50 Cute Paragraphs for Her

Are you wondering about cute things that you could say to your girlfriend? Shed your worries because we have got ‘cute paragraphs for her’ covered for you. Don’t you just love it when people say sweet and nice things to you? Your girlfriend will love it too. If you want to add extra charm to your cute message for her, be honest about it when you text cute paragraphs to her. It is definitely going to ring a bell in her heart and make her feel special. Being true with your words is the key and you will definitely see the magic it does.

Here are 50 cute paragraphs that you can send to her:

1. Thank you. Thank you from the depths of my heart for everything that you have ever done for me. I just want you to know what a humongous change you have brought in to my life and me. You have loved without keeping any conditions and you always have this never ending sea of tolerance in you with which you tolerate me even when I get so difficult. Thank you for being such an amazing partner! I love you tons!

2. It is always great spending time with you. Those moments with you are in fact the most precious pearls of my life that lighten up my world even in the darkest hours. I don’t know why time moves so fast whenever I am with you and it becomes such a drag when you are not there. I terribly and desperately wait to meet you again. I just miss and love you so much.

3. God has blessed me with such an amazing girl that I have no words to thank Him. You lit up each and every dark corner of my being and set me ablaze. I just don’t know how you do it. You are a magician and a true sorcerer who has filled up my life with amazing magic and I want to remain spell bound forever. I love you my magician.

4. Did you know tons of girls try to flirt with me and even use pickup lines on me? I just proudly tell them that I already have an amazing girlfriend and I am more than honored to be committed to her. Just to let you know that you don’t have to doubt me ever. EVER! I will always be yours from the bottom of heart because it is only you who has that special place in my life and no one can ever take that.

5. Even if I say ‘I love you’ to you a trillion times, it is simply not enough. Words are never enough to express what I fee for you. My feelings for you are just so amazing that it makes me high. It is just amazing to have you as my soul mate. You are my everything.

6. I just want to be very honest with you. You have changed my life in tons of amazing ways. I am proud to say today that you have made me what I am now. You have supported me in times that any other girl would have left but you stayed. I AM because you ARE. Thanks a trillion for everything.

7. Although we have a good understanding but we still get into fights and especially heated debates. No matter what, no one can ever be what you are to me. Despite all our fights, I want to tell you that I am nothing without you. I don’t know what I would do if you are not around. I have always been your and I will always be yours.

8. Even if we are miles away from each other, I can still imagine you sleeping right next to me. Did you know I love watching you sleep? You look so pretty and at peace while you sleep. Hope you sleep well. I just wanted to send hugs and kisses your way. I love you loads my prince.

9. Baby I am truly, madly and deeply in love with you. I feel like shouting it out loud on the top of the mountain. We have been through so much together and we still have a really strong bond. I just want you to be by my side always. I have found my forever in you.

10. Everyone has some confession or the other. I too have one confession to make. My feelings for you have grown over the years and I am madly in love with you. I have a feeling we are meant to be together. Nothing can ever change my feelings for you. You will always be my only one.

11. I have found love in you forever. I want to be with you and only YOU in this world and the world after death as well. I want our love to never end. I promise you that you are that only one for me. Remember always hearing people saying that everyone has that only one they can never forget or erase from their existence. YOU are that special only one for me.

12. I know you must be drop dead tired right now. I just want to send your way the warmest snuggle, the cutest cuddle, the sweetest kiss and the coziest hug. I know you work too hard and may you achieve all the success you want and desire but sweetheart give yourself a little rest too. I love you sweet heart.

13. Go to your window right now and look out into the sky. There are hundreds of stars shining bright in the sky. There is a one star that brightens up my life and my very existence with light that spreads infinitely into every nook and corner of my soul. You are that shining star of my life. I love you to the moon and back my dear.

14. A soldier is capable of giving me a safe life. A doctor has the ability to save my life. A lawyer is capable of saving my life. A thief can take my life. a painter can paint my life. A teacher can make my life but did you know it is only you who actually gives me a meaningful life. It is only you who adds meaning to my life.

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15. Your thoughts break my skull and crash right into my head every day. I never knew I would like you like this. I never knew I would think so much about you. I didn’t know my mind will never get tired thinking of you so often. It is a complete surprise for me. I am still trying to take it all in. you are one of the most amazing wonders of my life.

16. Waking up was such a drag but now waking up seems so wonderful and do you know why? This is because I know that I have you. You are such a wonderful person to be with. I don’t mind spending my entire life with you. I love you so much!

17. I wake up with your thoughts. I just miss you so much and I simply can’t stop missing you. I have missed you for the last 24 hours, 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds. I simply don’t know what I would do without you. I wonder whether you think about me as much as I do.

18. Do you know how I would describe you if were asked which color you represent in my life? Since it is just too tough to name just one color, my answer would be rainbow. Yes, rainbow. You are many sweet things at a time to simply enclose you in one single color. You are magical and beautiful.

19. I am so grateful and blessed to be born in an era of instant communication. We have smart phones, laptops and what not. If these modes of instant communications were not there, I am telling you for sure that I would have climbed the wall right outside the window of your room just to talk to you. I just cannot stay without talking to you and sharing beautiful moments with you.

20. You can run, but you can never hide from the shadow that’s creeping up beside you. There is a magic running through your soul but you can’t have it all. Whatever you do, I’ll be two steps behind you. Wherever you go, I’ll be there to remind you that it only takes a minute of your precious time to turn around and I’ll be two steps behind. Just remember I will always be there for you.

21. Did you know you are my best friend, my bestest buddy and my bestest pal. You are my one person I can lean on without any second thoughts and doubts. I can lean on your shoulders because I know I can count on you no matter what. You are my only one and you are everything I have.

22. I don’t wish for the stars, the moon, the universe or the galaxies. I am not looking for diamonds, platinum or gold. I don’t need a huge bungalow, mansion or a palace. I don’t want a lavish car or eat pricey food. All I want is your love. It is enough to last me a life time.

23. Baby you work too hard to be true. Please be easy on yourself and remember to take a break every now and then. Everyone needs a little break and so do you. Taking too much stress can have a toll on your health. I really care about you because they are right when they say health is wealth. Please take good care of yourself my love. You are all that I have.

24. I am just so amazed whenever I think how close to perfection you are. God put a lot of time when he created you. he added so much details to every little thing in you. He created you with such utter perfection that I cannot stop being amazed whenever I think about you. From your physical features to your inner ones, you don’t only have beautiful body but also a beautiful soul that I simply can’t stop loving.

25. Did you know I am so obsessed with eyes and especially your eyes? I used to adore beautiful eyes and I have no words for your eyes. They have this beautiful shine to them that drives me crazy. It makes me feel so alive. I see you whenever I close my eyes. I see you whenever I open them. I am just so mad about them. I can’t even begin to tell you. They radiate such positive energy and make everything inside me bloom with just one gaze.

26. I feel so blessed to live in an era of instant communication. I feel so comfortable with you that I can talk to you all the time. Even when I have to go for work the next day, I can still talk to you all night long. Even if I will be all tired the next day at office, I can still talk to you all night. I am simply so addicted to you that I can’t help but wonder what will I ever do without you. It seems like I have known you since ages.

27. I love you. It is just three little words but they mean so much when it comes to you. I don’t know how else to describe my feelings for you. You make shiver. You make me feel butterflies in my tummy. You make my stomach churn. You my mouth go all dry with just one look. You make my mind go simply blank. I have always heard of these things happening to people around me and I used to laugh at them. It is the first time I am feeling this way for a woman. To be honest, I have never known love like this. You are truly amazing.

28. You simply took me by surprise yesterday with your call. It just made me realize how beautiful it is to begin my day with your lovely voice. It just filled me up with so much energy and motivation to start my day and left me craving to see you as soon as possible. I don’t know how it was for you but you left my heart beating so fast that I could not even think straight after hanging up the phone. You make my heart skip beats. Yes you do. It is no exaggeration. Trust me. You are simply wonderful!

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29. You gave me a piece of your heart. I can never be more grateful for it than I am today. There is nothing more precious to me than this. I promise to take care of it in every possible way and also protect it. I love you beyond all words that I can think of for describing my love for you. You are simply indescribable. I don’t even want to lock my feelings for you in the limits of words because you are way beyond that. You are so much more than that. You are everything wonderful to me. I love you!

30. No matter what I am just not able to sleep tonight. The reason it is difficult to sleep is very obvious. You are not next to me. I sleep like a baby when you are right next to me. It is just so comforting to have you beside me. I can’t even tell you how much I miss you right now. All I wish right now is to wrap my arms around and lock my fingers into yours while I sleep. I just miss you so much baby.

31. Ever since the last time we met, my pillows and bed sheet smell like you. I don’t even feel like being away from my bed. The smell sensors in my head have saved your smell. I can recognize it anywhere I go in the world. Whenever I miss you a lot, I just grab my pillow, hug it tight and kiss it before I fall asleep. At times, when I am unable to contact you and you are busy somewhere, I even talk to the pillow that smells like you imagining it as you. I love your smell and I love everything about you.

32. I will just be straight away honest with you. My life has never been the same ever since I met you. There is nothing I can do without thinking about you. I just unconsciously think about your opinion in everything. Even when I am buying something for myself, I have this thought process going in my head that decides whether you will also like that particular thing or not. If it says no, then I don’t buy it even if I like it. Just imagine with this little example how much you have taken hold of me.

33. You undoubtedly have a beautiful smile. Your smile is the most precious possession I have. I just want to tell you that I can do anything to make you smile. I can’t tell you how it brightens up my day and my life on the whole. So darling keep smiling always.

34. What is the second best thing in the world? It is falling in love with you. Do you want to know the first best thing? No it is not any other girl. Finding you was the first best thing. Yes YOU my love. Yes it is true. I can’t thank God enough for finding you and for creating you with such perfect imperfections. I simply love the fact that nobody got you before I did. What can be more amazing than this? I know I am a bit possessive about you but I like it that way.

35. Is there a way I can freeze time and never let moments I spend with you melt away? I wish I can do that. I wish I could just make time stop whenever I am with you or at least be able to go back in all those times I have spent with you. For this very reason, I just wish time machine was no sci-fi thing but actually real. I could at least go back in all the times I have spent with you.

36. They say it is words that give meaning to everything in this world. I am a language instructor yet I failed to find a word that describes my relationship with you. There are tons of adjectives I rushed my mind through but I could never find a word or words that can say how much you really mean to me. What you mean to me is just beyond words. You are beyond every word I know up till now. Maybe someday I will be able to figure out those words. Wish me luck!

37. I know I am kind of grumpy and short tempered these days. When I think about how you tolerate and deal with me, I am just amazed. You could have never done this if you didn’t love me. I know you love me a lot and I want to tell you that I love you too. It is just all the stress and the difficult situation that just takes tall on my mood and makes me have mood swings every now and then. I just want to say sorry for all the times I have been rude and mean to you. You are the love of my life and none can replace you ever.

38. If I were to look out for a person who is closest to perfection and almost flawless, it would be you. There are many people who are good and many who are better than good but you my love are the best. I have met so many people in my life but there is none who can be compared to you. You have a very special place in my heart. I love you baby from the core of my heart.

39. It is only words and words are all I have to take your heart away. It is only word that can bring you near to me. Don’t ever think that you don’t mean a thing to me. Baby, it is only you that I have. I have nothing to fear when you are near to me. You know exactly what to say to make my day. I don’t want to part with you ever. I can’t even begin to think about my life without you. I want to keep you close to me till death do us apart.

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40. I know you have been very tensed and extremely busy. Just lay down in your bed. Simply close your eyes. Empty your mind of everything and think nothing. Just try to think nothing. Your eyelids may feel heavy and you may fall asleep. Do you now find yourself in a dream? Try to look around you. You have high chances of meeting me there. Why don’t you give it a try?

41. Is it already dark there? It is already dark here. There are a large number of stars in the sky. Sky always amazes me. It seems to be limitless without any boundaries. You have a strange resemblance to this sky. You amaze me just like this beautiful sky and my feelings for you have no boundaries. I am simply unable to put limits or boundaries to my love for you. It keeps on increasing.

42. You are just so precious to me that I want to protect you for life. I want to protect you from everything bad and everything that might hurt you. I just want to cover you with the wings of my love and keep you happy forever. I don’t want to ever see tears in your eyes. You are the most beautiful part of my very existence and it is you who keeps me going through thick and thin.

43. Do you know what is warm, fuzzy and big? It is my hug for you. You know whenever I hug you, what does it actually mean? It is just my way of telling you that I want to wrap my arms around you and protect you from the sun and provide you with my shade for all my life. I don’t even want to let a tiny thorn prick you. I would rather let it be me than you. I can take in all the bullets for you and die protecting you rather than let even a thorn scratch your skin. I just love you so much! I never knew I would love someone so much until you.

44. Whenever I used to think about an ideal life, I used to picture a person in it who would have so and so qualities and would be like this and that. I had this huge list of qualities to this special person and I used to wonder what she will be doing right and where she might be. With all my honesty, I want to tell you that you fit into each and every detail of the person I used to think of. I want to treasure you forever and never let go of you.

45. Goodbyes have such a strange feeling attached to them whenever it is someone who means so much to you. I have always noticed this look in your eyes every time I say goodbye to you that walking away from you becomes so difficult. My feet feel so heavy as if they are not able move. I have to make quiet some effort to move them. Today I am miles apart from you and can’t stop thinking about that look in your eyes. I really miss you!

46. I know we get into fights sometimes. It won’t be wrong if I say our love is very much like the waves in the sea. It is really calm and serene at times. At other times it becomes a roaring sea. However, what matters most is that it is always there. I just want you to know no matter how much I fight with you and how much I may argue with you, there is NO you. I have always loved you and I will always love you.

47. When it comes to love, there are many similes attached to it. Love is like this and love is like that. There are countless such statements that you can find people making everywhere. There are many that match love with roses. The connection of love with rose is really old. There is something I believe about our love. If I were to resemble our love for each other with a rose, then that rose has to be a new breed. It will be a breed that has absolutely no thorns in it. I really love you. You know it is true.

48. It’s been a week I haven’t seen your face in real. Video chats and pictures just don’t satisfy me. I just want to be with you in real. I just want to be near you all the time. I will walk miles just to be with you if I have to. Please never ever ask me to go away from you. I beg you please don’t ask me ever be away from you again even if it is for my own good. I just don’t want to. I just miss you so much. I can’t even tell you how much.

49. Don’t you find it strange that when I spend a day with you, it seems like it just passed away in seconds and when I have to spend a day without you, it seems like ages? I have never been able to understand this weird phenomenon of time. I wish I could just freeze time whenever I am with you and never let it pass. I just don’t want this magnificence to ever turn into past. I want to treasure you forever.

50. With time I have become so possessive about you even if I don’t want to be. I don’t know if you like but I like the way I have become possessive about you. I really love thinking that you are mine. It just gives me the happiness that I can’t describe. Guess what? I have thought of giving you a cute little puppy many times as a gift. What simply stops me from giving it to you is the fact that I will be so jealous of the puppy being with you all the time. it might sound strange to you but it is true.


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