The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Tattoo Artist

Did you know that the average tattoo artist makes more than sixty thousand dollars per year?

Not only is it possible to make a lot of money as a tattoo artist, but it’s also likely that this profession will give you a deep sense of meaning if you love art and are interested in tattoos.

Unfortunately, many people don’t choose this profession for the simple reason that they don’t understand what steps are involved in becoming a tattoo artist. To help you understand what this process looks like, we’ve created a guide. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you what’s important to know.

Hone Your Drawing Skills

If you want to become a tattoo artist, you should first make sure that you have great drawing skills.

If you don’t already own a sketchbook and pencils, make sure that you invest in these items. And try your best to keep them nearby so that it will be easy for you to start drawing whenever inspiration strikes.

After completing lots of art on their own, many people end up realizing that drawing is not actually something that they like to do. Others come to realize that it is a life calling that they never knew they had.

Try to draw a combination of things that you see and images that appear in your mind. You should also try to study the work of well-known tattoo artists. Pay attention to various styles and take note of the things you like and don’t like.

Educate Yourself

Search out opportunities to learn how to make tattoos. Even though university art programs take four years to complete, they will teach you everything you need to know about making art. Keep in mind that it’s not required to have a diploma to become a tattoo artist.

If you don’t have the time or money to study at a university, you should consider learning at a master tattoo institute or taking classes at your local community college.

By getting an art education, you’ll have the chance to develop your skills and explore tattoo artist options. This means that you’ll be more prepared to start a tattoo artist career.

Once you get an education, you’re also more likely to understand the pros and cons of tattoos. For example, many people enjoy the freedom that this profession allows because they’re able to make their own schedule. But other tattoo artists don’t enjoy the profession because they don’t have consistent incomes.

Develop Your Design Skills

If you want to find the best tattoo artist jobs, you’ll need to have great design skills. This includes understanding the concepts of lines, shapes, textures, and size. It’s also essential that you know how to stencil if you want to become skilled at creating designs on peoples’ bodies.

You should also inform yourself about the principles of graphic design. This includes alignment, proximity, contrast, and space. You should learn how to work with these elements in creative and intuitive ways.

Start Building Your Portfolio

It’s not worth looking for your first tattoo artist jobs until you’ve built a large portfolio. Make sure that it grabs people’s attention and that it looks professional.

Your portfolio binder should be new. It’s a good idea to have sheet protectors. You should also consider having your pages matted.

Your portfolio should include a minimum of twenty drawings and no more than one hundred and twenty. You should also try to include both black-and-white and color illustrations.

There are several things you should try not to do when creating a portfolio. You should never copy the work that other artists have created.

It’s also a bad idea to use images of tattoos that you’ve done. This is because it’s illegal to give people tattoos if you don’t yet have a license.

Learn from a Respected Tattoo Artist

After you’ve honed your drawing skills and can design beautiful tattoos, it’s important to start getting direct experience in a real-world context. The best way to do this is by working with a skilled professional who can teach you the ropes.

If you want to find a mentor, you should start visiting respected tattoo shops to ask if any of the tattoo artists are willing to teach you.

When you do find somebody, there are several things that you should find out about them before choosing to learn from them. Make sure that they follow basic hygiene guidelines, that they’ve mentored people in the past, and that they truly want to help you become a better artist.

Get the Necessary Certifications, Training, and Licenses

You should first make sure to get a blood-born pathogen certification. This certification will show clients that you do not have diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

It’s also essential that you get the right licenses. Since every state has different requirements, make sure to do the necessary research to find out what kind of license you need to have.

Take the First Steps towards Becoming a Tattoo Artist Today

Even though it takes a lot of dedication and focus to become a tattoo artist, you’ll be grateful that you put in the effort once you book your first clients. To get started, you should improve your drawing skills. It’s also a great idea to study under a stilled tattoo artist so that you can learn the profession’s ropes.

If you’re interested in learning more about preparing for the career of your dreams, consider checking out the many informative articles that we have on our blog.

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