What You Need To Know About Microneedling

Microneedling took its place in the beauty regiment, and producers of beauty products can’t stay stand on the sidelines. Nowadays, kits for home procedures are available in all major brands. And K-beauty is not an exception. In this article, we’ll explain the basics of this procedure and tell you all you need to know about it.

The Nature of Microneedling

This procedure implies using a very thin needle to puncture your skin. The body detects this tiny damage and tries to heal the micro-wounds. Skin activates its resources and, as a result, looks fresh and young. During the procedure, the patient can feel pain, but the reduction of wrinkles is definitely worth it. Moreover, the painful sensations are not very strong and pass quickly.

Obviously, this treatment requires a special tool and a physician’s consultation. More advanced variants of microneedling include radio frequencies and blue and red LED. But simple variations for home applications are much less complicated.

Benefits of the Procedure

The penetration of needles stimulates natural collagen production. It improves skin elasticity and the ability to resist environmental factors. As a result, the texture of the skin becomes better.

The procedure can reduce scarring and prevent wrinkles formation. It means that you can enjoy younger and softer skin for much longer. You can use microneedling to solve a problem with pigmentation and pores. After microneedling, the skin looks radiating and healthy. You can see the changes right after the first time you undergo the treatment.

What to Do Before the Procedure

In order to prepare for microneedling, stop using retinol at least 48 hours before the procedure. It’s better to avoid all aggressive acids for a week prior to microneedling. It will ensure better results and prevent your skin from excessive damage.

Right before the procedure, wash and dry the skin. Don’t use aggressive washers, and don’t rub the skin. You may also want to apply a numbing cream to reduce the discomfort. This is optional and depends on your preferences.

What to Expect After

Depending on your skin sensitivity, you can feel slight discomfort. The skin can become itchy, but it’s not always the case. Usually, home procedures are much softer and don’t lead to any side effects.

Specialists say that after the treatment, all your usual topical creams and serums have increased effect. You can use it to boost the results and further improve the quality of the skin. Don’t forget about your usual routine. The only exception is aggressive peelings. Sometimes after the procedure, it’s better to avoid damaging procedures.


The modern k-beauty industry invents new methods of skin care each year. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your skin look younger and softer offered by modern science. This procedure can seem painful and damaging, but it’s not true. Numbing creams reduce discomfort, and the effect is worth trying. If you’re afraid to try a home kit for this treatment, consult a dermatologist in advance. The specialist will give you the necessary recommendations and help to make the procedure safer.

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