Drills You Can Do at Home to Perfect Your Golf Swing

Did you know at his peak Tiger Woods would practice 13 hours a day? That is a long day and that is how professionals are made. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do that if you’re just looking to shoot less than your buddies on Saturdays and have a good time.

Just like anything else, golf takes practice and a lot of patience. There are so many different shots in golf, which is why it’s so hard. You must be good at driving, putting, and chipping, you must know how to hit your woods and irons and how to hit out of the sand.

That is a lot of things to perfect. If you’ve been practicing and haven’t seen any progress or decrease in your score, maybe it’s time to change things and modify the way you practice. Keep reading to learn how to improve your golf swing.


Basic exercise and stretching can help you achieve a proper golf swing. This step can easily be forgotten, but flexibility and mobility can not only improve your swing by allowing more movement but also help prevent injury.

The Driving Range

The range is a great place to get some practice. However, you can create habits that aren’t going to help in the long run.  If you are going to the range with your driver and bucket of balls and spend your time just trying to hit as far as you can, you are not going to get any better.

First, you need to aim, pick a target, and mimic what you have to do on the course. The fairway isn’t as wide as the range, so hitting the ball without looking isn’t going to do you any favors. You wouldn’t see many people at the driving range with aiming or alignment sticks but they are a handy tool.

Focus on Weakness

It isn’t always the most fun to practice what you aren’t good at, but it will be a game-changer.

If you can hit your driver straight down the middle of the course almost every time, spend more time working on your woods or irons.

Watch Videos

It might feel silly at first, but recording your golf swing and watching it back can you visualize what you are doing wrong. You can do this at the range or take some practice swings in your backyard or living room. Watching YouTube videos at home can also be helpful.

Golf Swing

It is important to have a good practice routine. Going to the range, doing drills at home, and practicing rounds are great gold swing tips when paired with consistency.

There is golf simulator software that can be set up in your home or office. This is another great way to get some practice if it’s raining or you don’t have enough time to go to the range.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning how to swing a golf club is going to take time. Being patient with yourself and remembering to have a good time is key. Practice your golf swing often and don’t forget to practice with purpose.

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