7 Effective Ways Of How To Be Happy In A Relationship

Being in relationship is not as simple and rosy as it seems when you think of it; it is complicated and you need to put in some sugar and spice to turn it into a healthy open-relationship. Every human is different from the other one; living together for twenty four hours and seven days a week becomes challenging in the long run. This write up is exclusively focused on seven effective ways of how to be happy in a relationship!

7. Honesty Is The Best Policy!


This holds true for every step of your life but becomes a key to a contented and happy relationship between two human beings. Being honest with your partner will gain you the valuable trust in relationship, which makes the foundation of a strong and happy relationship in the long run. Remember lies reveal themselves one day or the other; so it is definitely not a good choice especially with the one whom you have given a special place in your life.

6. Spend Quality Time With Your Better Half


Spending quality time with your better half will help you keep the relationship alive and will make you happy. This is the key factor while considering how to be happy in a relationship. There is nothing joyous in the world than to have walking with your partner in a good mood or having a cup of coffee. There can be endless options; you can plan a hike or a picnic on weekend, watch a movie, go on date, play something that both of you enjoy and there can be many more.

5. Be Clear And Open In Communication


Clear and open communication is really important while talking of how to be happy in a relationship. You should feel comfortable to openly express your feelings to your life partner as he/she is the one you are going to spend your life with. If something annoys you your partner can see the change in facial expressions but he/she might not read the reason so you need to be openly communicating about such things in order to avoid misunderstandings. This will help both of you to make adjustments in accordance with each other’s feelings. This does not mean that you make objections on everything but the ones that genuinely bother you.

4. Learn To Be A Good Listener


Giving respect to what the partner is saying makes him/her feel that you respect and care for his/her opinion, which helps to strengthen relationship and boost happiness.

3. Find Some Collective Goals To Achieve


There should be some element of collectivity especially in terms of future which will make your bond stronger and fulfilling than ever before. Working together to achieve one goal can even bring enemies closer; so imagine the power of this factor in your relationship.

2. Discuss Things With Patience

A vital element of how to be happy in a relationship is to have fair fights. Discussion is by no means bad; it is a healthy activity but within limits and fair rules. Yelling and becoming loud while fighting and fighting over the same thing again and again is going to spoil the relationship. Remember stay calm and never get over emotional to prove yourself right. Your goal is to have a happy relationship not to be Mr. Right.

1. Respect Your Partner’s “Me Time”


Like everyone in the world your partner and you need some me time; respect this fact and give him/her some space and comfort whenever required.

How to be happy in a relationship is not a difficult task; maintaining a happy relationship by working out on above mentioned areas will help you keep yourself and your partner happy.

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