When do Men Stop Growing?

‘Tall, dark and handsome’ is a phrase we have been hearing since a very long time. There is certainly a beauty factor attached to being tall and women love tall men for sure.  While women grow most in their early adolescence, men tend to grow most years later.

Every single person grows up to certain maximum height and stops after that. So what is the case with men? Men generally grow up to seven feet in their life from the moment they fall into your arms. Read on to know interesting facts and information about men’s growth.

When do Men Stop Growing?

Most of them attain their full height when they are 16 years old. Boys grow most between 12 and 16 years. During this time, they grow more than any other period in their life. Between 12 and 16, boys add at least 12 inches to their height and add 15 to 65 pounds to their weight. They tend to gain weight along with having hair growth on face, arm pits and chest. It is their puberty time where their voice also deepens as the vocal cords change. Many start having oilier skin which causes acne.

As soon as they turn 18, the muscles and shoulders become broad and manly. It is before the age of 18 that most of their growth takes place although men continue to grow till they turn 21 years. However, in few exceptional cases they can grow till 25 years as well. It is at this point that they have reached their tallest height. Even their height stops growing, their muscles continue to grow.

Can taking Growth Hormones Increase height?

To begin with, what are growth hormones and why exactly to men stop growing? Your body requires something to allow it to grow. It is the growth hormones that take the responsibility of your growth and development in your puberty.

It is this hormone that tells your body when to start growing and when to stop. This growth hormone is referred to as human growth hormone and is commonly called HGH. There is a minute structure right behind your eye that produces it. It is mostly released when you are sleeping and after you exercise. It facilitates growth until your puberty comes to an end.

When height conscious people don’t reach their desired height, they tend to take HGH creams or pills. Keep in mind that you only do this by consulting with a doctor. Growth hormones have the ability to make you taller in your formative years.

If you take more than normal amount of these hormones, it can result in abnormal growth too. You will find many marketers out there who are selling HGH pills and creams that make claims of giving you your desired height but in reality it will cause you harm. So make sure you take these after consulting your doctor.

What factors can leave your short?

The major reason for having a short height can be your genes. If your parents happen to be short, you are most like to be short too because of genetic makeup. The height running in your family can tell how tall or short you can turn out to be.

Other things that can contribute to a short height are hormones, unhealthy diet and too much stress. People who are born in times of war or famine are most likely to be short because of unbalanced diet and low stress levels.

What can help men attain their maximum height?

Even though your height is mostly governed by genetic factors but there are things you can do to help you attain your maximum height: here are some of the things you can do to be taller:

1. Eat Right

Diet is the first and foremost thing that contributes to healthy growth. To grow right, you need to eat right. Men should have a diet that is rich in carbohydrates as it plays a significant role in making you taller.

Calcium and zinc are no secrets to healthy growth of bones and muscles. Eat foods rich in calcium and zinc. For calcium to be absorbed by the body, you need a proper intake of vitamin D. Having 500g of niacin can help maximize the amount of growth hormone in your diet. Set a proper routine for a balanced diet.

2. Stretch yourself

Stretching exercise is a good way of increasing your height as such work outs stimulate growth hormone. As you grow taller, your body might go slump and look LESS tall.

Stretching helps to correct the slouched posture. You will certainly notice improvement whether you do you workouts in the morning or night. However, morning is the best time.

3. Upright posture

Even if you have come far from the age in which you could continue to grow. The good news is having an upright posture will help you look taller than you normally look with a slouched shoulder and posture.

Keep your shoulders back and chin up high. Did you know a slouched posture can adversely affect your spine and come in the way of you looking taller? Yes it does. Standing and sitting upright is the key.

4. Adequate amount of sleep

The standard nagging of having eight hours of sleep every day is not true for teenagers. Growing teenagers need nine to eleven hours of sleep every night. It is when you sleep that your growth hormone is released. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you grow more in your sleep. Stay away from things that disturb your sleep. Drink chamomile tea or lukewarm milk before you go to bed as it helps in sleeping better.

5. Spare some time for exercise

Exercising on a daily basis is the best way to grow taller. There are so many exercises that you can like running, brisk walking, swimming, yoga, jogging and aerobics. Such exercises help to release growth hormone in your body.

6. The heavenly massage

Experts believe that growth can be stimulated by getting a regular massage. Massage stimulates flow of blood and the way it works can stretch out spine and body making you taller.




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