleanliness. You can take a shower on a regular basis.
  • It is during this puberty that many girls have those unwanted acnes or spots on their skin. This happens because the sweat and oil producing glands become really active and secrete a lot of oil. You may find acne on your chest, back, neck and face. It is recommended that you keep your skin clean.

Is there Chances of Growth after Puberty?

So you have crossed Puberty and still have the desire to grow taller? Technically, you stop growing as soon the growth plates of the bones are fused completely. Most of the time, girls don’t grow after puberty but in some cases you can grow even after puberty. If a girl reaches the finishing line of puberty and has reached sexual maturity, it does not mean their body will not grow which is actually the case with boys. Their growth plates are open to growth two year more than girls. So there are rare cases in girls who will carry on growing into their early twenties.

Secondly, some people have a very active pituitary gland which plays the role of producing growth hormone that facilitates growth during puberty. If the gland is very active, it can help girls grow for a longer time. If this growth hormone is produced more than normal, then it can delay the time the plates close in on each other.

How to Reach Maximum Height While Going Through Puberty

Who doesn’t want to grow taller! Every girl dreams of being tall like models. To grow out to your maximum height, there are certain things that you can do about it. Here are some of the things that can help you attain your maximum height:

  • Eat Right

Having the right diet is extremely important if you want to grow right. Take a balanced diet that contains the right daily requirement of zinc, calcium, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and other minerals. Either take six small meals or three meals every day. Set a routine of having meals at the same time every day.

  • Things to avoid

There are certain things that can stunt your growth before time. Avoiding such things can help you attain your maximum height. Some of these things are steroids, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. Caffeine will also deprive you of sleep making you have inadequate sleep. Avoid taking unhealthy diet and make sure you take balanced diet.

  • Take out time for Exercise

Science does not support the idea that stretching and exercise will help you gain height after the natural growth process stops. However, if you still happen to be in your puberty, exercising on a regular basis can allow you to grow to your maximum height. You can do yoga, swimming, cycling, chin ups and different kinds of stretches to help in attaining the height you want. Exercising regularly is great for health anyways.

  • Adequate Sleep

When you are at a growing stage, you should sleep up to 11 hours every night to attain your full height. It is when you sleep that your tissues grow at a fast rate. If not eleven hours, at least sleep a minimum of 8.5 hours can do the trick. This will facilitate the production of growth hormones as they are produced while you are in your deep sleep.

  • Upright posture

Make sure you practice good posture. The way you stand or sit may affect the shape of your spine which will either let you attain full height or maybe not. When you practice good posture, it will certainly help you reach your maximum height. Good posture means that you keep your chin high and shoulders back (not slack).


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