Horizontal Lip Piercing

There is so much variety available when it comes to horizontal lip piercing. You can do it anywhere on your face from earlobe to your lips which happens to be a popular one. It sure does make a style statement.

Horizontal lip piercing is quiet a rare form of lip piercing. How is it generally done? It passes through the lip mostly the lower lip and the other lip piercing passes through the least flesh. They use long bar to do horizontal lip piercing that goes through and comes out of the same lip. You can do this either at the corner or the center of your lips. It is mostly guys who prefer to do it compared to women.

Things to Know Before You Get Horizontal Lip Piercing Done

Here is little yet important information so you can’t say nobody told you this:

  • The biggest problem that people face with this kind of piercing is the pain as the jewelry goes through a big area of sensitive skin along with the high rejection rate. People lie to you if they say it doesn’t hurt because it is certainly painful as lips are a very sensitive area. WHEN it comes to this, it is the gauge size that really matters.
  • Remember as this piercing passes through a larger part of your lip, you are bound to see prominent scarring. To minimize your scarring, find out which jewelry suits you best.
  • Then there is a healing issue. Different people heal differently and encounter different issues. It requires good after care to keep rejection, migration and infection at bay. A good aftercare consists of rinsing your mouth with a unflavored mild mouth wash along with sea salt soak.

Horizontal Lip Piercing

Horizontal lip piercing is whenever any piercing passes through the area right below the lower lip or immediately above the upper lip and into the mouth. It is usually done on one side of the mouth in the form of singe piercing. Many people prefer having two or more horizontal piercings situated side by side.

Few of the best styles of body jewelry when it comes to horizontal lip piercing of lower lips are twisters, circular barbells and captive bead rings. On the other hand, labret studs look best above the upper lip.

There are various kinds of lip piercing that fall in the category of horizontal lip piercings like Medusa piercing, Monroe piercing and labret piercing. Any piercing that passes through the lips horizontally are thought to be horizontal lip piercing.

Then there is another kind of horizontal lip piercing that passes through the lip from side to side instead of straight through the mouth. It is basically surface piercing which has high chances of rejection and migration. Most of the oral activities require immense care.

Horizontal Lip Piercing Scar

The kind of horizontal lip piercing that goes from side to side instead of into the mouth has more chances of rejection and migration. In case it is left to migrate, it will leave an ugly scar across the lips. The tissue of the lips through which it passes is extremely thin which increases the chances of rejection. For many people, rejection begins only few days after piercing.

Nobody likes two scars on the lip tissue. The issue of scars relies on various factors like the individual healing capability, gauge size of jewelry and the healing process. You can use vitamin E and scar fading cream to speed up the process. With time scars usually fade to almost your skin tone.

Basic after care consists of mouth rinse with a mild mouth wash to keep bacteria away along with sea salt soaks. It requires special when drinking, eating and kissing when you pierced area is in the healing process.

Horizontal Lip Piercing Jewelry

You can use spike, curved barbell and normal labret of any kind to get your lips pierced horizontally. In horizontal lip piercing, both ends show as it is done side to side. To make it easier for the person getting the lips pierced, it is mostly done using a flexible kind of jewelry.

In the case of surface piercing, there are no holes created inside the lips. A custom shaped barbell is inserted through the lip or a back curved labret is used.

What to Expect After You Get a Horizontal Lip Piercing Done

Here are some normal signs after you get your horizontal lip piercing done. Don’t get all worried when you notice these signs:

  • During the first 3 to 5 days, it is normal to notice tenderness, bruising, light bleeding and considerable swelling.
  • After 3 to 5 days, it is normal to observe light secretion of whitish yellow fluid along with swelling.
  • Remember that even when your lip piercing has healed, it can close in few minutes even if it has been there for years. this depends on person to person. If you like your lifp piercing, do not let the jewelry leave the hole for long.
  • Just because the piercing seemed healed on the outside before the entire healing process has completed, it doesn’t mean it has actually healed. It heals from the outer to inner. Even if the exterior is healed, the tissues on the inner side still need care. Keep cleaning it the whole healing period.

Lip Piercing Healing and After Care

Both the sides of the piercing need to be cleaned with a salt solution. Piercing remains in touch with the saliva that can contains bacteria. Cleaning the area keeps it from being infected and minimizes pain and swelling. Just in case in you notice the color of your teeth changing after the piercing, simply visit your dentist.

Generally, the whole pierced site takes 4 to 10 weeks to completely heal. Otherwise, simply the pierced area takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal. In few cases, it may take lesser time than that. Among all kinds of piercing, lip piercings heals the fastest. The saliva present in the mouth can also be helpful in combatting bacteria.


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