7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy

Sometimes we all face a few very exhausting days and end up really tired both physically and mentally. We feel ourselves totally unable to do even our favorite things like watching movies or go out for a dinner with our soul mate or friends because of total energy drain. According to experts, women mostly have to face the problems of weight gain, mood swings, and difficulty in sleep, hormone imbalance and fatigues at regular basis. Mostly women accept these situations and don’t try to fix the problems as they are told “it is totally normal, because you’re growing old or it is normal to have mode swings”.

Boost Your Energy

According to the experts this is totally wrong and you can improve your health and boost your energy levels with some simple changes in your daily routine. The problem we face mostly is low level of fatigue that is like a hidden enemy. We don’t feel any signs of fatigue, however at the same time we don’t like performing our daily routine or it becomes harder to concentrate on daily tasks. This happens because energy levels are very low in our body. These best energy boosting ways and tips will help you regain your lost energy, quell the fatigue and boost your stamina.

Wake Up Early


The first and the most important thing you can do to boost your energy levels is changing your wake up routine. According to a study, people who wake up early have been found to be fitter, more energetic, happier and healthier compared to the people who wake up late. People who normally wake up around 7 a.m. or early experience 25 percent more energy, alertness and enthusiasm all the day than the people who usually wake up in later hours.

The biological clock of “early birds” is in better shape and condition and they also sleep more peacefully and comfortably during the night. If it seems difficult for you to wake up early, you can use these simple tips. Your alarm clock should be out of reach when you’re in bed, so that you have to get up to stop the alarm. The next step you can take is open the curtains or turn on the lights. Don’t get in the bed again and take a refreshing shower go out for a morning walk which will completely alert your senses and boost your energy levels.

Drink More Water


Caffeine temporarily sharpens and heightens your concentration, but after some time it will start to dump you back down. So try to avoid too much coffee during the day as you’ll feel yourself down after 3 or 4 hours. According to experts, the best energy drink you can use to boost your energy is a simple glass of cold water. Keep a small water bottle with you all the time and make sure you empty it three to four times in a day. Water not only energizes and refreshes you but also keeps your skin hydrated. If you still find it hard to break your relationship with coffee, take a cup between 10 to 12 a.m. instead of after waking up.

Energize Yourself with Vitamin D

energize-yourself-with-vitamin d

Vitamin D is also very important to maintain energy levels of body. If vitamin D is low in our body, it can lead to muscle and bone weakness, cognitive impairment and fatigue. According to research studies, women only take 140 to 270IUs of Vitamin D daily, and the requirement of our body is 600 IUs. Our body recovers the deficiency of Vitamin D by synthesis from rays of the sun, but working indoors and shorter days usually cut the intake of the vitamin D from sun. So if you’re not getting exposure to the sun rays, you should use healthy foods like fish, milk or orange juice as they are good source of vitamin D and can help you to boost your energy.

Exercise Regularly


Exercise is another good way to boost your energy levels instantly. The main problem we face in maintaining a regular workout routine is lack of motivation. Lack of motivation makes going for workout more difficult than the workout itself. If you stay motivated to exercise regularly and feel the benefits of workout instantly, it will become easier for your going to gym. There is no better motivation than a good workout session that keeps you fresh and energized mentally and physically for a long time. To overcome the problems in workout, you should maintain a regular workout schedule. According to experts, the best workout time is in the morning as it keeps you fresh and energize throughout the day.

Change Your Routine


Everyday routine at work and home can make you frustrated and bored. Simple and small changes in your routine can keep your mind alert and fresh. According to experts, pleasant changes increase the production of dopamine in our mind that makes us happy. You can make small changes in your routine like changing the way you use to go to office will change your point of view. Make changes in your home like cleaning your room and make room for new things. These small changes will refresh you and boost your energy levels.

Don’t Stay Still For A Long Time


According to studies, people who move more during work have better energy levels than the people who continuously sit on their butt. When you sit for a long time on your desk, car or couch, fresh blood stops providing oxygen to your organs. This makes your exhausted both mentally and physically and increases the risks of chronic diseases. Try to move for five minutes after every 30 minutes and try to increase your heart rate so that the blood in your body starts circulating accurately again. This will help you to boost your energy and refresh you.

Use Music to Boost Your Energy


Fast tempo music can also help you to boost your energy and improve your performance. According to researchers, music has the ability to increase the speed of our movements. Music not only helps us in fueling our workout sessions but it can also improve our performance at work. If you’re feeling tired and bored at work, try to listen to some high pace tunes that will instantly boost your energy levels, refreshes you and you’ll enjoy doing your work.

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