5 Pop Music Tours You Can’t Miss in 2023

Do you like music? Do you want to see your favorite artists perform, but you’re tired of sitting at home?

Cinemas won’t be opening anytime soon, so one of the best ways to regain your entertainment is by attending a concert. If you love pop music, you have to check out all the fantastic pop music tours in 2023 that you won’t want to miss.

Read on! Learn more about these tours as well as some of the artists who will be performing on them.

1. Adele

Pop music tour by Adele in 2023 is a tour you won’t want to miss! Adele is known for her remarkable vocal range and captivating stage presence. Fans can expect to hear classic hits like “Someone Like You,” as well as tracks from her latest album, “25”. 

The tour promises to be a night of incredible singing and energy. From intimate venues to arenas, Adele’s concerts will bring out emotions like no other. 

2. Blackpink

In 2023, the tour you shouldn’t miss is the Pop Music Tour by Blackpink. With their fan-favorite albums and edgy sound, this tour will be one for the record books. The hype for the tour has been so immense! 

3. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is scheduled for an impressive 2023 tour lineup, and pop music fans can’t wait to attend. Sheeran starts with a world tour of the U.S. and Canada before heading to Europe and Asia. The U.S. dates include some of the best venues in the country.

Many fans are already clamoring to get their tickets. Hit singles from his albums, including “Shape of You” and “Thinking Out Loud,” make this tour one to remember. Sheeran will pull out all the stops as he puts on an unforgettable show for real fans. 

4. Janet Jackson

One of the most prominent pop singers of all time, Janet Jackson, is hitting the road in 2023. It will be one of the music industry’s hottest tours. 

Her loyal fanbase is in for a treat as she puts on a high-energy show with her classic hits. Expect a lineup of electrifying dancers and elaborate sets for an unforgettable show. 

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is easily one of the most popular singers of the 21st century. Her musical style and artistry set new precedents in pop music. 

In 2023, you can’t miss Taylor Swift’s latest tour. It will be one of the most popular tours of any artist in the genre. The show will feature fan favorites and many new songs that have yet to be released. 

The visual aspects of the show will be mesmerizing and ground-breaking. The set pieces will be out of this world, so grab your Taylor swift concert tickets as soon as possible. Swift is sure to put on a show that will leave you breathless and will make you a fan of hers for life.

Take Note of These Five Pop Music Tours for 2023

Researching the new and hottest Pop Music Tours of 2023 can be a great way to find fantastic live shows to add to your bucket list! From contemporary artists to famous veterans!

Start planning now with 2023 right around the corner. Don’t miss out on these pop music tours! Go ahead and check out the list of upcoming tour dates so you can book your tickets and start planning the concert of a lifetime.

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