50 Cute Good Night Text Messages for Her

Do you have someone special in your life or someone you hold dear to your heart? What can be a better way to end your day than by sending a nice goodnight message to them! It will make them feel loved, cared about and special. It doesn’t matter whether you are already in a relationship with her or you are simply planning on to be.

Generally, people love knowing that someone is thinking about them especially someone they hold dear to their hearts whether their boyfriends or crush.

Depending on the stage of relationship you are, it might be confusing as to what to text someone. Some are shy while some are not good with words. It is necessary that you express your feelings and send a text. It could be playful, fun, poetic, bold and even naughty. We have gathered a list of 50 good night texts for her that is definitely going to bring a smile on her face. You will definitely find one that goes with your situation or mood. Here are the ultimate 50 goodnight texts for her:

Good Night Whisper

For People already going out with each other…

If you are already in a relationship, loving, cute bold and naughty messages can work really well. These messages are bound to make your partner feel loved, special and cared about. Which girl wouldn’t want that! Everyone loves being pampered.

1. As time keeps ticking by, I want you to know that you mean everything to me. Ever since I set my eyes on you, you have become my entire world and it is impossible to sleep without thinking about you. I love you gorgeous. Good night!

2. Sweet dreams, the queen of my heart. Sleep well my love and have sweet dreams about me.

3. Don’t you ever forget how much you mean to me. Good night my love.

4. I know I was busy the entire day and wasn’t able to even see you or call you back. I just can’t sleep without saying good night to you. No matter how busy I may be, I can never sleep without thinking of you. Good night, sleep tight!

5. My pillow and bedsheet still smells of you. Wish you could be right beside me right now. Can’t wait to see you again. Good night!

6. We are only few hours away and it seems like you are miles apart. Being one night away from you is such a difficult job. I didn’t know it is going to be this way. I just wish this night passes in seconds and we could be together again. Sweet dreams my love.

7. I don’t want to sleep without you by my side. I get butterflies in my stomach. I don’t want to be without you ever. Good night!

8. Every single day you give reason to love you all over again. Again and again you just amaze me with your beautiful qualities of beautifying simple things in life. I want to be the man you deserve. Good night love!

9. Every single day I end up loving you more than the day before. I don’t know how you do it. You are magic. I can’t wait for the sun to show up and let me bathe you in more love. Good night sweety!

10. Look out in the sky. It is such a starry night with countless stars. I love you that much because you give me infinite reasons to love you. Good night the love of my life.

good night texts

For People about to get into a relationship or just began one…

If your relationship has just begun sprouting, then it is high time you give her all the attention she needs. Do not forget to send her a good night message and let her you always sleep thinking of her. Do not go for romantic messages every single night. It is only best to mix in some fun or playful message or really simply good night messages.

11. Just want you to know that you are the last thing I think before falling asleep and the first thing I think about when I open my eyes. Good night beautiful!

12. Dreams with you in it are beautiful. I don’t even have to remain away from you for long even when sleeping. I wish I see you again in my dream tonight. Fingers crossed. I love you. Good night!

13. I talk to my pillow. I hug my pillow. Do you think I am mad? Yes I am mad about you and just wish that pillow could be you. I just can’t wait to see you again my love. Good night!

14. I just can’t sleep. Can you? Wouldn’t it be great if could just sleep together.

15. The day passes easily because I am busy but passing the night without you is so difficult. It makes me realize how incomplete I am without you. Good night darling!

sweet good night texts

16. I have no words to tell you how I am feeling right now without you. You brightened up my life with just one look my way and now it is so hard to bear all this darkness I am surrounded with. I just want to be with you again and sleep right next to you in your arms. Good night Gorgeous!

17. I hope and pray all your dreams and wishes come true. You deserve it. Good night sweet heart!

18. Just wanted to say good night to you. Sweet dreams lovely!

19. Right from the moment I open my eyes in the morning to the moment I fall asleep, I just wish I could hold you in my arms. Every single thought the entire day keeps crawling back to you. Sweet dreams!

20. You rule the kingdom of my heart tonight, tomorrow and forever. Goodnight my love!

21. There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. And I love you very much!

22. I have never felt so lonely my entire life until you. Living without you warmth and your
smile just builds a storm inside and makes me want to run to you. I miss you every hour, every min, every second. Good night!

23. Every night I sleep with a smile knowing that I have found love in your forever. Good night my heart!

24. Maybe I am not the best and unable to do much for you. One thing is for sure, I will remain your best friend forever. Goodnight sweet heart!

25. It doesn’t matter whether you awake or sleeping, my love and care for you will ALWAYS be there. Good night to the love of my life.

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Some Cute and mushy Good night texts for her

Cute and mushy texts will spark up her spirits and make her smile wide with happiness. Send these messages on and off to your girlfriend and take her by surprise.

26. I send you good night messages every day. Do you know what that means? It is not just sweet dreams or good night I meant to say. I want you to know I always think of you before going to sleep. Good night

27. Just wanted to wish you a Beautiful night and pleasant dreams. Sleep tight my love. May tomorrow shine like the sun and bring us closer together. Good night.

28. Rather than just saying good night, I wish I could be by your side and hold you tight.

29. I have a feeling that this night is going to be really sweet and peaceful. You know why? Because I just ended with words straight from my heart for you. Good night love!

30. At many times and especially tonight, I just fail to bring words to tell you how I feel about. I just end up saying, you are wonderful. You are magic. Good night my jewel!

31. I like saying good night to you every night so that you sleep well and dream with me. I just want you to know you are always in my thought whether I am sleeping or I am awake. Good night my precious gem!

32. I wish you could be by my side every night and I could whisper ‘good nigh my love’ in your ears. Good night my Queen!

33. May this night wipe off all your fears and wash away all your sadness as tomorrow comes splashing at your door and welcome you with roaring joy. Good night my dear!

34. Do you know my favorite reason to lose sleep? YOU. Yes it is you. I just love you so much. Goodnight!

35. You know why I don’t dream about you? That is because I just can’t sleep when I am thinking about you. The threads of my thoughts about you keep going on and on endlessly. Good night love!

36. Good night is such a tasteless greeting for such a flavorful girl who makes my nights stunning and never ceases to amaze me with her beauty. I just fall in love with you over and over again. Good night Princess!

37. It doesn’t matter how famous and influential I may become. I will remain your diehard fan. You will always be my best friend and most beautiful companion. Good night my bestest friend!

38. Do you know who is the STAR of my entire life’s night sky? YOU. Yes, you. Goodnight my love. Loving and missing you so much.

39. I don’t deserve to be loved so much and I can’t explain how that feels… how amazing that feels. Thank you for giving me so much. Thank you for loving me with all you honesty and sincerity. I am blessed. Good night!

40. Home is being in your arms. I miss home. I miss you. I miss everything about you. Can’t wait to see you again. Good night my precious jewel!

41. Well I was just thinking and was kind of amazed. I really want to leave my comfort zone and change things in life but found out that I may be able to change a lot of thing but there is one thing I can’t change and that baby is your love. Good night my angel!

42. Can I come to your place right now and just sit by your window? I just want to see my angel sleeping and you don’t what a beautiful sight that is. I am sorry for bothering you so late at night but I just can’t stop think about you.

43. Every time I think my love cannot go any stronger and deeper but every time I am in for a surprise. It just keeps getting stronger and deeper every single day. You simply are magic. Good night my sweet magician!

44. It is so difficult for me to sleep all night as I just can’t stop thinking about you. Please say you love so I can shut my eyes and sleep peacefully.

45. Good night and sleep peacefully. Let the angel take care of your dreams and tell them to let me be in them so that I can create heaven in the world of your imaginations. I love you.

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Some Expressive Quotes that you can use

Some wise and great writers have brought to us great quotes. We may not be prolific writers like them but we do love with the bottom of our hearts. Here are some quotes that can help you express your feelings.

46. Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. –William Shakespeare

47. You know, when you really connect with the instrument and everything just comes out on an emotional level very naturally through your playing. That’s, you know, a great night. And I think the reason I love touring so much is you’re chasing that high around all the time, trying to have another good night. –Slash

48. Thinking about you is the tipping point where my nightmares end and sweet dreams begin. I love you. —Anonymous

49. If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you. – A. A. Milne

50. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. -William James

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