Look Fit And Healthy – Learn 9 Ways On How To Lose Love Handles

Love handles are the areas of fat around the abdomen. Most of the excessive fat accumulated in the body is deposited here. Too much deposit of fat leads to fat love handles, something people tend to avoid and get rid of. Fat love handles do not just hurt the physical beauty of the body but are harmful for your health too. All the excessive accumulation of fat in love handles area can drastically increase risk of cardiovascular complications and diabetes.

It is a generally accepted fact by both men and women that losing weight from the love handles is the top challenging areas to trim fat. Fat love handles are somewhat a turnoff for both men and women, hence getting to know how to lose love handles is necessary for anyone looking to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

But when it comes down to trimming the fat on the love handles area, everyone has at least once crashed into a dead end. At first all seems well and good, with a size able portion of the fat love handles disappearing, but then the progress hits a snag and things from there start to be unpredictable, with continuous gain and loss of fat. Losing fat mainly asks for two things: to cut down on calories and fat intake and to do exercise to get rid of love handles. After losing a certain percentage of body fat, it becomes harder to get rid of fat and love handles because the same routine becomes less of a factor.

The fat lost in the beginning is the easiest to rid of. After that, the remaining fat is left on one or two specific areas of the body. These are the areas from which ridding off the fat is troublesome. Men typically have the love handles and belly to worry about, while women have to take care of hips and thighs as well. These fat deposits are hard to rid of. Exercises to rid of love handles help a lot. Not only do they blast away fat love handles, they help the body get fit and healthy and these love handle workouts ought to get you up and going, get a grip on fat love handles and slim down.

9. Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunch is a good way to get started and lose love handles. Lie down on your back and place your hands by your ears, in a resting position. Next, raise your legs straight up, at 90 degrees with your back. To start the exercise, bring right knee towards your chest and at the same time twist your left elbow to touch it. Keep doing this with each leg and while doing so, stretch the other leg not going towards the chest straight out, leveling with your back.

8. Russian Twist

Russian Twist

Russian twists are excellent once you pick up the pace and are looking for something more challenging to blast away the lose love handles. To get started, assume a seated position, bend your knees and place feet firmly and flat on the ground. Lean your back a little back, flexing your abdominal muscles. Then twist your torso from one side to the other with both of your arms stretched in front of you. Once you get the hang of it, you can make it even more challenging by placing weights or weighted medicine ball in your hand and holding your feet above the ground.

7. Plank Knee Drive

Plank Knee Drive

Place your hands on the ground and stretch your arms. Keep your back and legs straight, as in a push up stance. Bring your right knee and bring it as close to the right elbow as you can. Repeat with the other side. 12 to 15 reps per side prove good exercise to get rid of love handles. After each repetition, remember to assume the plank position again.

6. Dead Lift

Dead Lift

Dead Lift is not only a great exercise to lose love handles but it adds muscle mass as well. Assume a squat position by bending your knees a little and stretch your arms in front of you. Lift weights with your hands and bring them away and close to your chest. Do not rush the repetitions, do them slowly.

5. Leg Flutters

Leg Flutters

Leg flutters, although seemingly easy are among the best love handle workouts there are. This exercise not only helps to lose love handles but in addition to that, makes the back muscles stronger, add strength to the abdominal muscles and most of all, it burns fat love handles. To get started, lie down on your back and lift up your head a bit. Keep the arms straight and by your sides. When you are ready, move your knees up along with your feet and kick back and forth. Continue for 30 seconds, take a break of equal time and then repeat.

Apart from these exercises to lose weight fast there are many other factors which differentiate slim from love handles. It is not just that exercise will solve everything; every person’s physiology differs from other. So does the genetic makeup. A few tips below will help you to know how to lose love handles and keep them under control.

4. Don’t Let Stress Get The Better Of You


In these modern times, everyday lifestyle is both hectic and working hours often go late into night. Some jobs are even night based. Then there is the family and social life. Many people have children and they are highly dependent on their parents for almost everything. All of this causes a lot of stress. To cope with the stress, the body releases a hormone called Cortisol, which has the negative effects of causing accumulation of body fat around the abdomen, leading to fat love handles. It is pretty obvious that containing stress is one of the major things to do to get rid of love handles and slim down. you can also try some of these home remedies for stress.


  • Take a step back and analyse your situation. See what you are doing and what causes stress in your life. Try to make those things easier. If not, find ways to cope with them.
  • Try to reschedule. Reduce or eliminate useless activities that waste time. Keep breaks in between activities. Most of all see that your timings do not stretch late into night. If you have a night job then see to it that you get proper rest.
  • Not to forget, there are a tonne of things that help cope with stress. No, I am not talking about weed and alcohol. They might ease the burden and help you unwind after a long day, but they are the major contributors to love handles. Avoid them or if you gotta light a blunt or take a swig, don’t blaze more than you can handle and don’t drink till you drop. Instead of these, opt for healthier things such as Tai Chi, meditation, yoga and keeping an interesting hobby.

3. Watch Your Sleep Timings

Sleep Timings

Sleeping on time is the crux of containing weight gain. When staying up late into night without proper rest, the body copes by producing Cortisol which, as discussed above causes weight gain and add up excessive fat to your body. Sleeping on time and for adequate hours causes a significant control over flabby love handles. Sleeping around 7-8 hours a night not only allows the body to completely refresh itself but also keeps the excessive fat accumulation under control.


  • Routine is important. Once you maintain a routine, it will keep you in check itself and things will become easier to manage. Same goes here. Once you make a habit of sleeping on time, the body sets it biological clock to sleep and wake up at specific time. This allows you to get a good, refreshing sleep and wake up on time. All this significantly reduces stress.
  • In case you are having trouble snoozing off, make a note of your sleeping surrounding. See to it that the area where you are sleeping is dark and quiet. Nowadays there are many distractions that keep people awake such as Facebook and sites such as 9gag. To avoid these, leave your electronics out of the room to make sure you don’t have distractions to worry about and can slip into a nice sleep easily.

2. Remember To Keep Hydrated

Keep Hydrated

Most of the time, people confuse the body’s signals of thirst and hunger. And hunger being the more powerful one tends to cause people to eat excessively and neglect drinking adequate amounts of water. Not only does the excessive food add fat to the love handles but neglecting water in diet not only causes sluggish behavior, stress and fatigue but adds fat to the love handles.

One does not simply answer on how to lose love handles without mentioning this critical point. Always make sure that you are drinking adequate amount of water and you are properly hydrated. Even so, in today’s busy routines people forget to water down.


  • When you wake up, remember to start the day with a big glass of water. Not only does this compensate for the diuretic effect of the morning coffee or tea, it refreshes the digestive tract.
  • When on the move and on a busy schedule, either remember to drink water or keep a canteen close by.
  • Keep the coffee up to 1 or 2 cups a day. When feeling thirsty, opt for water or juice. Also, skip on the alcohol, which is a major contributor to fat love handles.

1. Watch When You Feed


To keep those love handles under check watch what you are putting into your body and when. Exercises to lose love handles will never help if your diet is unplanned. Food intake at wrong times, in wrong amount and or the wrong type such as high in sugars and trans fats causes high blood sugar levels and fat accumulation around the love handles. To keep fat love handles away, see what you eat and when you eat.


  • To know how to lose love handles is necessary and the first step in this regard is to take a balanced diet. See that the food you are eating has an adequate amount of fibre in it. Processed foods lack it. Also see that they are low in fat content and do not have processed sugars in them.
  • Timing is essential. Breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner are important timings. Try your best to eat within these timings, as the body’s biological clock is well suited to digest food at these times. Other than these times, the body stores the digested food in the form of fats that add to love handles.
  • Quit midnight snacking. It is at these times that the body needs a break from digesting all the food and simply stores the food in fat, which adds to fatty love handles. Even exercises to lose love handles fail to contain the fat love handles caused by this habit.

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It is a healthy and good mental sign to be aware of one’s body and to take care of it, to nourish it and keep it healthy. Love handles are a part of body that both men and women take care to keep fat free to avoid fat love handles. Exercises to lose love handles are a huge help to curb chubby love handles but love handle workouts alone cannot do the trick.

When asking how to lose love handles, it is essential to remember that diet, sleep, stress and other factors are also in play. To get the perfect love handles, you will have to be perfect too. Nobody start that way, but those that are achieved that goal through perseverance and will. Stick to your goal and you will have the love handles that you dream of.

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