Health Benefits of Sunlight

Sunlight, one of the many sources of getting energy and nutrients benefits in many ways. It has all those elements which gives a human body source of liveliness and oomph. However, there are some rules of taking advantage of sunlight.

One of those leads to wearing a reliable and good sunblock. Also, in this regard, you have to protect yourself from direct scorching beams of sun. Reason to it is not very difficult to comprehend. Straight rays which have ultra violet gleams take up action and make your skin tan, oilier and less appealing. Furthermore, the substantial use of sunlight can not only solve health issues but also have the revitalizing effects on body. Hence, with moderation and balanced use of sunlight, we can be cured and treated.

The importance of sunlight is known for multiple reasons; serotonin, a neurotransmitter plays a vital role in activities like sleep, depression, memory and other basic instincts. This transmitter works efficiently when sunlight is provided to the human.

There are many other benefits which can be seen in the person as a whole. Health benefits of sunlight are explained in a very easy manner which can be understood by any person, the one who doesn’t know about medical advantages and complications as well as to those who know some bit of everything. This is one stop to get maximum information based on sunlight and its benefits.

Some of the main benefits of sunlight are:

  • Stabilization of different hormones.
  • Abundance of Vitamin D.
  • Helps in reducing stress.
  • Cures depression.
  • Solution of many skin diseases.

1. Vitamin D

We struggle to get enough vitamins which are good for our health in order to keep us fit and healthy. But you might not have known about the vitamin D which is released by sunlight. It is also called sunlight vitamin or vitamin sunlight. Advantages of sunlight, being the complete source of vitamin D are many; it strengthens bones as well as teeth. Along with that it boosts and normalizes the immune system which plays a vital role in the overall health of a person.

The composition of vitamin D which comes directly from sunlight is based on D1, 2 and 3. Like mentioned earlier, its role isn’t limited to one or two things but many. How is a good question, for which the answer is simple? Because of its positive reactions to more than two thousand inheritable factors in a human’s body.

Vitamin D which is taken from sunlight is more functioning than in any other form. It controls phosphorous and also stimulates calcium in a good, balanced proportion.

2. Sclerosis

Sclerosis is a medical condition or more like a disease in which immunity drops and effects brain in number of ways. The first way of attacking is how the cells and nerves are treated by the deficiency of vitamin D.

Secondly, in this disease it doesn’t only effects brain but also the nervous system, including spinal cord and mental disturbances.

According to the scientists and researchers, vitamin D which is taken from the direct exposure of sunlight can prevent the disease. Other studies show and reveal the fact that regular exposure to sunlight or the alternative supplements can help the matter nicely. Although, it will take time but the disease will be cured from its root. In a nut shell, sunlight can be helpful in maintaining, normalizing, stabilizing and most importantly balancing the functioning of effective nervous system.

3. High Blood Pressure

It was found out that sunlight is good to take care of hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. How it helps was a mystery which is solved by the help of researchers and people of this field. It lowers the blood pressure by hitting or reaching the thin layer of skin. Nitric oxide is stored on the first layer. When the blood vessels reach nitric oxide then it broadens and helps in stabilizing blood pressure.

Sunlight is said to be the root finding of eliminating hypertension. Doctors recommend an hour or half an hour’s exposure to sunlight in order to get their high blood pressures normalized.

4. Healthy Bones:

Sunlight is not only indispensable for one single reason but for many. Other factors which becomes better after getting sunlight, directly wearing a sunblock to affect less on your skin, is the strengthening of bones. Now as we know teeth are also categorized under the diversified range of bones, are considered bones.

These bones and teeth need calcium to make them resilient and robust. Sunlight and vitamin D drawn from it helps in dropping the rate or percentage of diseases which are linked to bones. Some of the diseases which are directly related to bones include; frequent fractures, osteoporosis, etc.

The research done in the same field shows some worrisome results and findings. It says that lack of vitamin D in toddlers, infants and children can cause polio, rickets and even osteomalacia, a very agonizing and excruciating disease. This disease is however, more common in adults but children also becomes victims of it.

5. Psoriasis

Usually it is noticed and observed that people who have deficiency of vitamin D which can be taken from sunlight, are prone to diseases like psoriasis and psoriasis which is linked to arthritis. We have a prove that sunlight can actually heal and treat these two diseases; doctors of this field make patients go through the process which is typically known for throwing ultraviolet rays. This means sunlight holds enough capability to make the disease better with time.

Nevertheless, there are situations in which many people got more severity towards the problem, reason being the excessive use of ultraviolet rays. Having said that, it indicates that disproportionate supply of the rays can become toxic.

6. Sleep Quality

Our biological clock, the one which works as an indicator helps us know about the time we have to sleep and wake, eat and take rest, etc. Sunlight in this case, assists to normalize the sleeping pattern. How it happens is a bit complicated thing to understand. When nerves around eyes send transmitters to brain, it produces hormone named melatonin. This hormone is assigned for sleep parameters.

When we have less quantity of these hormones, it functions adversely, resulting in sleep deprivation and even insomnia. During day time, it is better to get enough of sunlight which can help you fill this hormone, the outcome to which will be good and peaceful sleeps.

7. Metabolism

Metabolism rate can be increased by the exposure of sunlight. Some observations and studies show that it can be a good meaningful way to get loss of weight.

Like mentioned above, sunlight exposure nourished nitric oxide on the thin layer of skin. This helps in regulating metabolism. Furthermore, if your body is deficient of vitamin D or sunlight, the percentage of gaining weight comes into action.

8. Mild Depression

Sit on a bench or chair where you can have almost direct sunlight. Perfect place where you can go to get sunlight is any park, your own backyard or sitting beside the opened window. This regulates the hormone which works for depression.

If this hormone, serotonin, is less you tend to fall into depression and when it is balanced in a body you remain healthy, both mentally and physically. The rate of suicide and psychological illnesses is far more less in those who get sufficient amount of sunlight, that too daily.

Positive reaction to the hormone can elevate moods during monthly cycle and in situations where the person feels delusional and dejected. Now a days, psychiatric hospitals have started inculcating sunlight therapy to their patients. Fortunately, it has helped tremendously.

9. Height

Natural ways of handling different health issues can include home remedies. Those remedies also include the minute yet frustrating problems.

Height is considered one of the embarrassing point or factor many individuals. Yet they don’t know what to do in accordance to it. Sunlight is known for increasing height as well as strengthening bones.

One of the things which you need be careful about is the absolute direct hit of rays on your body. Besides making your skin tan, it may even burn it and the severity may need hospitalization. So, be balanced and take substantial precautions in this regard.

10. Eye health

Eyes are one of the main organs of the body because it’s the foundation of seeing the world around. To keep your eye healthy, you should take enough vitamin D3. If you get lack of this vitamin, the probability of getting eye diseases like; total blindness, inflamed eyes, black and pink eye are more.

For best way to get benefited from sunlight is to locate yourself in a position or place where there is sunlight, make sure not too direct. Also for better gain, avoid wearing glasses. Make your eyes relax and close them lightly. Thinking about all the rays getting in your eyes, inhale and exhale normally. To being the maximum effect, do neck exercise while closing your eyes and standing in a sunny place.

All in all, the benefits of sunlight are many and anyone can get benefited from it.

11. Diabetes

Diabetes have two types. However, both the types are considered as autoimmune ailment. Insulin is the hormone which helps in tracking beat-cells which are more dangerous to the body. When this hormones functions less or stops functioning, you have to inject insulin. It is for the purpose of achieve sugar glucose which you normally get from what you eat and drink. The cause of type 1 diabetes can generally be because of inheritance.

Nevertheless, the situation can be tackled by the use of vitamin D, one which directly hits on our body is the best source though. Scientists and researchers have convinced the medical field and authorities that sunlight is one huge source of treating, preventing and curing diabetes type 1.

12. Cortisol Levels

First of all to understand the true crux of the importance of cortisol level, we have to understand what actually it is. It is one of the hormones which releases agents to control the stress level. How to deal with a particular situation, reactions and actions, all are based on cortisol. There are also timings when it works at its fullest and then slows down with the deterioration of the day.

According to the studies, it functions well at 8 in the morning, slows down around midnight and completely or almost fails by 4 in the morning.

Utilization of cortisol is important too. How is it possible to let the cortisol level stay same when you don’t make it function? Coming to the point, cortisol is much important in any healthy body and the best source of getting it is from sunlight.

13. Kidney and Other Types of Cancer

There is always a source which is mutually acquainted with similar other health issues. For instance, when we talk about fever we know it has something to do with infection in the body. Likewise, cancerous cells production and kidney issues are directly related to the deficiency of vitamin D. Now how do we get vitamin D in abundance is a tricky question.

Sunlight can be one of the best sources through which you can get vitamin D in abundance. Lack of exposure to sunlight can be the real cause of such diseases. In many cases we don’t get to have sunlight exposure because of the job timings and school timings in respect to adults and school going children.

Ultra violet rays which are the core essence of strengthening bones and teeth along with treatment and prevention of cancer is the ultimately important. The importance however, is noticed when we usually are old. Therefore, it is better to gain from the experience of old people and avoid supplements of vitamin D.

14. Immunity

Immunity is the key factor which makes a human body weak or healthy. To attain good immunity or make the function work faster, sources which braces immunity are required. If we go into the research and studies related to agents or sources which gives super dosage of immunity, sunlight will be rated and placed on top three.

To our astonishment, a lay man’s capability of comprehend things, body produces vitamin D which fosters the need of T cells in body. These cells participate in the production of a healthy body through immunity. Defense system becomes stronger once we utilize sunlight in an effective manner. When toxins and viruses hit on our bodies, vitamin D in corporation with T cells and sunlight hampers to protect from diseases and medical conditions.

Furthermore, if vitamin D drops and body becomes deficient of it, immunity level decreases, results in diseases and health concerns.

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