7 Effective Exercises on How to Lose Double Chin

Double chin is a troublesome added facial feature that nobody is willing to embrace due to obvious reasons. They mostly form due to being overweight or growing older due to fat deposits or loosening of muscles. Are you also looking for effective exercises on how to lose double chin then here is your answer.

7. Chewing Gum


Chewing gum is an extraordinary exercise that will help to tone your facial features along with reducing the annoying double chin.

6. Pout and Tilt


Are you curious about how to get rid of double chin? Try out this exercise. Stretch out your lower lip as much as possible in a pouting position and then move your chin towards chest as much as you comfortably can and hold there for a second followed by relaxing lips and moving back without jerk. Do two sets each comprising of twenty repetitions.

5. Pigeon Pose


This is an incredible pose that cannot be neglected when considering how to lose double chin. Position your thumb under your jaw bone near the ear on one side and take the index finger of same hand and rest on the same position on the other side; keeping your hand firm, press on against the hand by moving your head and neck forward. Seize in this pose for half minute. Repeat the pose three times.

4. The “O” Pose

Sit on a comfortable chair, straighten up your back and keep the shoulders relaxed downwards; look at the ceiling and form an “O” with your lips while keeping them closed. Hold there for twenty seconds. You should do this exercise in two sets with ten repetitions each to get the results.

3. Chin Rotation


An effectual method on how to lose double chin is to perform chin rotation exercise. Make your back in a stretched, tall and perfectly straight posture followed by moving your head gently in circular rotation from shoulder to the chest, then moving to the other shoulder and towards back. You should do this ten times in clockwise and ten times anticlockwise direction.

2. Tongue Press


For this wonderful exercise that targets the double chin you need to sit with perfectly straight back and your shoulders down. Now look on the ceiling and press the tongue to the roof of mouth forcefully to flat it and then move your chin towards chest without bending your back. Two sets with twenty reps is the required limit.

1. Stick out Tongue


This is a marvelous exercise, which strengthens chin muscles. Keep yourself relaxed and open the mouth wide to a bearable extent and stick out the tongue, stretching it as much as you can and count ten followed by releasing the position. Repeat it ten times.

Apart from above listed exercises on how to lose double chin; you should also work on your posture. Straight posture not only helps in eliminating the double chin but also makes it less visible. Include Vitamin E rich foods that will help in regaining the elasticity of muscles. You can get a beautiful form of your chin with little time and effort!

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