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How To Lose Weight – 18 Easy Ways To Adopt 

How To Lose Weight – 18 Easy Ways To Adopt

If you are tired of trying out on hundreds of diet plans and still not losing weight, don’t worry even then, losing weight will not be a problem anymore. We will give you a snap shot into some of the tricks which will help you lose weight fast.

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Maintain Record of What You Eat

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You must be wondering that how would keeping a record of what you eat helps in losing weight. Well, studies have proven that people who do so ends up eating about 15 percent less food than those who don’t. This includes jotting down each and everything you consume everyday like spreads, dressings, sauces, fizzy drinks, juices, nachos etc

Get An On-line Weight Loss Expert

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Research shows that people who have an online weight loss expert guidance tend to sustain their weight loss far better and longer as compared to those who follow an expert face to face. We are very busy and indulged in our routines so taking time out especially for consultations with a health expert ends up adding to our burden and work load.

Stay Positive

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You need to understand that weight loss cannot possibly occur in days, it will and should be a gradual process. Surely there would be frustrations at times which can only be overcome through positive attitude. Keep repeating to yourself that I can do it!

Drink Plenty Of Water Throughout The Day

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Take juice with breakfast only and for the rest of the day take loads of water. Water tends to act as a detox as well as a feeling of fullness persists.

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Don’t Eat To The Full Of Your Stomach

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Always eat less than your desire. Eat in portions and finish every time before you are full.

Bluff Your Brain By Sniffing

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It’s no joke….. Health experts say that the more frequently people sniff , the more satisfied their hunger was and eventually more weight loss was seen among such people. Sniffing fruits like apple, banana and peppermint bluffs your brain to signal as if you are actually eating.

Wait For The Hunger Signal

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Don’t jump on eating when you have nothing else to do. It has been generally observed that people tend to eat senselessly in depression, frustration, fatigued and idleness. Wait till the time your body actually require food.

Add Blue Subtract Red, Yellow and Orange

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The blue color tends to suppress your appetite so surround yourself with blue plate, table cloth, napkin when you are eating and avoid red, yellow and orange colors around your dining table as they act as appetizers.

Eat In Front Of The Mirror

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By eating in front of the mirror you will be in a constant remembrance of your goal of losing weight. Thus this would automatically reduce your appetite.

Ten Minutes On Stairs

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Climbing up and down for ten minutes on a staircase helps you to lose ten pounds in a year claims the Center for disease control provided you don’t increase your calorie intake. And also climbing stairs is an excellent exercise for lower abdomen.

Don’t Sit For Long Stretches

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People who tend to sit for long hours develop obesity so it is always advisable to have a brisk walk for at least five minutes after every two hours of sitting.

Avoid Processed Food

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High in calories and low in nutritional value, processed food merely adds to your pounds without giving you energy so cut down on processed food and start eating fat burning foods.

Eat Slow

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Do you know that your brain lags your stomach by approximately 20 minutes to send fullness signal. This implies that if you eat slowly, your brain will signal at an appropriate time that you are full.

Change Your Wardrobe

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The moment you start losing weight give away all lose clothes. The thought that you will have to buy the whole wardrobe again if you gain weight would not let you gain at all.

Stay Active

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Whenever you plan on an outing, focus on outdoor activities like a guided city walk, cycling, bowling instead of watching movies while munching on popcorns. This will not only reduce your calories but will also make you fresh, energetic and lively.

Avoid Eating In Large Group

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This is to ensure avoiding eating for the sake of eating.

Take The Smallest Portion/Size

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Always order for the smallest portion because the more you have in front of you the more you will end up eating. So if you want to lose weight, eat in plates instead of platters.

Prefer High Water Content Foods

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High water content foods will create a feeling of fullness in you without giving you extra pounds.

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