5 Fun Activities to Do With Friends Who Are Visiting

Did you just find out that your friend is paying you a surprise visit, and you have literally 24-48 hours to make plans for them? Don’t panic. Obviously, you don’t want your friends to get bored out of their minds, so you should start listing all the possible fun activities you can enjoy with them.

Have no idea where to start? Then keep reading to discover 5 top activities you can do with your friends during their visit to give them the best experience yet.

1. Go On A Walking Tour

No matter where you are, a walking tour is an excellent way for your friends to experience the local culture. You can start with a walking tour of your city to give your visitors a general overview of the place, or you can go on a walking tour of a specific neighborhood or area they want to see.

Try to include in your walking tour the hotspots and emblematic areas of the area. Check out any historic buildings or sites you think your friends will find interesting.

2. Gaming Experience

Whether your friend is visiting from across the country or across the ocean, they probably don’t have the same gaming culture as you. It may be something they want to try or just something they’re interested in.

For example, soccer might be a big deal in your city. So, you can buy tickets to watch a live match with them. Or perhaps you can check out this escape room and see if your friends would be up for it!

3. Foodie Adventure

A foodie adventure is one of the best ways to experience your city and entertain guests. You can do this in several ways, like taking them to some of the best restaurants in the area or visiting some iconic local markets. You can also book a food tour which will include not only some fantastic food but also the history and culture behind the dishes.

4. Catch a Movie or Visit Local Museums

If your friends feel like doing something low-key and a little more chill, there are plenty of museums and art galleries in your city they can visit. You can also visit the movies and watch any new release your friends may have been dying to see. Other activities you can look into are visiting a musical, comedy show, or even a play.

5. Networking Event Or Speaker Series

Plenty of events in big cities feature speakers, networking events, and other things your friend will enjoy. Do some research and see if any fun events are happening while they’re in town. You can try a networking event in your industry or attend a general networking event.

Fun Activities–Revealed

Having your friends pay you a visit is always exciting, especially if they live far away and you don’t see them often. So, if you’re planning on having friends come over, plan out the fun activities mentioned above to make the most of their visit and have an amazing time!

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