10 Fundamental Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Have you been in an open-relationship for a long while but still aren’t sure whether your relationship is a healthy one or not? Can’t decide whether to stay together or cut your losses and move on? Well here are a few signs of a healthy relationship that will help you in your quest.

10. You Trust Your Partner

You Trust Your Partner

Every healthy relationship is based on mutual trust and respect for each other. If you trust someone you have a sense of security when you’re with them or apart. You’re confident your partner wouldn’t betray you, hurt you or be unfaithful to you. You seek them for comfort.

9. You Communicate Easily

You Communicate Easily

Speaking your mind can be difficult at times. If you can converse about anything with your partner without fear of them mocking you or not taking you seriously, then that is one of the important signs of a healthy relationship.

8. You Give Each Other Space

You Give Each Other Space

Healthy couples know the importance of doing things independently. You do things independently and together without stepping over each other’s toes and being clingy.

7. Etiquettes


This is one of the vital signs of a healthy relationship. If you and your partner make polite conversations, say please, thank you, I love you to each other, express your gratitude, appreciate and complement each then your relationship is green and growing.

6. The Small Things

The Small Things

If you and your partner do small things for each other without expecting anything in return, just to make the other happy or for their convenience, then this is one of the good signs of a healthy relationship. Love and affection that comes from the depth of heart help a lot for a healthy relation.

5. Accept Each Other For Who They Are

Accept Each Other For Who They Are

People in healthy relationships accept and love each other unconditionally. This doesn’t mean you overlook their flaws but you inspire each other to be better without attempting to change them or pushing them to be good.

4. Equality


You and your partner treat each other equally. No one is considered to be superior or inferior in the relationship, but you divide the household jobs and share financial responsibility.

3. Understanding And Connecting

Understanding And ConnectingWhile you are physically affectionate with each other, you also connect with your partner at an intellectual and emotional level. You are ready to make compromises and concessions for the other.

2. You Take Pride In Each Other

You Take Pride In Each Other

Your partner and you are genuinely proud of each other. There is no latent jealously or anger towards the other’s accomplishments, but you both actively support the other, help them achieve their goals and take a keen interest in each other’s dreams, hopes and desires.

1. Arguing


Relationships are not all rainbows and butterflies. It’s healthy to clear the air instead of letting the seed of doubt grow in your mind. If your relationship is a healthy one you will overcome the small conflicts easily.

If you think you have most of these signs of a healthy relationship in yours, don’t worry, you’re on the right track! All you need to do now is to love and cherish this person forever.

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