50 Cute Good Morning Text Messages for Him


Do you want to be included in the happy couple category? Then you should spend time together and do little things that can brighten up your partner’s day. Among those little efforts that you put into the relationship, the easiest and almost effortless thing that you can do is send your guy a good morning text that you actually mean. It is a cute and simple way to show him that you care about him and love him.

You don’t have to send it on a daily basis as it can get boring. Why not pick out a few days in a week so that it charges up your boyfriend with excitement and doesn’t become a routine thing that might lose its charm with time. You can send sexy, loving, motivating, romantic, poetic and encouraging texts according to the need of your relationship. This will definitely make him feel good and loved.

We have collected 50+ good morning texts for him that you can send to your special someone:

Top Universal Good Morning Messages for Him

1. I woke up to the chirping of birds this morning. They just sounded so energetic and filled me up with so much energy that I just send them your way to say good morning. Could you hear the birds around you greeting you a chirpy morning?

This is surely a sweet good morning message that can chirp up his day.

2. Every morning is a new day and shines with new opportunities to fix things. How about we make good use of this morning and make things easier and better for us?

This little message can work wonders if you recently had a heated argument or maybe even a fight. It could offer a bandage to the damage that you might have done to the relationship and slowly allow it to heal.

3. Before you, it was just loneliness that I woke up to. Now I all I want is to wake up next to you and that would be enough to make my day. Good morning sweetheart!

Relationships keep hitting a new stage where things turn out to be different. Dealing with our busy lives we forget to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us and this one can do the trick.

4. If being in a relationship doesn’t make you a better person, then what good is a relationship for? I just want to tell you that being with you has made be a better person and all I want is to be with you. Good morning love!

Letting your guy know the positive ways he has changed you is definitely going to make him feel happy and good about himself.

5. It is not just the good looks that you have that made me want to be with you. It is actually your loving heart that makes me want to stay with you for life. Good morning handsome!

Telling your guy how much you adore and why exactly you adore is bound to uplift him and allow you to relive the initial moments of your relationship that basically sparked up into what it is today.

6. Doing acts of kindness just takes few moments but did you know it has a lifetime impact. Thanks a million for all the little acts of kindness that you have filled up our relationship with. Good morning to the most kind hearted man I know!

Sometimes we don’t show how much we value the little efforts of our partner. This little good morning text is a good way of showing how much all those efforts mean to you.

7. Does you morning feel warm and cozy? Well, that is because I have sent tons of hugs and love your way. Good morning to the one great man I know.

This is a cute and loving good morning text that is definitely going to make him smile

8. With every passing day, my love for you keeps growing. What I hate most in the morning is waking up and knowing you are not next to me. It makes me feel empty. Wishing you a great morning!

Get your guy thinking about your with a message like this. It even allows him to reminisce about the last time you met.

9. Simply knowing that I will wake up next to you makes my day. I just know it will be a really good day.

Such short reminders of what the presence of other person does to you can work wonders in a relationship.

10. I slept peacefully yesterday knowing that I will see you in my dreams. I woke up peacefully and with brimming happiness because I knew you are also a perfect reality of my life. Good morning love!

Feel close to each other with such messages even when you are apart. Such texts make long distance relationships work beautifully.

11/ Did you know you are the most amazing piece in the puzzle of my life? My life and my existence is incomplete without you. Whatever I think about has to have an element of YOU in it.

With all the things we are busy with in our lives, we forget to show our loved ones what they mean to us. Every now and then your boyfriend needs to know he mean a world to you.

12. Whenever my head follows the roads to your memories, my heart skips a beat. I really wish I could share this morning with you. Good morning handsome!

It is not easy to bee apart but sending such texts can definitely keep you closer.

13. Do you hear the sound of the birds at your window? I have sent you my love through them. If you hear a sound of the bird, then keep in mind it is from me. A beautiful morning dear!

Send this considerate message to the one you love and make them feel loved and cared about.

14. I don’t I am so charged up this morning. Even things I hate don’t bother me. Well it is just because of you. Wishing you a motivated morning!

Show your guy how his thoughts and his presence in your life sparks you up.

15. My day could be really busy but you lie at the center of it as you provide me with the energy I need to do everything I have to. I am nothing without you. Loving you tons every moment!

This message can trigger a chord in his heart and make him smile.

16. Hurry look outside your window. Everything looks so fresh and bright after the rain. The sparkling rain drops on the leaves remind me of tingling sensation you make me feel. Would you like to have a hot coffee with me today?

What can be a better way to share the beauty of the moment and ask to go out as well!

17. It is you who make my mornings and entire day extraordinary. You are everything perfect I could think of and beyond. Good morning my love!

This is a considerate text that’s going to make him beam with a lovely smile.

18. Today the sun shines so bright. It is all because I have found my Mr. Right. Good morning my love!

A rhyming good morning text can step up your relationship a bit.

19. You are probably all curled up in your bed and sleeping like a baby. Just wanted to tell you that you are the light of my life if you are up and reading my message, I hope you are reading it with a beautiful smile on your face. If you are not, then let this text make your day. Wishing you a beautiful day!

This text says it all.

20. Good morning handsome hunk. I am up but feel so lazy to get out of bed. I wish I could stay in bed and dream of you all day long. What an ideal day it would be!

This text shows how much you love thinking about him and make him feel loved.

Good Morning Messages for a Boyfriend

21. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I simply can’t think straight. I think I am madly in love with you. I really want to meet you today. Can we meet?

This is a fun way of telling your guy the effect he has on you and at the same time asking for a date.

22. The sun is lighting up the entire place and it is a perfect time to thank for all the blessings we have. I am really grateful for having the most beautiful person (inside out) in my life. Thank you my love. Wishing you a beautiful morning!

This text may sound a little cheesy but it is good way of showing love to your boyfriend.

23. I just woke up all dazed. I strongly felt something was missing and soon realized it was you. Here I am texting you early in the morning. Good morning sweet heart!

This kind of text keeps your relationship strong and healthy when your partner is away.

24. Isn’t it such a blessing knowing somewhere someone really cares about you and loves you a ton. I want to tell you that you are one blessed person. Good morning!

This is a nice and romantic text that is definitely going to make your guy smile and feel loved

25. As soon as I woke up, you crashed through the door of my heart and mind. You immensely brightened up my morning. Good morning!

This is a sweet good morning text the tells your boyfriend that he is the first thought that begins your day.

26. I just started my day with a cup of coffee. Did you know you brew happiness in me just like coffee? Wishing you a great day ahead!

If your partner is a coffee lover, he will know what exactly you mean and how much he means to you.

27. Thinking of your beautiful smile is making me smile right now. I am simply in love with your smile. May you always smile with your beautiful smile. Is this smiley text bringing a smile on your face this very moment? Have a great day filled with smiles!

Such a cute message filled with so many smiles. He is definitely going to smile reading it.

28. You are probably awake by now. You must be all dressed up and styled your hair as well but aren’t you forgetting something? You haven’t swayed your thoughts to the person who loves you most. I was just thinking about you sweetie.

Now this text is going to bring happy memories of you in your boyfriend’s head and a beautiful smile on his face.

29. Good morning sugar! When I say good morning, I am not just saying a mere hello. It is my way of saying that you are the first thing on my mind as soon as I wake up.

When you say things like this, be really honest. This will let him know how important he is to you.

30. Let him know the truth about how you feel and how much he means to you.Everything has a central core and the very core of my being is YOU. Yes you. You are there in every thought I have and everything I do. You and I are not separate entities anymore. Good morning love!

With every passing stage of your relationship, you can send more intense love messages.

31. I just woke up and automatically had my hands next to me thinking you must be here. It just made me feel so empty to not find you next to me. Missing you terribly! Good morning.

This is a perfect message after a recent meet up as it will let him know that you think about him so much and how much he means to you.

32. You know what? I can rest in peace if I die today this very second. That is because you have showed me the true meaning of love and nothing is and nothing can be more beautiful than that. A very good morning to the love of my life!

This is one way of telling your guy that he is your ultimate soul mate and brings the best in you.

33. Just think about the indescribable love we share and take one step at a time. Let our love brighten up each step you take and let me share the burden. Trust me things are going to feel easier. Good morning honey bunch!

In case your guy is going through some tough times, this message can bring in some motivation.

34. A very good morning to the love of my life.

It is a small but a powerful text to begin a day. It is not necessary to text long messages.

35. Isn’t it so cold outside? I wish you were here and we could just curl up into each other all day long and do nothing else. Good morning sweet heart!

This is a romantic message for your guy on a winter morning.

36. Would you believe me if I tell you that I don’t get tired loving you every second, every minute, every hour and every single day? Please believe me. I can keep on loving you forever.

This is a lot of love in on single message. Who wouldn’t love to hear that!

37. Did you know you are a magician? You spread such magic into my life each day without even knowing it. Every morning you fill me up with mystical energy that I can’t even begin to describe. Good morning my sorcerer!

This message will let him know how truly magical he is for you.

38. You know how lazy I am to get out of my bed. It is your love that makes me easily get out of bed because I know I am going to be seeing you. Good morning handsome!

This will tell him how much you enjoy spending time with and how much you look forward to it.

39. You have this weirdly beautiful scent and my bedsheet still smells of it. I never feel like getting up from my bed and leaving behind that scent of you. It is like leaving you. Missing you so much. Good morning my love!

This is a great message if you have recently met each other and you are missing him.

40. I love you. Whenever I say that to you every morning, there is a real struggle in me that wants to tell you how much I really love you. No words and I mean no words seem to do the justice. All I am able to say is I love you. Good morning love!

This is going to pull some strings in his heart.

41. I wake up with such zeal and energy. It is you who made me know such mornings. I never knew until you.  Hope I make you feel the same way. Wishing you a very good morning!

That is a good way of telling your boyfriend how he makes you feel.

42. I just woke from a dream and you were in the dream. I don’t want to get out of bed. I want you to be with me right this moment if I get out. Is that possible?

With this text, you can share the dream that you have seen and maybe get lucky enough to meet her.

43. The cold drops of rain send chilling sensation throughout my body. You know what that reminds me of? You and your sweet touch. Can we meet today?

Rainy weather is a great time for romance. This is a perfect message for rainy days which is bound to make him happy.

44. At times, texting you is not enough. Handsome, I want you to be with me every single day. You are more than what I ever wanted. Good morning my Mr. perfect.

We seem to forget telling our partners how much they mean to us and remain busy with our lives. It is always good to send in such reminders.

45. You keep giving me new reasons to love you even more. I never get tired of discovering your inner depths. A very good morning to you!

You can remind your boyfriend about how much you value your relationship with him with such simple texts.

46. Today I saw an old couple walking together and wondered of my wish of getting old with you and not letting my love for you ever get old. Love just amazes me sometimes and my feelings for you amaze me even more.

This text is a complete expression of honest feelings to your boyfriend.

47. Have you ever heard of that you are in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams? I think this is happening to me right now.

Who doesn’t love knowing that he is such a beautiful reality of someone’s life!

48. I have opened my eyes to a new day. I am alive. Guess what that means? That means I can spend yet another day of my life with you. Good morning Hercules!

This is a cute way of telling your boyfriend how much he means to you.

49. It felt so good meeting you yesterday and I am sure my entire day today is going to be rocking. Good morning my love!

This is a great message to show how much you enjoy spending time with him.

50. I wish I didn’t have to even get up from my bed. I wish I didn’t have to go to work. I just wish I could day dream about you all day long and not do anything else. Good morning love bug!

This text will do the trick and tell your guy how much you love thinking about him and your thoughts revolve around him.

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