How to Get Rid of a Black Eye Fast

What Is Black Eye?

Bruises usually appear when something hits with a force. Likewise, black eye is a condition in which something hits with pressure on eye. That hit near the eye breaks down sensitive blood carriers and takes shape of bruises around the eye. The discoloration appears causing purplish, blackish or blueish on the skin near the eye. The main characteristic about black eye is the color, it goes all the up to black. Why it is so and what makes it of that color is another factor which needs your attention. The factual key point of the change in color is because of thin layer of eye around the eye.

There is misconception which is taken in account when we talk or see a person with black eye. They think it is due to any physical fight, like that of punch in the eye. This is not always correct and can be negated by the false opinion. It is not that physical ferocious assaults never bring such condition to the eye, there is around 10 to 12% percent chances of such brutality. To read further bout black eye, for example: how and when it happens, how to take preventive measures, remedies of dealing with it and other necessary questions about black eye you are advised to read the article till end.

How Do You Get Black Eye?

Black eye happens to appear by any means of disruption to it. When you are at work and you bang your head being eye as the center of gravity, black eye takes place. It is also possible that you get black eye while you are playing one of your favorite games or crashing your car against another on one of the busy roads. In short, you can get black eye by a number of ways.

Who gets it and why he gets it are some questions which have been part of discussion about black eye. Let’s deal with who gets it. Well, men are found more active as compared to women. Hence, they have more chances of getting it. The average age of men who gets black eye is thirty.

Causes Of Black Eye:

There are number of ways through which you may get black eye. There is a huge possibility of not finding the real reason to have black eye at times. Object on which you got your eye hurt remains distinct as you have not noticed it. Here are some other factors which may cause black eye:

  • Situations in which you get facelift procedure run on your face, surgery of jaw or nose can be the reason of black eye.
  • When you go through nose surgery, certain changes takes place on the face. Among those, swelling on both the eyes is also included. This puffiness of eyes is due to collectiveness of fluids in the tissues which are near eyelids. At times, this swelling is worsened to the condition where it gets to change in color, turning into black. Therefore, black eye occurs.
  • Blackened eye along with bloated look appears when a particular kind of injury in head takes place. This head injury is generically called basilar fracture in skull. This condition is also known as raccoon’s eyes.
  • Reactions due to allergies are also the cause of black eye. Cellulite’s, infection around the eye is the result of such allergies. These allergies are mostly because of insect bite near or around the eye.
  • Dental treatments can also trigger eyes and have swelling with some sort of discoloration.

Black Eye And Its Symptoms:

Every medical condition or disease has its symptoms and cure. Similarly, we have some symptoms to determine a black eye condition. Here are some:

  • Discoloration is more towards black rather than purple, blue or pink.
  • Eye turns black in color. It is not the inner white part turning black. The skin around it turns black which is accompanied by pain and swelling.
  • The change in color has few steps. The eye may be pinkish then reddish in color. Later, it moves on to darker shade around the eye. Deep purple, green or yellow leading towards black in the end.
  • After a few days, the bruised like skin gets back to heal and comes back to normal.
  • In some cases, person who are dealing with it complains about blurred vision which can be because of swelling.
  • You may feel pain to that extend which may not let you open the eye.
  • Headache and dizziness also some symptoms to determine its occurrence. It maybe because of any head injury.

Some serious symptoms which need to be vouched and taken serious notice are:

  • Blindness all of a sudden or complete loss of vision.
  • Headache which stays for long and is stubborn in nature.
  • Mindfulness or consciousness being harmed or lost.
  • Appearance of blood on surface of eye.
  • The immobility to eye or in other words, you cannot move your eye.
  • Discharge of blood or some pure clear substance from ear or nose.

Diagnosis Of Black Eye:

Diagnosis can be done in a better way when a specialist is involved in it. Sometimes, what doctors do is to send you to a physical checkup of eyes. This is how exactly the test is taken:

  • The doctor, usually the eye specialist will take your eye sight with the help of either a chart or any other means.
  • He or she will also examine the movement of eye. The doctor will move his fingers to different position in the air and would ask you to look at it as it is moved.
  • The checkup will include shining light on your eye. It will be done to judge if pupil is dilating the way it should or not. it will also help the doctor to find any other problem in the eye.
  • Bones which are near the eye and on your face will be examined too.
  • In case of any bone injury near the eye, the doctor will send you to get either or all of the following tests:
  • X-ray
  • CT scan
  • MRI (only if needed)

Black Eye And Its Treatment:

Black eye can be treated either by some home remedies or through medical assistance. However, there is no much difference in two. Medically, black eye can be cured through pain killers to lessen the ache. Aspirin should be avoided in any pain, you can take any other pain killer such as Tylenol or Motrin. Aspirin is always a bad call to reduce pain because it at times increases bleeding. Other treatments are same for home remedies which include, rest and putting ice pad on blackened eye.

In situations when the black eye has reached severity in pain or has some other risk factors involved, the patient should be taken to an ophthalmologist. He would take care of the person’s eye by doing more investigations.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Black Eye:

Home remedies of black eye mostly revolve around the things which are already there in almost every house. Here are some of the remedies:

1. Ice pack as a remedial measure for black eye

Black eye can be treated instantly if you keep a pack of ice on the effected or bruised area. It will help you not only to keep the blood flow normal but also will allow reduction in swelling to some level. Healing will also be quicker if you apply the ice pack. Following steps would let you feel better in minimum possible time:

  • Take a clean cloth and wrap ice cubes around it.
  • Place it in such a way that it I more like holding.
  • Keep the cloth with ice cubes for about five to six minutes.
  • Make sure of repeating the process as much as you can, thrice in 2 hours’ time.

This process will help in preventing pain. Placing ice directly on eyes will bring more trouble rather relief and it is advised not to do that. Always make sure that the cloth which you are using is clean. You can also place frozen veggies instead.

2. Heat and compression of warmness

To accelerate the healing process you need to place warm compress which will allow you to have better blood flow around your blackened eye. This is how you can do it:

  • Take a clean cloth, dip it in warm cloth or warm it in microwave for a minute. If you are dipping cloth in warm water then you need to squeeze extra water from it.
  • Place it on the bruised blackened eye until it becomes cool and you can’t feel the heat.
  • The process needs to be repeated at least five times in a day.

Massaging on the bruised blackened eye is also a good trick to reduce pain.

3. Vitamin C

It is recommended to have food which have vitamin C in order to get black eye healed. There are food items like guavas, lemons, oranges, mangoes and peppers which have vitamin C. you can also opt for vitamin C supplements.

4. Arnica

To reduce and lessen swelling around black eye arnica is taken. It is a herb which has the tendency to work on with swelling. Damaged tissues and muscles of eye are healed through this herb. You can find arnica in eye ointments and creams. It is also found in the form of oil.

5. Papaya and pineapple

These two fruits serves as helping agents to cut down blackness around eye. Any type of discoloration can be reduced by these fruits because they have rich antioxidants in them. Enzymes in these fruits help in softening and healing skin.

Black Eye Prevention:

Prevention is better than cure, it is always better to be careful rather than complaining and whining about diseases in longer run. You can prevent black eye by a number of ways. Keep your eyes clean from dust and pollen. Also make sure you don’t bump into something or anything hits right on your face. Be careful about your movements and things around you.

Black Eye Follow Up:

Follow ups with doctors specially eye specialist is important because it is the only way through which you will get to know more about its severity, its progress and how things should be handled to bring some positive result. It is also necessary to see eye specialist to get more tests and examination of eye in case of emergency.

Prognosis Of Black Eye:

Black eye can be both, a situation or a disease. How to know if it is a disease is simple. In both the situations, you can get it checked by the specialist who deals with eye diseases and figure it out for you. Moreover, black eye is said to be cured within a week. If not, you need to get it checked. All in all, black eye is not something to worry about until car accidents, any other disease related to ENT – eye, nose and throat is the cause of it.

When To Seek Medical Help For Black Eye?

It is must to go to doctor to get blackened eye check if:

  • Vision gets disturbed.
  • Pain is too much to bear.
  • Injury in head which caused black eye.
  • Any sort of eye infection.
  • Swelling which stays on for more than three days.
  • Double vision persists.
  • Problem in moving eye is noticed.
  • Eye brow piercing caused black eye.

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