Three Proven Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

The government of Scotland banned golf three times between the years 1457 and 1744. They claimed that the sport interfered with military training. If you love golfing as much as the soldiers did, you must play it often.

The sport can be pretty addicting. Yet, no matter how much you play, you can’t seem to improve your golf swing. Practicing the wrong swing a thousand times won’t help you become a better golfer.

Before stepping onto the golf course, you should learn some essential golf swing tips. Keep reading as we discuss three proven golf drills to improve your swing.

1. Right Foot Back

The trail foot back is a technique that has helped many beginners perfect their game. Even pros use this drill as a pick-me-up.

Remember, you don’t have to know multiple swings. All you have to do is a perfect one or two swings.

The position of your feet will affect your stability. Thus, you have a better shot of a perfect swing when your right foot is back.

Make sure that it’s parallel to the left foot. Place the ball on a stable tee and step back with your trail foot.

For desired results, the ball should align with the center of your baseline. Shift weight to your right foot on the backswing and the other on your downswing. The body angle ensures that you hit the ball with your full impact.

Besides, when you pull back the right foot, you create space for a wider shoulder and hip turn. This will allow you to increase the club speed.

Regular practice with digital aid will help you improve your game. Some devices at allow golfers to range their swings accurately.

2. Swing From Your Knees

Due to sitting positions and walking styles, some people’s gait leans to one side. If you have noticed a tilt in your natural disposition, you may want to try out this drill.

Get better at golfing by swinging with your knees on the ground. Driving the impact off your knees forces your upper body to swing in a circular motion. This eliminates any gait error.

Some golfers tend to have a tight grip on the club while standing. Thus, this drill allows a looser grip and a faster swing.

3. Find Your Ideal Golf Swing Plane

A common error among golfers is confusing the swing direction with the swing plane. The plane could be facing inward and still have an outward path.

However, the swing path varies depending on some factors. So the ideal swing plane shifts from golfer to golfer. It’s a drill that demands much practice.

Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

There are so many golf tips out there, but the above drills work for beginners and pros. Practice the techniques or pick one that you can perfect to improve your golf swing.

With time, you can even challenge your friends to a friendly match. If you had fun learning from this piece, find more on the site.

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