How to Reduce Tummy After C Section

Giving birth to a child can be the most difficult time for women. How to reduce tummy after c section is a question that plagues many women.

As soon as they take the baby in their arms, they forget all the pain they bore to give birth to the child. However, it is not easy to accept all that pregnancy weight particularly the belly after c section.

A c section is a caesarean section which is a major abdominal surgery. It can cause tenderness and pain in the abdomen after the surgery. Any kind of vigorous exercise or strenuous activity is a big NO for you right after surgery.  Your body needs some time to recover and heal which can take additional time if there is a swelling in the body or some infection. Wait for at least six weeks before you begin an exercise routine. Yeah, you were in a great shape before pregnancy but have a little patience and you will back to what you were.

Post c section belly can hurt your self-esteem especially when your mind rolls on thoughts like ‘I can never get rid of all belly’ or ‘how will I ever get rid of this post c section pouch’. We will have the latter question answered but you need remain positive. The first and foremost thing is to keep believing that you will actually fit in your old clothes. All you have to do is follow post c section belly workout and eat the right diet.
Wondering about how to reduce tummy after caesarean section? Here are some effective ones:

Ways to Reduce Tummy after C Section

1. Be patient

Don’t forget your body took complete nine months to gain all this weight which is not going to go away in a snap. Go slow and remain patient. This is the basis of pregnancy weight loss. You are not alone in this battle because there are many mothers who go through a C section.

Don’t push yourself too hard to get that flat stomach when you have just got your c section. Your body needs some time to heal. Remember C section is a major surgery. You can’t simply overlook that.

2.  Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding

The quickest way of losing belly fat after c section is to make a smart decision of breast feeding your child for at least six months after you had your c section done. It will burn extra calories and help you reduce that stubborn belly jelly. Lactating mother will not only shed extra pounds but also develop a bond with their toddlers by culminating 850 K/Cal off their bodies. Breast feeding naturally results in the production of a hormone called oxytocin which shrinks the overgrown uterus back to its normal size and decreases the bleeding after delivery.

However, remain alert that breast feeding is going to make you feel hungrier. A sleep deprived and a hungry mom will simply satisfy this hunger by snacking a lot. Read on to know how to go about satisfying this hunger the right way.

3. Snacking Smart

Snacking Smart

Alert! Alert! Breastfeeding mother will feel starved quite more often than usual which will make them binge into snacks. That’s where you have to make sure that you eat the right food. There is a popular misconception that nursing and pregnant mothers have to eat for two people rather than one. The truth is the body simply needs 300 to 500 calories more during and after your pregnancy to allow the body to function properly. This means women with C section stomach should eat a minimum of 1800 calories each day to fuel up their bodies as well as their babies.

Your food intake should include fruits, bread, whole milk, yoghurt and egg to keep your body and the baby’s body running smooth. Opt for foods that are packed with nutrients but low in fat and calories to make sure you provide yourself and the baby with the much-needed vitamins and minerals. At the same time, it helps you slim down too. Beans, chicken, lean meat and fish are foods that are high in fiber and protein and low in fat. They make you feel full for a longer time which can help you lose weight. If you are a lucky who doesn’t seem to have gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, then you probably need not worry about losing pregnancy weight after giving birth.

You can make the smart decision of snacking smart right this instant. Rather than eating cakes and cookies, go for nuts and vegetables. Choose skim milk over ice cream. Drink lots of water. Don’t worry about your frequent visit to the bathroom. It is actually good for you as it reduces swelling and body toxin. Decrease salt intake as it reduces any swelling in the body.  It has been proved that people eat most of the time when they feel thirsty. Don’t allow your body to make a fool out of you. Only eat as much as you need to.

4. Safe Detox


Now detox is an amazing way of boosting your kidney and liver function, especially after delivery. It paves ways for giving you a flat tummy after c section. While most of the detox may be good for you generally but when it comes to post c section, they may be too limited since they don’t offer the nourishment you require. This is not recommended when you just gave birth to a baby. Here are some detoxes that you can consider taking and they are safe:

  1. Consume loads of whole fruits and fresh vegetables which are naturally packed with fiber that helps in peristalsis (gut movement), getting rid of toxins from the body.
  2. Fish oil containing omega 3, dandelion tea, ginger tea, green tea, honey water and lemon water are some simple and effective natural remedies that flush out toxins from the body.
  3. The simplest and easiest one is to drink loads of water. Already mentioned? Yes, but just needed to highlight its importance.

5. Get yourself an abdominal or postpartum support belt

postpartum support belt

Get an abdominal belt or postpartum support belt. It is extremely beneficial as it tightens the abdominal muscles and gets your flabby stomach back to a flat one or more of normal one at least. Along with that, it aids in reducing back pain, protects your incision, and improve your posture.

You have to wear it all the time. You can take it off when you go to the wash room, sleep or have your meal. Sounds annoying? Yeah, but you will see how beneficial it is when you wear it. Opt for a belt that provides you with firm binding and good compression. If it has been two to three weeks since your c section and you are looking for something that keeps you at ease, then you can go for a post c section belly band.

6. Get that flabby body moving

Pregnancy already raises havoc on the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. So maintain a rule that you need to begin with low impact exercises to reduce belly and gradually move on to more vigorous ones.

In the beginning, it might be very difficult for you to even stand upright. It is highly recommended that you wait for six to eight week before starting with exercises. Take a green signal from your doctor before you begin with your exercise regimen. Talk to your doctor before doing curl ups, crunches or sit-ups. Whether you do aerobics or yoga, begin slow and remain regular.

Exercises to reduce tummy after caesarean

Here are some low impact exercises to reduce tummy after caesarean that you can consider trying:

1. Walking


Walking proves to be the best way to begin your exercise routine after a c section. Walk on a flat surface. It is not just a low impact exercise that burns calories but also increases your metabolism. You can begin walking 500 meters each day or any other distance that you can conveniently cover. Then gradually increase this distance. Walking will mobilize your body and tone up your legs as well. On the whole, it fortifies your body.

When you feel comfortable with the distance you are covering, begin with a medium paced for few minutes and then start doing the brisk walk. Then again come back to the relaxing walk. Repeat this cycle at least thrice. It will raise your energy levels along with burning the belly fat.

You can also walk with your baby giving him some fresh air. It will also lighten up your mood from all the sleepless nights you are having.

2. Water workouts

Water workouts

This is yet another low impact exercise that can bring your much desired flat tummy after c section. What makes water workout good for post c section and safe as well is the fact that it is gentle on your joints. On the whole, swimming also tones and strengthens the muscles along with enhancing cardiovascular endurance.

3. Cardiovascular Exercise

aerobics class

Cardiovascular exercises increase your heart rate and burn your calories. Apart from swimming and walking, other cardiovascular exercises include riding a bicycle, aerobic and using an elliptical machine. With time, when your body heals up, you can start taking aerobic classes or begin jogging. Start off with 30 minutes exercises and gradually increase it each week. You can even take your baby with you for belly exercises. For instance, you can push a jogging stroller.

4. Forward Bend

Forward Bend

Forward bend is a very simple tummy exercise that you can perform the entire day. It is a standing exercise that makes your abdominal muscles stronger. Keep your feet hip-width apart. Put your hands up and bend your upper body forward angled at your hips making a 90 degree angle between your upper body and lower body. Remain in this position for ten seconds and then get back to the standing position. While you do this exercise, make it a point to keep your back as flat as you can. Repeat this exercise four to eight times.

5. Light weight training

Light weight training

As soon as you are sure that your abdominal muscles and back are strong enough, then consider lifting light weights. It helps to condition and tone the entire body. Low impact weight training post C section allows you to improve coordination, gain balance along with shedding belly fat. You can even start crunches. You can do normal crunches at a very slow pace to make the abdominal area stronger.

6. Bridge Exercise

Bridge Exercise

This belly exercise tones the stomach without exerting any pressure on your c section stitches. Simply lie on your back and keep your legs hip- width apart. While keeping your palms on the floor, straighten up your arms. Now lift your hips off the ground, then your stomach and then the middle back. Make sure you don’t lift your shoulders from the ground. Remain in this position for ten seconds, and then put your body back to the floor. Repeat this four to eight times, as much as is convenient for you.

7. Lower Abdominal Slide

Lower Abdominal Slide

This exercise is particularly meant for new mothers who had their c section done as it focuses on lower stomach muscles that the surgery affected. Simply lie on your back and keep your feet on the floor. While keeping your palms on the floor facing downwards, straighten up your arms. Now slowly and carefully move your right leg straight out. This will contract your abdominal muscles. Then bring your leg back to the original position. Now do the same with the left leg. Take deep breaths while you make the movements. Repeat this exercise three to five times on each leg.

A Quick Wrap Up!

Now that you know about how to reduce tummy after C section, one key thing to remember is that every ‘body’ is different and may respond differently to various remedies. As you can see from the article, there are a variety of ways to get rid of that belly fat but all these remedies require a level of constancy from your side. In case, these methods don’t work for you, remain patient and positive and look for a way out of the belly pouch.


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