How to get rid of Acne

What is Acne?

Acne is also known as Acne Vulgaris. It is a skin disease and it includes the oil glands at the ground of hair follicles. It normally occurs during pubescence when the oily glands come to life. These glands are arouse by male hormones created by the adrenal glands of both males and females. Now the question rises, How to get rid of this?

There are some best ways to get rid of Acne.

1. Sunscreen

The best way to get rid of Acne is to use Sunscreen. We all know it works better and also is the easiest way. Ninety percent of wrinkles are caused by sun exposure. Use that sunscreen which protects you from both UVA n UVB.

2. Make up brushes

To get rid of Acne Always Make up brushes. These cause much acne. Because if we don’t clean make up brushes they may contain bacteria and fungi which increase the rate of acne. Wash them in water mixed with any face wash or shampoo.

3. Increase nuts in diet

Brazil Nuts contain Selenium which increase elasticity and decrease skin cancer. Use of Walnut puts a break on all breakouts. These are full of fats and fatty acids that can repair your skin.

4. Serum

Serum helps you to get rid of Acne, because serum containing cream that can affect more. It is antioxidant and defends your skin from Radicals and stress. Serum’s small molecule invades deep in pores and recovers them. Apply on freshly washed skin with sunscreen or moisturizer.

5. Less use of Smartphone

Your Smartphone may contain many germs on its screen and whenever it touches your skin they land on your cheeks any increase irritation. Clean your phone with anti-bacterial cleanser.

6. Use of Products on skin

Use water soluble or creamier products first and all others. Correct order can save your skin from acne while incorrect order may cause many chemicals to react which may destroy your skin cells.

7. Drop use of dairy

Dairy products have cow hormones that stimulate acne by affecting on pores and oil glands.

8. Have a sound sleep

Renewal of cells occurs in night. All the skin cells work better in night. So sleep well and on time to get rid of acne.

9. Cleansing

Extra-large pores are more irritating as they effect on your face beauty more. These pores contain dirt and waste oil. Cleansing of skin regularly can make these pores look smaller.

10. Rinse off make up

Rinse off make up before you go to bed helps you to get rid of Acne. Cosmetics contain sugar type molecule that can produce yeast in a night which can lead to production of bacteria that destroy your skin and cause acne.

11. Don’t use hot water

Hot water may increase your acne so avoid it. Although hot water is very effective for growth and elasticity of skin. Hot water can make acne more reddish and swollen.

12. Watermelon

Use of watermelon effects much more. Watermelon is natural products so it affects more. Mixture of apple juice and watermelon recovers your skin.

13. Keep your hands away from skin

Your hands may have many germs and if you touch your face these germs can enter in your pores and may make them more reddish.

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