When to See a Doctor for a Neck Injury

Did you know that 10-20% of people across America have neck problems? For some people, this is the result of sitting too much. For others, though, it could be the aftermath of a neck injury that you need to deal with ASAP.

But when do you need to see a doctor for a neck injury? Almost always. Read on to answer this question in more depth and learn the basics of when to see a neck specialist.

Severe Pain

Some neck injuries are minor. You might pull a muscle or move your neck the wrong way. You also might simply spend too much time with your head down and eyes up because you’re staring at a screen for long intervals.

In these cases, you might not need to see a neck pain doctor. However, if there is any level of severe pain, you need to see an orthopedist ASAP.

If you’re experiencing severe neck pain that impedes your life, it’s time to see a doctor about the problem. Additionally, if the pain is serious after a specific injury that you can pinpoint, a doctor’s visit- or even a trip to the ER- may be in order. Refer to this blog for more detailed information.

Persistent Pain

Even mild neck pain can be a precursor to a doctor’s visit if it is persistent. If you’re experiencing a throbbing, mild pain for multiple days on end, seeing a neck pain specialist can help you identify the cause of the problem. Once you figure out why your neck is hurting, you can seek appropriate treatment.

Shooting Pain or Numbness

If you suffer a neck injury and pain is shooting through your back, limbs, or (most likely) head, take an immediate trip to the emergency room. This means that the C2 or C3 nerve root is pinched and constitutes a spinal injury. This can cause numbness and ultimately lead to serious nerve damage, so it’s best not to mess around with such pain.

ER visits are also in short order if you’re experiencing any numbness after an injury. Nerve problems can lead to bigger issues over time such as loss of limb functioning.

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are a sign that you may have torn muscle tissue. You may require long-term physical therapy, injections, acupuncture, or even an anti-inflammatory diet. You probably have some level of inflammation to contend with here, so get it checked out.


About 2 million Americans get whiplash each year, making it one of the most common neck injuries in the country. Any neck pain from whiplash should be examined by an ER doctor or a specialist. You may need X-rays to ensure that there are no dislocations or even fractures.

Beyond When to See a Doctor for a Neck Injury

Now that you know when to see a doctor after a neck injury, it’s time to get more information on how to take care of your body and your mind. On our website, you can browse tons of articles about health and hygiene. Check out the “health” tab on our home page to learn more about self-care and holistic wellness.

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