30 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

So you have someone in your life that you have crush on? You can go ahead and show that with your words and action. To keep a girls attention, asking flirty questions on and off can really work. However, make sure you ask the right question depending on the stage of your relationship. Too typical will make you sound cliché and boring. On the other hand, too intimate can become unpleasant and really intrusive for her. Do try to strike a balance.

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

If you are genuinely interested in her and not playing around, make her feel understood and loved with these questions. Be nice and playful along with sounding natural and spontaneous when you ask such questions. It is not such a hard thing to do. So here are 30 Flirty questions to ask a girl:

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Do you believe that everybody has a soulmate?

This one is a great question for your potential girlfriend. When asking flirty questions, there is no one way to do it. What matters the most is how you ask it. You are not working in an intelligence agency or enquiring your maid. Sound natural and spontaneous.

What do you think you look amazing in?

Girls love talking about themselves. She might just go on and boast about herself and be shy about it. if she is shy, you can just go ahead and tell her what kind of clothes make her look appealing. She will feel flattered.

How do you imagine your perfect date?

Any girl with a bit of common sense will understand that you are interested in her when you ask her about a date. It is understood that you are asking this question to know what you might like or dislike so that you can make the date wonderful for her.

What are your thoughts on love at first sight?

This is the best flirty question. You can just go ahead and toy around with her answer till you dig out a bit of her feelings for you. Remain playful, naughty or romantic with her… whatever goes well with her nature.

Would you like to go out tonight?

This is a perfect flirt question and a pretty straight forward one as well. If you are bold, you will get the beautiful. If you think it is the right time and you have the guts, then wait no more. No question will tell you better what the girl feels for you.

What are the most important qualities that you look for in your better half?

If she tells you qualities that you already possess or may be qualities that you already have in common with each other, then you have a good reason to be in the seventh heaven.

If there was one guy in the world you really want, who would that be?

Go ahead and ask just for fun. Who knows, it might be you or maybe someone she makes up who is like you. Girls usually don’t like directly telling the guy that they really like him and play hard to catch all the time.

What are the five things you think we have in common?

If she answers this question spontaneously, it means she has already thought about this and maybe even thinks you are meant to be together. This is also a good question to let her know you are taking interest in her.

Can you give me some flirting tips? I am not good at it.

She will have a good laugh at this one either at your innocence or acting innocent. She will probably even tell you about your flirting skills. Girls like humorous and witty guys. This one is sure to get her.

What were your thoughts like when you saw me for the first time?

This is a good way of digging out what she really thinks about you. If her answer is what you wanted to hear, then probably this is a good time to be vocal about your feelings for her.

How long did your last relationship last?

When you ask a question about a past relationship, it means you like her and you are checking if she is in for something serious or just playing around. You might even know that she probably just wants to take things slow as her past relationship had been rough (just a maybe).

Do you think I will look good on you?

This is yet another good question for your potential girlfriend. She might just be taken aback with this question and her answer can tell you a lot about what she thinks about you and her.

Are you attracted more towards brains or looks?

This question will let you know what her preferences are when choosing a guy for herself. While some girls like a mix of both, others tip more towards just one quality (mostly appearance).

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

This is something you are in for in the near future. Note everything down in your head. You will also pretty much know whether she is the really romantic kind of person or will leave you half way through.

What outfit will you love to see me in?

This will tell her you have already started caring about what she likes and dislikes. This is the easiest flirty way to tell her you are interested in her and care about what she likes. It is not necessary she likes what you like. Take note of her answer.

Is cuddling more of your thing or make out?

The answer to this one is sure shot indicator of whether she is actually interested in you. You can note this answer down for your future adventures with her. This will let her know that you think about her even when she is not with you.

What kind of guys attract you most?

You wanting to know this is itself a biggest hint that you are taking interest in her and want to be that guy. You will get to know more about her. This one is an arrow right at its target.

Is there something you have always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?

You will get to know how adventurous, daring or crazy she may be. Tell her maybe you can help her do it and be her partner in crime. You can also tell her what YOU always wanted to do and haven’t done yet. Invite her to be your partner in crime.

Do you have a wild secret that you would like to indulge in?

Everyone has fantasies and surely she does too. Knowing her wild fantasies can be a plus for you as you can impress her by helping her out with it. Maybe you can offer her to do it together.

How far do you think you can go with me on a 3rd date?

Ehm ehm… she will get what you mean. This will let you know how far she is ready to go with you by your 3rd date and you can do everything to act like a gentle man accordingly.

Oh my God! Are you hitting on me?

She might be taken by surprise or maybe blush if she really is or straight away tell you that you are the one doing that. If she doesn’t get angry with your question and enjoys it, then just know she IS hitting on you.

There is this movie I really like and it reminds me of you?

She is instantly going to ask you which movie and it will be understood to her that you think about her even when she is not with you. Every girl loves to know that you think about her.

Are you always like this or just hot guys like me?

This sure is a great flirty question to ask a girl. She will feel that you are praising her and yourself too. She will get all playful and you can simply play along digging into her feelings for you.  What better way to do this!

If you were going to take me out for a romantic evening, what would we do?

This is one good flirty question as it lets you know all her expectations from you. You can note down all her points and give her the most perfect romantic evening of her life in the near future. Remember her idea of romance may be completely different from yours.

What in your opinion is my best characteristic?

If you are genuinely interested in the girl, don’t you just want to what she likes about you best? This is the best flirty question for digging out what she likes about you and letting her know that you are interested in her.

What is an ideal relationship like for you?

This is an indirect way of saying if I get into a relationship with you, would you consider it ideal? You can use her answer in constructive ways. In fact, this is the best of making efforts to make your relationship ideal.

Is there a funny incident that you have never told anyone ever in your life?

Name a woman who doesn’t like talking about herself. Every single woman does. She might hesitate to tell you if she is shy. You can start talking about your funny story and you both can have good laugh.

Don’t you just get irritated when random guys start asking questions?

Now that is flirting and being witty at the same time. She might play with your question and you can go on and play with her answer. When girls feel the guy is intruding too much, they certainly hate it. Make sure you strike a balance too.

What are the areas where you feel all helpless and weak when it comes to guys?

Maybe there are points where she goes all weak and helpless when it comes to you. You can find a hint in her answer or maybe even her tone and figure out if you are the kind of person she feels all helpless about (in a good way!).

What is your favorite thing to do with a guy?

This is a par excellence flirty question. Now she will play all hard to catch and you will have to dig further using more questions so she blurts it out. You will certainly have fun with this question.

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