Home Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes, one of those diseases which is not only scary but very painful too. It is an ailment linked to elevated glucose found in blood. This glucose in blood is also known as blood sugar. Every component, needs to be maintained in a stabilized manner. Let it be the secretion from the gland or alleviation of hormones. Likewise, sugar level also needs to be retained throughout one’s life. When this sugar level increases or lowers, it brings change in hormones which ultimately effects our body in a bad manner.

However, in this particular disease, sugar level remains high. It is a common health issue which is associated to endocrine syndrome. The worst fact about diabetes is the side effects. It has probability to cause complications and impediments which are clearly noticed. Those difficulties are edgy to the extent that diabetic patient can have effect on his heart, blood vessels, kidneys and even eyes. Hence, it is vital for the caretaker to get the patient go for follow ups in a set routine.

There are ways to handle and normalize diabetes and sugar level. Some methods to get rid of diabetes is through the implementation of home remedies. Aloe Vera, curry leaves, Indian gooseberry and bitter gourd are some effective ways to regularize sugar level.

Here are the top Home Remedies for Diabetes.

1. Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is a vegetable which contains properties to lower down blood glucose or sugar. It has multiple functions. They include, spreading and metabolizing sugar level not only in one particular organ but in all over body. Insulin resistance is maintained by the help of this single vegetable.

  • Deseed two small bitter gourds.
  • Extract its juice from the juicer or blender. If you are using a blender make sure that the pulp is removed before its utilized.
  • Add in some sugar to reduce bitterness.
  • Drink half glass or 75 ml of its juice daily in the morning.
  • Drink it for sixty to eighty days without any gap.
  • To get speedy recovery, include bitter gourd in your diet along with the intake of its juice.

2. Aloe Vera

Glucose level increases after keeping fasts. To slower down the sugar level aloe vera does wonders. It is said to be perfect for type 2 of diabetes. Turmeric powder, aloe vera and bay leaves are believed to be the killer combination to reduce sugar level in a body.

  • Take a bowl or a container in which you can make this herbal medicine.
  • Add one and a half teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • Also include same quantity of aloe vera gel. For this it is recommended to use fresh scoop of aloe vera plant. It is also said to plant it in your house so that utilization of fresh aloe vera becomes handy.
  • Third ingredient for this herbal medicine is bay leaves. Crush them into a powdery form and add it in the container.
  • Shake it well with closed cap. Toss and turn till you see all ingredients are absolutely mixed.
  • Take quarter teaspoon of this mixture once before dinner and lunch.
  • Repetition and regular use of this herbal homemade medicine will lower the risk of diabetes.

3. Green Tea

Green teas nourishes skin, makes you smarter in terms of weight and reduces the sugar level. It is one of the best home remedies for the diabetic patients.

  • Boil a cup of water.
  • Add half tea spoon of green tea leaves.
  • Cover it with lid and slower down the flame.
  • Let it simmer for two minutes.
  • Take it out in a cup with the help of sieve.
  • Add few drops of lemon and drink it slowly.
  • You can add organic honey as it doesn’t harm diabetes.
  • Regular and continuous use of green tea at least once in a day can substitute fatness with smartness, high sugar level with normal level of sugar.

4. Mango Leaves

This seasonal and delicious fruit can be benefiting. It is because mangoes possesses potency to not only lower down sugar level but also stimulates in blood Phosphatide (lipid) profile.

  • Pick a handful of mango leaves.
  • Wash and dry them in the direct sunlight.
  • Once it is all dried, grind it with the help of grinder or manually.
  • Consume one teaspoon of powdery substance once in the morning. Make sure you are eating it in an empty tummy.


  • Collect a handful of mango leaves.
  • Wash it with clear water.
  • Soak it in a liter of water for minimum 12 hours.
  • Strain the water in a bowl.
  • Drink detoxed water throughout the day.

5. Neem (Azadirachta indica)

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a tree which has leaves full of health related potential characteristics. It doesn’t only improves reception of sensitivity to insulin but also helps in increasing blood in the vessels. The main function which remains intact in diabetes is to lower the glucose smoothness.

  • Wash and soak a handful of Neem leaves in a bottle.
  • Let it sit there for 12 to 14 hours.
  • Strain and drink its water throughout the day time.
  • Repeat the process; soak leaves overnight and drink its water in the morning.
  • Make sure you drink at least half a glass of Neem (Azadirachta indica) water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

6. Holy Basil (Tulsi) leaves

Antioxidants and agents which help in reducing sugar level are found abundantly in holy basil. It is also called Tulsi which is quite famous in India. The best thing about Tulsi is the potential of eliminating side effects of oxidative pressure.

  • Dry Tulsi leaves under direct sunlight.
  • Grind it till it becomes powdery.
  • Take a pinch of Tulsi or Holy Basil leaves every day in the morning.
  • Take it for at least a month or two to show some result.

7. Flax seeds (Alsi)

The main purpose of flax seeds is to help in digestion and also absorb sugar. It is medically proven that 28% of sugar is cut down by the use of flax seeds which is also known as Alsi.

  • Take a lukewarm glass of water.
  • Gulp half a teaspoon of flax seed.
  • Drink water right after gulping the seeds.
  • Be sure that you are consuming it early in the morning without having anything.

8. Curry Leaves

There are many natural ways to cure diabetes. Some fruits and vegetables have anti-diabetics characteristics. These help in both, preventing and curing diabetes. Curry leaves, along with reducing blood sugar also assists in decreasing weight.

  • The best and easy way to use curry leaves is in the form of tea. Boil a cup of water.
  • Add in some curry leaves.
  • Strain and add some sugar or honey.
  • Stir well and drink this tea.


  • If you think it’s easy for you to chew three to four curry leaves then:
    – Wash and dry curry leaves.
    – Chew it nicely till all the juices are consumed.
    – Throw the left over leaves in your mouth.

9. Cinnamon

Many chefs and cooks all around the world use this magic herb, cinnamon in variety of cuisines. It has the power to stimulate insulin performance. Bioactive mechanisms works against sugar or diabetes. It also helps in preventing and equalizing sugar level in a body.

  • Boil a cup of water.
  • Seep one inch of cinnamon stick in boiling water.
  • Without straining, add one teaspoon of organic honey.
  • Now, take it out in a cup or mug.
  • Sip it slowly to make its impact in body.


  • Toast a bread of your choice; white or brown.
  • Remove from the toaster and spread honey on it.
  • In the end, sprinkle one pinch of powdered cinnamon.
  • Eat it with tea or just like that at breakfast or evening.


  • One table spoon of honey should be taken out in a small bowl.
  • Add quarter teaspoon of powdered or grinded cinnamon.
  • Have it daily with the help of fingertip or spoon.

P.S: Excessive use of cinnamon can lead to production of toxins in body. It is because of the component, coumarin which is hazardous for a healthy body.

10. Fenugreek

Another effective and experienced home remedy for diabetes is through the use of fenugreek seeds. It is a herb which contains agents to stimulate level of blood sugar. Another significant function of fenugreek is to regulate diabetes.

  • Fill a flask of half liter with water.
  • Add in 3 heap tablespoons of fenugreek.
  • Let it remain in the flask for more than 12 and less than 14 hours.
  • Without straining the seeds, drink soaked seeds.
  • Regular use of it for at least ninety days or three months will lower down blood glucose or sugar in the body.


  • Warm a mug of milk in microwave for a minute.
  • Add in some fenugreek seeds. It can be more or less than half teaspoon.
  • You can also include honey to bring some taste to it.
  • Drink it quickly before feeling nauseatic.

11. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry is a very famous Indian herb. It is useful in many health conditions and diseases. It also is rich with vitamin C. What exactly it does is to balance out juices in pancreas. Hence, a total relying call is given to it.

  • Deseed two Indian gooseberries.
  • Grind it to the point where it starts leaving its juice.
  • Another way to extract its juice is to grind and hang it in a clean cloth so that the pure juice can be pulled out easily.
  • Collect the juice in a glass.
  • Drink one tablespoon every day, preferably in the mornings before taking anything.


  • If you find it extremely difficult to gulp, take a cup of room temperature water.
  • Add one teaspoon to one and a half teaspoon of gooseberry juice in it.
  • Drink the mixture every day in the morning.

12. Black Plum or Indian Black Berry (Jambul)

Black plum is a delicious fruit which is also known as jamun and Jambul. It is enriched with ellagic acid, anthocyanins and hydrolysable tannins. These properties help in lowering sugar level in a body. It also lessens urine sugar and controls sugar all over body.

It has leaves, seeds and the pulp. Surprisingly all the parts of this one fruit can be useful in lowering sugar level.

  • When it is in season, stock and freeze it after deseeding the fruit.
  • Have it with salt and pepper or simply with salt.
  • Eating five to eight jamun or black plum in a day can help you prevent diabetes.

P.S: Over use of black plums can lead to stomach ache and similar problems as diarrhea.

13. Guava

Guava is a seasonal fruit which can be stocked for a number of reasons. It is highly competent to increase fiber and vitamin C. It also controls and regulates blood glucose or sugar level in a diabetic patient.

  • Cut guava in any shape of your choice.
  • Also cut mangoes and other seasonal fruits.
  • Mix them together.
  • Add some sugar, salt and pepper.
  • Toss all the fruits and enjoy fruit salad which will be so yummy as well as healthy.

P.S: don’t use more than quarter teaspoon of sugar.

14. Okra

Okra is made up of polyphenolic molecules which establishes controlled level of sugar.

  • For the best result, cut okra which is also known as lady finger, from both the ends.
  • Cut it into one inch pieces.
  • Soak it in water.
  • Collect water in a jar or bottle.
  • Drink the water throughout the day.
  • Also add okra (lady finger) in your diet.
  • Inclusion of okra in your diet and consuming its water can prevent and cure diabetes.
  • Continuous treatment will show results slowly in the beginning. Later, its outcome will be faster.

15. Psyllium husk

Husk of any kind is known for the laxative purpose. Utilization of psyllium husk becomes handy when it swells in water. What it does is wonderful. It tapers down the level of absorptions in sugar.

  • Pour water in a glass.
  • Take one tablespoon of husk and add in the water.
  • Drink it as soon as possible because the fiber swells and it becomes difficult to swallow.
  • You can add any unsweetened flavor to make it easy to drink.
  • Drink it daily at least once in 24 hours.
Important Note:

Wherever the use of sugar is mentioned, please don’t add more than quarter teaspoon. Since you are diabetic it is going to harm and put you in trouble. Which might call for an emergency.

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