10 Ways to Have a Miscarriage Naturally

At times, parents are not either mentally, physically or financially prepared for a child and this is when women get panicked and wonder how to have a miscarriage.

Pregnancy might be a difficult period for women but it won’t be wrong to say that it is also one of the most joyful and fulfilling period. Complications and miscarriage can cause bouts of depression for women who are waiting to hold the baby in their hands. No woman wants a miscarriage but if you are not prepared yet and you are left with no choice but miscarriage, here are is something you can do about it.

Medical Abortion is what women go for and a natural abortion is what many women prefer. It is important to know what happens inside you when you have a miscarriage before simply knowing how to get a miscarriage.

The reason for miscarriage can vary from a woman to woman. The fetus needs the body of mother to release certain hormones that protect it during pregnancy and provide it with necessary nutrients that allow him to grow.

Women may have a natural miscarriage because of some trauma, age, disease, infection or some accident. What natural abortion methods do is stop the production of hormones required for growth of fetus and stop the supply of nutrients.

how to have a miscarriage

Do not forget…

Abortion is legal. You don’t have to use abortion drugs at home without any medical assistance. No healthy pregnancy can be aborted in the absence of complications like heavy bleeding which you cannot deal with at home. You certainly need help of a doctor. To make sure that your abortion was completely successful, you need to have a checkup after two weeks of abortion. It lets you know that you don’t have any left overs of your pregnancy in your womb which can eventually cause serious infection. If that’s the case, you require a D&C.

Natural Abortion Methods

Here are some natural ways to make yourself have a miscarriage:

1. Vitamin C method

Well this one is a very popular method of getting a miscarriage naturally. Vitamin C helps to elevate the level of estrogen and it is a hormone that causes menstruation. When the level of estrogen increases, the uterine lining contracts resulting in bleeding.

Keep in mind this method might not work for everyone and is effective if done within the first four weeks of your pregnancy. Till four weeks, many women do not even know that they are pregnant. Taking Vitamin C in large amounts will compel a menstrual cycle to begin which will help you expel the fetus in your womb.

You can follow vitamin C method by:

  • Increasing the amount of vitamin C you take through vitamin C supplements.
  • Taking 6000 mg of vitamin C each day.
  • Gradually increase the amount of vitamin C

You might experience side effects like bloating. You can also take citrus fruits rich in vitamin C like limes, oranges and grapefruits along with non-citrus fruits like kiwi, raspberries, papaya and pineapple.

2. Black and blue Cohosh

Black and blue Cohosh

Black and blue cohosh are names of two herbs which cheap and easily available. They are considered very effective for inducing miscarriages. They are quiet effective especially when used together.

They taste really bad. What they do is make the body produce oxytocin and open the cervix to expel the baby. It helps to trigger contractions which make it like giving birth to a child.

The effectiveness of the method can be seen by the fact that doctors use cohosh when the due date of delivery for a pregnant woman has crossed. Doctors use cohosh to induce labor.

However, make sure you take the right dose. You have to be very careful with that. Small dosage is fine but excessive usage can even take your life. Take cohosh slowly rather than taking too much and falling seriously ill. It’s better to take it under the supervision of a doctor.

3. Vigorous exercise

We all are quite aware of the fact that during pregnancy the body is in a fragile state. During pregnancy, the uterus keeps expanding making your body grow while the fetus tries to remain well-nourished to live.

Vigorous and strenuous exercise can also naturally cause a miscarriage. Did you know lifting heavy weights is the most common way of inducing miscarriage in India?

During pregnancy, Gynecologists recommend to avoid lifting heavy weights or putting extra stress on the body. Take out time every day for a strenuous exercise which will help to get the baby out.

4. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is considered as a natural abortifacient which means a substance that induces miscarriage. It stimulates the uterine lining and triggers contraction. However, this won’t occur until you take in large amount of cinnamon (the correct dose). Many women try cinnamon and another natural method together. Cinnamon also minimizes the pain associated with abortion.

It is not recommended to ingest cooked cinnamon as it loses its components that lead to miscarriage. You can eat loads of raw cinnamon but cinnamon supplements are highly recommended. They don’t have strong taste like raw cinnamons and contain stronger naturally occurring elements present in cinnamon.  Start taking it gradually as it can trigger an allergic reaction in many people.

5. Parsley


Parsley has been used by women since ages for abortions and preventing pregnancy. This herb is highly rich in vitamin C and works just like the vitamin C method. The apiol and myristicin are the main ingredients of parsley that aids in stimulating contraction of uterus. You can drink parsley tea.

  • To prepare parsley tea, take a cup of water and boil it
  • When the water comes to boil, add a quarter cup of parsley in it
  • Allow it to steep for 5 minutes
  • Strain the solution and enjoy your cup of parsley tea.

You can also eat it raw if you want. It is not such an effective method if used alone which is why it is highly recommended that you use this method together with the vitamin C method to make it effective. For some women, placing the parsley stems in the vagina has also been helpful to abort the fetus.

Warning: You might experience some cramps when using this method. Be vigilant about signs of toxicity like painful urination, tremors, swollen liver, hives, vomiting, colored urine, paralysis, nausea and hallucination. Do not use this method if you have any previous record of kidney complication.

6. Coffee


We all know caffeine is a stimulant which can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. We all also know that both these things are to be considered dangerous for pregnancy as you could end up in an abortion. Your body may be used to those high levels of caffeine but your baby’s body is certainly not. The baby’s body is unable to metabolize it which alters baby’s sleep patterns and movements.

According to a study, women who drink over 200mg caffeine every day are two times more at risk of a miscarriage than those who don’t. However, it is not necessary that excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks will induce a miscarriage. You might also end up with a baby with higher breathing and heart rate.

7. Crab


Who would have thought crab would assist in a miscarriage! It is a highly nutritional creature full of calcium. Most of the pregnant women want to eat crab in summers.

When you eat crab after three months of pregnancy, it will compress your uterus which will lead to miscarriage or severe bleeding.

8. Dong Quai

Dong Quai

Herbalists have used Dong Quai for decades for the purpose of stimulating blood circulation, alleviating menstrual pain and other women’s reproductive issues. This herb induces miscarriage by stimulating contractions in the uterus

You can take Dong Quai in the form of tea or supplements and you can take it along with other herbs like cohosh. Talk to your physician and herbalist before taking this herb because it is the right quantity which is going help you get a miscarriage.

9. Cheese

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Cheese is believed to contain bacteria that cause miscarriage. Eating cheese can result in miscarriage in a pregnant woman which is why pregnant woman are asked to avoid it particularly cheese brands like feta cheese and cheese rocopho.

10. Green PapayaGreen Papaya


According to various researches, the rich content of enzymes and pus in green papayas cause gestational contractions and at times even miscarriages. The prostaglandin and oxytocin in green papaya prepare the uterus for delivery. If you eat green papayas during the first few months of your pregnancy, it can end up in a miscarriage.

Medical Abortion

If you are not up for trying natural abortion methods, you can go for a sure shot medical abortion which will need few visits to a doctor. The doctor will keep you under check after prescribing abortion drugs. The most common abortion drugs are Cytotec, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Do not do this on your own. Medically induced miscarriage need help of a doctor as many complications can arise. The safest method of aborting is medical abortion. However, natural methods of abortions are still used.

Complications with Miscarriage

Knowing how to make yourself have a miscarriage is not enough. You should also be aware of some common complications that can occur in a miscarriage and what you should expect after a miscarriage.

  • To be completely sure that you had a successful miscarriage, visit your doctor to check if you have rid your body of all the tissues that developed during pregnancy. After a miscarriage, some remains of fetal tissue might be left in the body. This tissue may be expelled naturally but when it doesn’t, it can result in serious infections. A D&C is required to remove it. This has more chances of occurring when you are having a miscarriage after the second half of the first trimester.
  • It is important to take supplements and herbs in controlled doses as it can cause serious health issues. You have to be extra careful with the amount you are using because a little too much can increase toxicity level and take your life.
  • If you already suffer from a medical condition, natural methods might interfere with your condition. These herbs can make your situation worse and affect major organs if you have epilepsy, diabetes or high blood pressure. It is better to consult with a doctor and opt for medical abortion rather than choosing the natural way.
  • It is very important to stay in touch with a doctor and let him know if you notice any side effects when trying to have a natural miscarriage. Consult with a doctor if the bleeding continues and you feel sick. Bleeding is the first sign of abortion which simply means the fetus is being expelled but heavy bleeding isn’t a good sign particularly when it comes with a lot of pain, fever, foul vaginal discharge odor, and aches. You might need to go to the emergency room.
  • If you have crossed first trimester, then aborting a child can put you under serious health risk. You need to be extremely careful and definitely consult a doctor.


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