15 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

Do you feel like you are just walking through a blur? Does that tired and sluggish feeling remain with you right from the moment you step out of your bed in the morning? Sometimes we just keep running through life without taking much care of our body and let our body come to a point where it needs something to get back to its optimum health. If you are someone who is always busy, but still wants to do something about your health, carry on with the reading.

Let lemon water, a charismatic cleansing agent for your entire system, enter your body the first thing in the morning. Then later keep drinking it on and off throughout the day and after some time you are bound to feel much better.

Lemons are packed with Vitamin B and C along with calcium, antioxidants, magnesium, enzymes, calcium, fibers, potassium, fibers, and iron. What can be a better way to start your day!

Easy and quick way to make Lemon Water

Take a lemon and squeeze it into the water. Make sure you remove the seeds. You can cut slices of lemon and leave it in the water. Put this solution into a container to drink it every now and then your entire day. You can take out the lemons if the flavor seems strong enough for you.

Remember this is not a lemonade. It is just a mild lemon flavored water. If you are someone who is thinking who’s going to make this? Then you should know that with just a slight practice you will be able to make it within just a minute. So you are left with no excuse at all about NOT trying it out!

There are loads of health benefits that fresh lemon water can endow on your health with 15 best right here…

1. Minimizes Inflammation

How does lemon water aid in minimizing inflammation? When you drink lemon water regularly, it aids in reducing the level of acids present in your body. Inflammation occurs in the first place because of the high levels of acid in the body. For instance, joint inflammation occurs because the level of uric acid increases in the joints. Taking lemon water puts a bar on acids and thereby minimizes any kind of inflammation.

2. Immunity Booster

We all are aware that vitamin C is an immunity booster. Your immune system requires a healthy dose of Vitamin C to safeguard your body from various diseases lurking in the environment. Lemons are full of vitamin C.

Your body becomes very vulnerable to different diseases when it lacks vitamin C. Regular intake of lemon water will offer your immune system with all the vitamin C it requires to protect your body.

3. Helps to improve Skin

Who doesn’t wish for a clear and healthy skin! If a blemish free skin is what you wish for, start taking lemon water first thing in the morning.

It is the abundance of antioxidants in lemon that combats skin blemishes and keeps wrinkles at bay. In fact, lemon water will not just give you a healthy and glowing skin, but will also make you look younger.

Applying lemon juice to your scars can also minimize their appearance. The reason that your skin looks so clear and full of glow is that lemon water eliminates toxins from your blood.

4. Acts as a Cleansing Agent

Did you know that most of the things that you eat these days contains toxins? If you don’t eliminate these toxins from your body, you will eventually open to a whole crowd of health issues.

Drinking lemon water on a regular basis cleanses the liver and improves its function of getting rid of toxins. It improves enzyme function which then keeps the liver functioning to its optimum.

5. Aids in Digestion

Digestion problems are extremely common. Do you frequently go through them? If yes, then lemon water will be very helpful. It will not only free from indigestion symptoms like burping, bloating and heartburn, it also aids in eliminating toxins from the digestive tract. On the whole, it makes your digestive system more efficient than usual.

6. Excellent Sources of Potassium

What is potassium good for? Potassium is extremely essential for proper functioning of the brain and nerves. If you want your nervous system and brain to be working at its optimum, make sure you keep an intake of foods that are full of potassium. Lemon water will provide you with a high dose of potassium which also helps to keep your heart healthy.

7. Energy Booster

In order to perform all our daily tasks and especially when going out to work, you need to be energetic. Taking lemon water first thing in the morning will shoot up your level of energy. It also keeps depression and anxiety away. They are two major killers of your high energy levels.

8. Treats Repiratory Problems

Are you experiencing respiratory problems like infections or asthma? Lemon water can be a perfect drink for you. Taking lemon water regularly aids in minimizing asthma attacks and minimizes symptoms considerably. Lemon water consists of antibacterial qualities that wards of infections of chest and minimizes coughs. Lemon water is considered to be a great natural remedy against allergies since it keeps the body more alkaline and much more balanced.

9. Freshens Your Breath

Are you suffering from the problem of bad breath? Start drinking lemon water and you will have fresh breath. It is especially great when you smoke, have a spicy meal or some drink. These things make your mouth dry and cause sour breath.

It will also provide relief from toothaches and gingivitis but be cautious because lemon water contains citric acid. Citric acid can adversely affect the tooth enamel. If you want to prevent this erosion of tooth enamel, then brush your teeth as soon as you drink lemon water. If you think this is too much of a risk for your teeth, you can drink lemon water through a straw.

10. Combats viral infections

Warm lemon water has the power to combat sore throat and viral infections. If you happen to wake up with a sore throat, this can be the best way of treating it. Since it is packed with vitamin C and acts as an immunity booster, you will able to ward off any kind of viral infections. It is also very effective against the common cold.

11.Stop Harmful Bacteria from Multiplying

As soon as harmful bacteria enter your body, it starts multiplying very quickly, resulting in serious diseases and infection. Lemon water has the ability to keep a check on multiplication and growth of pathogenic bacteria in your body causing diseases.

12. Maintains Salt Level in the Body  After Workouts

Do you go out on a regular workout session? When you do an intense workout session, it disturbs the salt level in your body. A balance has to be maintained for normal functioning of various organs. This balance can be immediately restored if you drink lemon water after the workout.

13. Balances PH Levels In The Body

Who hasn’t heard about all the talk regarding maintaining  a balance of PH in the body. Lemon water will do just that for you. Although lemon tastes acidic, it actually has an alkalizing effect on the body. Alkaline state of the body also keeps the pathogens and diseases at bay which makes it a very beneficial and important. Consuming lemon water on a regular basis will maintain a healthy PH balance. Body functions normally when PH levels are balanced.

14. Lowers Caffeine Consumption

If you are someone who is simply not able to keep away from caffeine, then you should definitely consider replacing your morning coffee with lukewarm lemon water. It offers your body the same kind of energy boost that makes your body wide awake and shoots up the energy level the same way a cup of coffee does. This way you can minimize the amount of caffeine you take every day. You will eventually get rid of the negative effects of caffeine addiction that you may face during the day just because you haven’t got your dose of caffeine. You won’t depend on it anymore.

15. Helps Aid In Weight Loss

Are you battling with your weight? Lemon water can be of immense help to people who are trying to lose weight as it contains pectin fiber. This fiber keeps food cravings at bay which will in turn put a check on temptation to eat food that will eventually make you add a lot of calories to your body making you fat. Taking lemon water first thing in the morning will reduce hunger cravings throughout the day.

Final word!

There you go ladies and gents. If these fifteen benefits aren’t convincing enough to make you have some lemon water, nothing will. With such amazing benefits and great taste plus knowing how inexpensive it is and how easy it is to make, one just cannot stay away from it!

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