4 Fun Kids Outdoor Activities for Summertime

Finally! Lockdowns are over and the kids are free to get out and live life as normal. The pandemic took its toll on all of us and now that we have our freedom back, it feels like the world is our oyster.

But maybe you’re looking for some guidance on what to do with the kids as the days get longer and warmer. Well, we’re here to help! We’ve got 4 kids outdoor activities that will keep your little ones entertained, and give you a chance to enjoy time with them.

Keep reading for some inspiration on getting active in the great outdoors with the family!

1. Camping Trip

Why not truly embrace the great outdoors and make the most of spending time outside with a camping trip? This can be a new and exciting experience for kids, and one that will help you create memories to last a lifetime. Here are a few tips if you’re not super familiar with camping.

Prepare Activities for Kids

Keep your kids occupied by making sure you pack plenty of stuff to keep them busy.

Bringing along board games like Twister, and arts & crafts like crayons and coloring books are great for entertaining your children.

Be Prepared

Bring snacks and water bottles for everyone involved so that no one gets thirsty or hungry out at camp.

Make sure you take plenty of waterproof items in case it rains. Tarp, umbrellas, and raincoats could all come in handy.

2. Bike Rides

One way to get the kids outside and active this summer is to go for a family bike ride. You can even turn it into an “alternative” camping trip where you spend the night in a tent or cabin near your biking routes.

You might think that biking is only for older children, but a child who can walk without assistance can also pedal a tricycle or bike with training wheels.

You could really ramp up the excitement and get an electric quad bike!

3. Picnics in the Park

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, low-maintenance activity to do with the kids that won’t require much planning or prep work, a picnic can be the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Find out what your kids’ favorite foods are, and make sure to pack some sweets to make them feel extra special.

4. Outdoor Movie Night

Everyone loves the cinema, but you don’t have to spend money and drive out of the neighborhood to experience it!

An outdoor movie night can be a great family activity. And when you add some of your own touches, from themed snacks to yard games, it can be one of the most memorable movie nights around!

You’ll need:

  • A projector and a screen
  • Popcorn (of course!) and sweet snacks
  • Blankets, pillows, even inflatable chairs

Find out what your children’s favorite movies are and put them on a memory stick or hook up a DVD player to the projector.

Enjoy Kids Outdoor Activities This Summer

With a little imagination, there’s really no limit to kids outdoor activities. The four we’ve given you might even spark some other ideas for playing outside!

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