10 Bad Habits That Deeply Hurt Your Relationship

All of us have many bad habits and we don’t even realize them. But these subconscious habits could hurt your beautiful relationship. These could even cause your precious one to go far from you. When you fall in love, you normally don’t see any bad habit of the one you love, at least until you get past the stage of infatuation.

This logic is true for your partner also. They don’t see your bad habits because your love is the only thing which they need. After the stage of crush, you start realizing those nagging habits that has been in your relationship since the very first day but you were not able to get them as you were enjoying the sweetness of your new love.

No one wants to admit his/her faults. Com’on, no one is perfect. We all know from the inside that it is much easier to deny that we have faults than to accept them. You only realize and accept your bad habits when the one you love has long gone and its too late for your relationship. But if you truly love some one, you can change yourself. Can’t you?

Bad Habits That Deeply Hurt Your Relationship

Find out which of the following bad habits you own in your relationship or you may suspect some signs he’s cheating. These things can hurt your relationship in long run. If you do have some of them, it’s time to realize them. If your partner have some of them, its time to have a nice conversation. Its time to change for the one you love. most of these oftenly occur if you are having an open-relationship.

1. You Are Not Appreciating

You Are Not Appreciating

When you see that your partner is very sweet and caring. You like it. You love it. But do you remember the last time you appreciated your partner for everything they are doing for you? Have you ever thanked them for the tiniest thing they do? For you, it may seem silly to appreciate your partner for every small task they do for you. But this can be the start of changing your view from appreciation to expectation. It is not good to take their sweet gestures for granted.

2. For Them, You Do Not Do Much Effort For Their Happiness

You Do Not Do Much Effort For Their Happiness

Maybe you are doing everything for your partner to make them happy. But when your partner is not realizing these efforts when you expect them to do. And yet, you keep doing everything for your partner, you will end up like a relationship martyr. In such a case, You must talk to them and make them realize that you are doing these things especially for them. They must not take them for granted.

3. You Keep Testing Their Patience And Your Relation

You Keep Testing Their Patience And Your Relation

It is good to test your relationship for its trueness and love. It is very sweet and charming when your partner passes the test. But If your relationship has passed several stages, then you must leave this habit . You must stop testing them as it’ll annoy them eventually and yours can turn out to be one of those unhealthy relationships which are really hard to get back to happy stage again.

4. You Blame Them

You Blame Them

Every relationship, no matter how sweet and strong it is, accompanies with fights. Many fights. Try to avoid blaming your partner. In one way or the other, both of you must have committed mistakes that lead to the quarrel. Realize and accept your mistake. That’ll emotionally compel your partner to accept their mistake. Then both of you would be in a position to secure your relationship from misunderstandings and every other bad happening. Otherwise, your partner would feel mad, bad, helpless and hurt. Choose what is important. Your point or your partner?

5. You Undergo Silent Treatment

You Undergo Silent Treatment

It is very bad habit to ignore your partner when you have a misunderstanding. You must not keep the silence when there is a need to establish a nice decent conversation to fix things. It is better to talk to your partner rather than sitting in a corner to murmur about how do you feel. It could make your partner feel miserable. They could possibly hate you at the same time.

6. There Are Unbalanced Expectations

There Are Unbalanced Expectations

You don’t have the right to demand more and give less in your relationship. Unbalanced expectations cause real problems. A boyfriend and a girlfriend must treat their relationship just like a husband and a wife do. Its not all about taking taking and taking.

7. You Use Monosyllables Alot

You Use Monosyllables Alot

When you don’t want to or when you can’t talk, avoid using terms like “Yes, No, Hmmm” etc. Always try to communicate and talk to your partner decently. If you are busy and can’t talk, tell them nicely. Conversations that have a start with Monosyllables have a bad end. Such conversations can push the two of you far from each other.

8. You Lie

You Lie

Lie is one of the most harmful things for your relationship. When you lie, you are making a gap in the ground that will badly effect the roots of your relationship. It is better to speak nothing than to lie. Much better. Mostly on average the lie ratio is much higher in a long distance relationship so if you are looking for some long distance relationship advice than the first thing is to stop lying and start speaking the truth.

9. “I don’t want to talk about it!”

I don’t want to talk about it!”

Getting out of a stressful situation might seem the best thing to do every time. However, putting aside all the serious conversations for later will just give you something to think about. Solve things as early as possible by talking about it with your partner. Take it slowly but do it.

10. No Discussion For The Future

No Discussion For The Future

You will lose your partner’s interest in the relationship if you do not talk about your future plans that you have in mind. Try to have a conversation for the future of both of you. You will have nice time now and in future then.

These bad habits are the most common habits which have found to be present in every relationship that ended up in bad way. For all those who are in a new relationship, avoid these bad habits from the very beginning. For all those who have their relationship at the breaking point, give your relation another chance and this time, try to avoid these bad habits. Be Happy.

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