How to Reduce Body Heat

Body heat is basically a thermal energy which is a product of metabolism. Now in this article we further discuss about some things which allow us to understand that what is the role of body heat in all living things body and what role it plays and how to control it, some of the points are as follows:

  • METABOLISM in mammals and birds
  • How body heat is conserved in mammals and birds
  • Normal temperature of body heat in human body
  • Causes of body heat
  • How to reduce body heat
  • Foods which help to get rid of body heat
  • Drinks which maintain the body heat

As we know that metabolism exists in living things to maintain their life structure specially they exist in birds and mammals which helps them to control their body temperature in the environment. Birds and mammals conserve body heat by fluffing up their feathers or erecting their hairs or by reducing blood flow.

Now the body heat in humans body is generated to provide a normal temperature which is usually 37° C and (98.6° F). Now we discuss some of the causes of body heat that why they occur.

 Causes of body heat:

  • Heat stress
  • Heat crashes
  • Heat rashes
  • Heat wounds
  • Dizziness etc

One of the reason of excessive body heat in human body is heat stress which generally occurs when a body does not remain cool to maintain a health temperature some of the heat diseases  include heat rashes, heat cramps, heat wounds, dizziness etc.

one another factor  of heat stress is that when you work in hot temperature areas like Afghanistan, Sindh , Khwera (salt mines) etc where the temperature is too much hot as for the people who are working there in such areas  your heat stress problems increases

Heat stress occurs when the body does not remain cool enough to maintain a healthy temperature. Working in hot type of areas can increase your heart problems risk as well.

As we know that heat stress can be a very dangerous disease, so there are some methods which help us to get rid of heat stress some of these are as follows:

In heat rash factor move the person who is suffering from it to some cooler place where  humidity is less and keep the  area dry as much as possible. And specially avoid using different creams.

In dizziness factor took the person to some cooler place and lay him down so they can feel relax and can get fresh air to feel better.

Some things you should remember when you are suffering from heat related disorders which are As follows:

  • Keep yourself cool.
  • Do not go out in hot weather.
  • Do not go to hotter places.
  • Drink plenty of water specially in summer

Now we further discuss that how to get rid from this disorder, as there are many methods to get rid of body heat by using some foods, drinks natural process some home remedies etc.

Get rid from body heat by using ( foods+drinks)

1. Water

Cold Water

Drink plenty of water if u are suffering from body heat and  if possible take a fresh bath from cool water and if  add some cubes in it which cools down your body and it  helps you to get rid from this problem.

2. Butter Milk


Take one glass or cup of warm milk and add two tablespoons of fresh butter. Drink this regularly and repeat this process consistently .however if you have cholesterol or some other gas problem you should avoid this otherwise it is the best method which helps you to reduce your body heat in a short interval of time.

3. Pomegranate


Pomegranate is also a very healthy method because it is very cool and keeps our body heat lower naturally .Daily take 2-3 glasses of pomegranate juice every day to get rid from this problem.

4. Watermelon & Coconut Water

Watermelon & Coconut Water

Water melon is a natural method    for reducing our heating problem you can one water melon which helps you to reduce your heat. Usually drink 4-5 glasses of water or 1-2 glass of coconut water because it can balance your body temperature and helps you to get rid from body heat.

5. Cucumber


This method is also very useful because it is very rich in water and can reduce your heat level easily .do this method regularly to get rid from heating problems.

6. Mint

Mint leaves

It is also a very great method to get rid from this problem because it give a very cooling effect to our body. So it helps us to balance our body and remain cool in this way it helps us to get rid from this problem and this method is a very safe method.

7. Cold milk

Cold milk

Drink cold milk as much as possible mix it with honey and drink it in the morning to get rid from this problem.

8. Lemon juice

Lemon juice-

Take 2-3 glasses of lemon juice daily which help you to remain cool and get away from this problem. In a short time.

  • One another method to reduce your body heat is just by doing simple exercises.
  • Simply go to fresh places where air is fresh and good like parks playgrounds.
  • Do wake up early in the morning and take a bath of fresh and cool water especially in summer that helps you to get rid away from this problem.
  • Use cool things daily like ice or cool water which helps even you to remain cool and can get rid from this problem very easily.

These are some of the methods. Which we have discuss in the article, so by applying these all methods you can get rid from all of these problems.


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  1. The 8 tips you are providing is really effective to reduce body heat. If I face body heat problem, I usually eat cool and fresh watermelon because watermelon is my favourite fruit and it also very much helpful to reduce body heat. Thanks for your valuable post dear.

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