How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

What are pimples ?

“Pimples are the black spot on the skin in other words you can say that it is a swelling eruption or crunchy  or rash spot on the skin.”

But does we ever observe that why pimples are occurred or formed??

Now we observe in this article:

Why pimples are formed/occurred ?

Pimples are basically occur because of the sebaceous glands  as it is a small organ in the  skin  of human body which has some specific substances which has and oily or secrete matter  know as (sebum) which has the ability to produce and discharge a substance basically these are   located at the base of  hair follicles. Hair follicles are basically the gland organ or in other words it is the shelter of the cells which surrounds the hair  In humans they are mostly find on faces and or scalp which is covering the head including the face and all the  other parts of skin as well but except the “palm and soles of the feet“. The most valuable part of the body is face, back chest and shoulders .Pimples are the worst signs of acne especially they are formed when a break-out occurs. Break out means that 2 or 3 spots are occurring in a day and suddenly they got disappeared again very quickly .

What are acnes?

Acnes are the skin disease which is occurred due to pimples mostly they are caused due to red pimples and they are mostly appeared on the face due to the burnt or infected sebaceous glands or organs or spots.

Types of pimples:

There are different types of pimples.

  1. White head pimples
  2. Blind pimples
  3. Stress pimples
  4. Burnt pimples
  5. Acne cysts

What are the Causes/factors of pimples on different parts of the body ?

There are many factors of pimples which are categorized as follow:

  • Pimples on cheeks and face
  • Pimples on tongue
  • Pimples on buttocks
  • Pimples on forehead

Pimples on cheeks and face:

Pimples on the cheeks and face because they are almost the same part occurred due to acne as we know that acne is a Sebaceous gland or a particular organ in the follicles of the hair which has an oily matter called (Sebum) substance. pimples on the face occurs due to mostly excessive amount of  sebum oils on the face and pimples on the face is the most embracing moment. You can cure or prevent this by using an daily good quality of lotion Vaseline or good caring creams so these helps you to get rid of oily sebium matters which helps you to prevent and easily get rid from face pimples.

Pimples on tongue:

As we all know that there is an old quote

“that whenever we lie to our parents, teachers  or any person then our tongue will get black” .this quote also related  with pimples that whoever has a  black tongue has pimples but in reality it has no value .here are some facts o pimples occurred on tongue.

Firstly, pimples on the tongue are not a problematic condition so there is nothing much to worry about. The technical term of pimples on tongue is transient lingual papillitis That these are the red and white pimples on the skin which occurs due to mostly when you eat some food and it send signals to your brain about the specification of food these are called taste buds. pimples on tongue occurs due to some diseases such as  diabetes or trauma you can get rid of the pimples from tongue by using good quality mouth washer , mouth cleaner and maximum water as much as possible so by using these methods you can easily get rid of tongue pimples.

And secondly pimples is not a touching or contagious condition or disease that it will not pass if you share a cup or spoon with some other person. As pimples on the tongue is different from pimples of the skin.

Pimples on buttocks:

Pimples on buttocks are different from those pimples which appeared on the kin and this can cause due to continuous  sitting at your chair for example if you are doing a desk job or if you are a data entry provider then it can occurred due to continuous of sitting and not even moving fro 5-6 hours consecutively.

Secondly it occurs due to germs for example if you have gone to a bath room for a wash and does not wash your back well so the germs may occurred it can be cured by using an antiseptic cleanser  or by washing your back properly. so by using these methods you can easily get rid of the pimples.

Pimples on forehead:

Pimples on the forehead occurred due to forehead acne as we already know the acne has an oily or sebaceous matter and the fore head is the part of body that tends to very oily and shiny that’s why it the appearance of the acne forehead.

The forehead pimples or acne are occurred due to unbalanced diet or taking maximum stress or even not washing your hair for a long time which cause dandruff and your hair got thick, lifeless and even they got white so by properly washing your hair take a regular and a normal diet and without taking to much stress you can easily get rid of forehead pimples quickly.

So these are some of the factors of the pimples on different parts of body now we discuss their precautions.

  • How to get rid of all these pimples.

1. ICE:

By using ice you can easily remove your pimples,because it helps in circulating the blood fast in the affected areas and remove the dirt and oil from your skin and pores of your dark spots. So by using this ice method you can easily cure your pimples.


Another possibility is that you use lemon  juice to get rid of Pimples. because lemons is full of vitamin  and be sure that you use fresh lemon juice not the bottles lemon juice which has germs and preservatives although  if you use the fresh lemon juice you can easily get rid of pimples.


Another method of removing pimples is that by using honey which is probably hot and and it can help in healing the pores and it helps to prevent you from infection germs etc. and helps you to get cure from pimples.


Another possibility is that by using tooth paste you can remove your pimples because when you eat the food at night and does not brush in the morning the cavities in the mouth can also damage your teeth’s and it is a type of pimples on mouth or tongue preferably use white tooth paste even white soda and avoid using the gel tube to quickly remove pimples from your body.


Another and probably in my opinion the best method is by using steam because it allows your skin to breathe and purify your skin as well and heal up all your pimples so you can easily get rid of all these pimples in a short interval of time.

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  1. Useful post! Pimples can be very annoying. They make you feel unattractive and self-conscious. With the variety of over-the-counter treatments and home remedies, getting rid of pimples is easy.

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