100+ Cute Nail Designs and Ideas You Wish To Try

Women feel it somewhere inside, the need to look beautiful, smart and pretty. This is more like an innate DNA that strikes every time they see a pair of shoes that strikes their mind or an outfit that had been luring them on to buy for a while but were really not happy with the price tag attached to it. It is like us women are more into buying but it is a fairy tale to have someone else’s credit card to do the much needed.


As much as we earn and work hard we get a little miser when it comes to buy to our hearts content. There rather is no heart’s content as there would be more shoes, bags and clothes every time we step out to get some bread and eggs. Most women play very close attention to what they buy, how they take care of their wardrobe that includes organizing the stuff, keeping the things safe from anytheir nails should be properly trimmed and shaped with the damage and also arranging them so that they can easily co-ordinate the accessories well with everything. Likewise, they also spend hours and dollars looking after their skin and hair as nothing looks good with bad skin and messy hair. Salons are always packed with women getting haircuts, hair dyes and tons of other hair and skin related treatments, and now to everyone’s surprise women have also involved themselves in the art of line nail designs along with many other beautiful variations.


It isn’t in fact correct to conclude that nail art has been a decade old trend. Centuries ago, the treatments given to nails were more of a status symbol rather than a personal style statement. It has been recorded that in the ancient era of Babylonia (3000 BC) men used to grind lead and create kohl in order to paint nails. Lost Egyptian art depicts Pharaohs and their wives dying their hair, finger and toenails in a rusty red color that they achieved with the help of juice extracted from the plant of henna.


This is still a very common practice in the entire Middle East and regions of the South Asia. Dating back to thousands of years ago Chinese belonging to the Ming Dynasty spent their time and effort in wrapping their long nails in nail guards that were made out of gold and silver and some were even decorated in precious stones. For this reason, they had special servants who were appointed just so they could take care of all the personal chores for the Chinese Kings and Queens, as they were themselves not capable of doing so because of their nails. It was also witnessed in the same Chinese culture that they successfully created lacquer made out of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, gum Arabic, and vegetable dyes that was used to paint the nails. The trend in the West along the line of the 19th Century was a whole lot different to what it is today.


In the time period between 1800-1900, there was a complete anti-cosmetic attitude that bore the idea of importance of an individual’s inner beauty. For the women of 19th century, their morals and physical hygiene demanded that their nails should be properly trimmed and shaped with the nail tips as bright as they could be. The use of lemon juice and vinegar together was a homemade treatment to achieve a brighter glow on the whites and this was a rather wealthier style statement of the time for a common man had no extra time to impart it on such a leisurely activity.


The modern nail art was born after the cinematic boom when famous celebrities appeared in Hollywood movies with subtle colored nails making them look elegant and glamorous. It was a rough technique by then to develop nail lacquers using tiny scraps of clear films and some castor oil. Though it still wasn’t in the reach of a common woman till the 1915s. The colors that originated from this technique were not as deep and to commercially beat that Revlon in 1930s (company by Revson brothers and Charles Lachman) successfully induced the addition of opaque pigments, which helped with maximum coverage when applied on the nails. Working its way in the industry many new brands hopped on to the bandwagon and introduced many new innovations on the way.


Now there is no such color in the world that cannot be identified with a shade of nail lacquer. In fact, it wasn’t long ago when portable machines were introduced that allowed women to mix a shade or two to create a unique and personalized shade of their own (this business however, did not go on for long). A manicurist in today’s date, spends hours working on different designs some created on her own and some inspired by a large number of designs available worldwide with the aid of the Internet. There are now tons of ways to accessorize the nails, which include beads, studs, diamantes, and crystals.


The acrylic nails or extensions that has become a high-end trend of the decade were introduced in the 50s by Maxwell Lappe to facilitate women who were of a habit to bite their nails. With the passage of time and with the use of technology manicurist have succeeded in giving fake nails/acrylics a more realistic look. For them, nails have become a challenge in which they create their imaginary art on such a small canvas. The world too is appreciating the art of manicurists where worldwide competitions are organized in different parts of the world. Nail Olympics are held on an annual basis in Las Vegas, America. Research has concluded that American women annually spend about $6 billion or even more in nail bars or at the manicurist’s station.


Thus, making the art of nail design and manicure one of the highly priced form of art. With the aid of social media, blooming artists share their work for recommendations and suggestions and this eventually creates a pool of inspiration for many. On our behalf, we have populated a list of 100 cute nail art ideas to make your next trip to the manicurist filled with a lot of options to try out from.


Nails play an important role on a woman’s look because not only they can make your hands beautiful, but also they depict how much you care about your looks and personality, being a woman. The best thing about cute nail ideas is that you don’t have to put artificial nails in order to achieve it; you can perfectly let your nails grow a little bit so the design looks fuller and perfect.


There are several effect nail polishes available in the market like Crackle effect, Croc effect, Magnetic effect, Color changing polishes etc, you can easily use them for a quick and a different nail look. There are several ready to use nail art designs available in market like Water decals, Nail stickers and full nail wraps and interesting thing is that instructions for applying them is also mentioned there for the beginners. You need to read this if you are looking for how to paint your nails like a pro.

Table of Contents

116. Dotting Manicure

Dotting Manicure

It is the most easiest and simple fancy nails art design for the beginner users. Interesting thing is that these dots look simple but yet attractive. Apply any base color to your nails and then put various colored dots in different styles to get your look.

115. Cute Monster’s Filling


One of the cute nail ideas is to put monster’s design on your nails. It is a design of drawing strips with the pictures of funny monsters. Monsters looks weird and amazing if found on nails, so try and enjoy your experience.

114. Soft Angel Nail

Soft Angel Nails

Simple and soft angel nail ideas are so elegant because they enhance the beauty of natural nails. What makes this look so innocent is the color scheme, simplicity of design and round shape of nail tips.

113. Bow Nail Art Design


Bow Nail Art Design stands unique among cute nail ideas for parties and formal functions and it can be done easily with polka dots and nail stickers.

112. Drip Nails


Drip nail designs are awesome and creative cute nail ideas because they are versatile and do not comes with same designs every time. Dip your nail tip into black nail paint and create crazy patterns with it.

111. Mix Match Nails

Mix match nails

Having mix and match nails looks very trendy and superb. You can get this design by painting your thumb and middle finger yellow, your pointer finger black with white polka dots and your pinky finger white with black lines and your ring finger in a graphite glitter color. Your mix match is ready.

110. Pearls And Jelly Nails

Pearls and jelly Nails

This cute nail idea is quite in and is done with blending nail paints and shining pearls together. A simple nail polish is applied as a base and blending is done through glitters and gel to make it creative nail tip designs.

109. Moustache Nails

Moustache Nails

OMG! This nail design is damn cute and weird. Try this cute nail idea for fun and absolutely you will like it in any case. Moustache is the symbol of bravery, so merge it with feminine touch to have it on nails.

108. Rainbow Caviar

Rainbow caviar

Rainbow style is really popular among cute nail ideas these days and it looks so yummy that you want to eat those fingers to have them. It is so simple, apply base color on nails and then put vibrant colored dots on all over the nails to give them candy look.

107. Sunset Nails


Marvelous sunset nails; this nail idea is very flexible and attractive when it comes to colors and layout. It will look cooler if you blend bright colors with soft ones. Apply red, orange, green, blue, violet and black at nail tips to enhance its beauty. Sometimes women love to have long nails but some of them has an unusual habit of biting nails, you might want to check out this article if you are looking for proper solutions about how to stop biting nails so that you can have these kind of beautiful nail designs.

106. Style Me Pretty


The black and white trend is always in fashion and we found a few cute nail ideas to style your nails in the black and white combo. Its one of the most popular winter nail designs that women love to have.

105. Flowery Pattern Nails


Flowery pattern nails excel in beauty in all other nail ideas. In this design, calgel treatment is applied on nails and then decorates it with different color polishes by drawing beautiful flowers. You can also fill these flowers with glitters to give a shimmery touch.

104. Half-Moon Nails


It is done by using soft colors like pink and off white as a base. Then half moon is carved and filled it with golden glitter. It looks extremely beautiful on long shaped nails. Pattern can be drawn in the middle of the nails too but most of the times the most common design preferred by women are grey nails when it comes to half moon nails.

103. Panda Nails

panda-nail design

If you are interested in panda nail ideas, here comes one of the most creative and cute nail designs to have it on your nails. You just need something round and about the right size for this cute design. First, paste a white semi circle on the tip of your nail and wait it to dry. Use a dotting tool (a hairpin) to make ears and nose with black nail paint. Let the black dots dry; now add smaller white dots on black circles to enhance the eyes. Panda nail shape is ready!

102. Stylish Black White Nails

black and White Party

I love this awesome design; fabulous combination of stylish black tips with shimmery white base catch the attention at first look. It is very simple, apply shiny white nail polish on your nails and wait it to dry. After that, print the tips of your nails with black curves. Apply white dots on black color to give it catchy look.

101. Fashion touch; Stylish ideas for stylish Ones


I hope the cute nail ideas discussed above will be helpful for you as these nail ideas are extremely simple and you can try them at home with so much ease. You just need basic things to get started with nail art, like nail art stickers, dotting tools (needles, toothpick etc), rhinestones, stripping tapes, cavier beads, glitters, nail polishes in different colors with topcoat and base coat, acrylic nails, bobby pins, makeup sponge, cotton swab, nail polish remover and nail art brushes etc.

100. Dotting Manicure

DOTTING MANICUREThis nail art can be graded as the simplest of all. You simply need a bunch of your favorite nail colors and then you choose the lightest of all those colors as your base and then keep the rest of them as shades to play with by making dots of different sizes and colors. It is more like a game of colored polka dotting, where the conventional theme is always monochrome and in this technique you can use different shades to add a little more feminism.

99. Cute Monster Filling

CUTE MONSTER FILLINGAre you creative enough and know your way with creating your own characters? Then we are sure that you would love doodling some alien/monster creatures on your fingertips. The great thing about this cute nail idea is that you can be imaginative and you are free to fill up your own tiny canvas. But one thing you need to take care of is that the faces that you are going to create should be facing downwards towards the ground and not towards you because that would kill the entire effect. I’m sure most of you would be completely aware of this concept.

98. Soft Angel Nail

SOFT ANGEL NAIlSoft Angel nails require a perfect manicure in which your natural nail shape is maintained and they are neatly filed because the main emphasis is on the neatness of the nails and the skin around. You might have seen this kind of manicure on many celebrities and artists because this is what makes them grounded and elegant. If you are a funky kind of person then trying out the soft angel design will give your entire personality a very subtle outlook. The key is to have a fresh manicure and a very neutral shade of nail color.

97. Bow Art Nail  Design

BOW ART NAIL DESIGNBows have always been the symbol of feminism and cuteness ever since a baby girl is born into a house. Both the mother and the father wish to accessorize her with cute bow bands and bows on shoes, frocks, and everything else they can get their hands on. When the girl gets older the trend gets funkier. With this bow art nail design you can have a very elegant nail design and can also add in a lot of color if you wish to, this is all dependent on your mood and taste. A lot of nail art accessorizes are available and bows are a part of these accessorizes. While adding bows to your nail design make sure that you add the bow to a single nail only.

96. Drip Nails

DRIP NAILSWe are sure you are going to have quite a lot of fun creating this design. I have always been a fan of painting. Though, I really don’t know my way with it and often I end up creating a whole lot of mess with paint blobs all around and wet paint dripping from one place to the other. This is the concept behind the drip nails that you are to recreate the effect of dripping nail paint. This can be easily done by using two shades of nail color and adding white dots on to the dripping nail color to create a 3D visual effect.

95. Mix Match Nails

MIX MATCH NAILSYou can go crazy or completely sane with this type of nail design. The name says it all ‘mix & match’ means you can either go with a single base color and then go about adding lines or polka dots on top, or you can use two to three contrasting colors and then play around with glitter, accessories and even diamantes. You are free to play around as much as you want.

94. Pearls  And  Jelly Nails

PEARLS AND JELLY NAILSNow this is a very artistic kind of nail design idea and this might require you to use the help of an expert or you can yourself try out with some experimentation. The design though looks quite professional, where the nails can be filed in a stiletto shape and then we can accessorize it with some jelly roses and plastic diamonds. We can also call these as wedding nails because they are kept white and transparent which makes them a perfect combination with the wedding gown. Its easier to apply with a jelly nail polish rather than an ordinary one.

93. Moustache Nails

MOUSTACHE NAILSThis is such a cool trend where you can add on a tiny moustache on the tip of the nail with the help of a stencil of course, but if you are experienced enough you can even go freehand. Moustache has slowly become quite a trend and you can see a lot of souvenirs designed with the same concept, like mugs, notepads, t-shirts, pens, etc. Neon colored base with a moustache in black is going to look absolutely amazing.

92. Rainbow  Caviar

RAINBOW CAVIARWe call it rainbow caviar nail design because the colors are so cute and so edible that you would wish if your nails were actually cupcakes and you could simply chew them off. You need a good floral color, like rosy red, pink, sky blue or any color on this side of the spectrum, then simply apply the base color and then grab some tiny beads and simply press them on top of the base color before it completely dries off. This way the nail color will hold as many beads as possible and once dry will give the perfect rainbow caviar look. You might want to check out this article if you are looking for how to dry nails fast.

91. Sunset Nails

SUNSET NAILSYou can bring out the artist within you with this wisely drawn sunset on the beach nail art design. You might have drawn a cute sunset by the beach when you were a kid and you would be taught to make the things in front of the sun to be black as they are meant to be silhouettes. This cute nail design is also comprised of lovely palm trees as silhouettes while the base color can be a mix of yellow orange and purple to show the horizon. To paint the horizon is the trickiest part.

90. Style Me Pretty

STYLE ME PRETTYYou might have seen a number of tutorials on the Internet where women are teaching how to do freestyle geometric designs on your nail. Well the technique is quite simple and easy where you take some water and add some glycerin into it. Then you are meant to add in your nail colors drop by drop and use a toothpick or a small stick to create patterns you wish to appear on your nails. Once done, you submerge the nails inside the liquid let it stay for a while and when you take it out the pattern is painted on top of the nail (though it is on the skin too but you can clear it off with a remover). Most of the times it is done with red and blue nail designs.

89. Flowery  Pattern Nails

FLOWERY PATTERN NAILSWomen always love flowers and everything and anything that has flowers printed or designed on top of it. So how can we not think of floral designs as nail art design ideas? This design is equally popular among women and there are a number of variations you can see where women use some bold floral patterns and some subtle designs. You can use a grassy green base and add a topcoat of glitter on to it. After painting the flower petals you can even stick some beads to show the pollen area of the flower. More like accessorizing the flowers.

88. Half Moon Nails

HALF MOON NAILSWe have loved the French manicured nails and this is still the most loved trend, years after. Looking at the French tip nails manicure, many nail stylists looked up to the ancient form of nail art for inspiration and came up with a reverse trend, which is called the half moon trend. The half moon trend is designed in the way that the bottom curve of your nail is treated as the part of the moon and the crescent is drawn on that area of the nail using a white/grey/black color, while the rest of the base is colored in a different neutral shade. This gives the nail that half moon effect.

87. Panda Nails

PANDA NAILSPandas are the only kind of bears that people aren’t afraid of and really want to hug and play with one, in their life. Animal loving women can use pandas as props for their nail art design and they can very easily design panda heads on the tips of their nails using black and use the white color to draw the face, ears and nose of the Pandas.

86. The Piano Nails

THE PIANO NAILSIf you are a music fan, you will simply love this nail art design idea. It suits perfectly for women who are involved in playing instruments, especially the piano. You can draw in piano keys on your nails and even add one or two of your favorite notes on an alternating fingertip. This design is meant to give you that very orchestral kind of look. For women who are not into playing instruments but love to listen to music should also go ahead and give it a try, once.

85. Heartbeat Nails

HEARTBEAT NAILSYou would have used the heartbeat design at a lot of places, like an email or sms signature, a tattoo design, a ring design and now you can even go for a heartbeat nail art design. Sounds fun, isn’t it? It sure is. You can use all four of your fingertips to design a pulsating heartbeat while the thumb can be kept neutral. The best shades to use for this nail art design are grayish black and red. Doctors, paramedics and even nurses can rock this humbling nail art design idea.

84. Social Media Nails

SOCIAL MEDIA NAILSWho doesn’t spend hours in front of the computer and the mobile surfing through one social networking website to another. Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram are just a few names where majority of the people spend key portions of their day, browsing. So why not go for a social media logo nail art design. Looks kind of nerdy but who doesn’t love a nerdy chic? For the base color you can use white color, as all the logo designs will stand out on the white base.

83. Meme Nails

MEME NAILSOne more growing trend thanking to social media is the widespread love for Memes. Yes there are all kinds of memes spread all over the Internet and even custom memes are created within days or even hours. You can use any of your favorite meme design and then add in your custom message to add a very personalized touch to it. Not only will you be laughing at it after it gets done but your friends will also have a good laugh along with you. What a comic way to celebrate a great nail art design idea.

82. Super Hero Nails

SUPERHERO NAILSThere’s no time to be only crushing at your favorite superhero because now there’s so much more that you can do to show your love and support towards your favorite superhero. If you can’t finalize which superhero theme to go with then simply add in all your favorite superheroes in each nail and give it a collective theme.

81. Tuxedo Nails

TUXEDO NAILSThough, a pretty manly thought but you will definitely get some male attention when you paint your nails with some fine tuxedo designs. Guys are pretty aware of the latest trends and this tuxedo design will make them have a giggle at first and maybe you can share some good tuxedo color schemes with them for their future references. You can also surprise the man in your life with his favorite tuxedo design, painted on your nails.

80. Paint Blob Nails

PAINT BLOB NAILSWe have previously discusses a painting based nail art design idea and this time we are going to add some variation to it. You can go with either a paint dripping nail art idea and you can also get a lot cooler by doing a paint blob design. You will love creating this design because you are supposed to be freestyle and you don’t need to direct yourself thinking how big or small the blob should be, or even how round or irregular can it be. Just be cool and drip along a few nail paint blobs here and there.

79. Musical Note Nails

MUSICAL NOTE NAILSLike the piano nail design idea we have another cool instrument based nail art idea and this is a lot cooler than you can think of it to be. This time instead of painting the piano keys you can go with all kinds of notes. Doesn’t matter sharp or flat notes, just go with the flow. You can also either get a specific musical note painted on the nails or if you do not have the relative knowledge then go with whatever looks nice to you. Just like a kid’s dream to do whatever they want to do. Musical note nails are also considered as one of the most popular nail tape designs that women love to make.

78. One-Directions Nails

ONE-DIRECTION NAILSFor girls who are diehard One Direction fans, why not dress up as a true fan? Yes, just like everything else you can even have a One Direction themed nail art design party. There are a lot of One Direction inspired nail art design ideas that you can select from but if you are not sure what you are looking for then keep it simple in your first try. We have even seen women who have got One Direction band member portraits designed on their fingertips, isn’t it like the coolest thing ever?

77. American Dream Nails

AMERICAN DREAM NAILSWho doesn’t want to live the American dream? Everyone who leaves their country and travels miles to reach America have one or the other dream mapped on their brain and they work day in and day out to achieve that dream/goal. The struggles that one goes through, the problems that one has to face during that journey to achieve the dream is called chasing the American dream. There’s so much you can get painted on your nails that remind you of your American dream, but to show the attachment a creatively designed American flag is the easiest you can get for yourself.

76. Cute Owl Nails

CUTE OWL NAILSAnimals are always the cutest and they make the perfect prop for nail art design idea. For owls you can design some really cute looking cartoonish owls on your fingertips. The colors to use as owls can be dirty brown, green, purple, blue and even red. Remember, you are going to design a cute nail design so you can be as crazy and cute as possible. Nail art design tools/brushes can be used to create owl ears and eyes and nose and for beginners it will take time to achieve a level of neatness in their design.

Top 5 Nail Art  Brushes

Just like every other art, nail art also consists of a number of tools for trade and without these tools there won’t be any finesse or clarity in the work done. Nail bar and salons have to keep themselves updated with the latest trends and techniques and for that reason they have to update their tools for trade. Along with that they also have to train their staff in a timely manner because we know that the fashion industry evolves in the blink of an eye. No trend stays in more than 6 months and even if it does you will find a lot of variations happening within the trend and it will stand out pretty different from what it started off from.

Nail Art designing is also an art and it requires a lot of patience, practice and experimentation. There’s no fun without any experimentation and this requires you coming out of your shell and doing stuff that you haven’t actually done before. There are tons of accessories available in different stores that allow you to try out your hand with the experimentation process and now a lot of at home ‘manicure sets’ can be bought directly from the stores that are composed of a number of in-style nail colors and accessories for you to play around with and create your own style statement.

But to hop on to the nail art designing business in a more professional way, you need to learn what this art is all about and we recommend you to get to know the details of the most important brushes that are used in creating some of the most mind blowing and fascinating nail art designs.

a. Detailer  Brush

detailerThe detailer brush is as of what the name suggests, this tiny brush with a very fine tip is used to design very intricate and delicate designs. You must have seen a lot of designs where they have been really cute flowers, or bunnies and bears and you must have been thinking how in the world do nail artists create such delicate designs using the nailbrush that comes along with the color. But you might not really be aware that those designs are actually produced with the help of a detailer brush that transitions into a very thin tip.

b. Crooked Detailer Brush

crookedThis brush is technically the same as the detailer brush but you might have seen a similar variation in the eyeliner brush as well. You might have seen professional makeup artists using a crooked eyeliner brush to create the perfect cat eye. Likewise, sometimes some designs require you to handle the brush in a particular angle and you sometimes cant do that with a straight brush, hence came forth the crooked detailer brush that allows you to do your delicate work with all the ease in the world.

c. Dotter Brush

DOTTER BRUSHYou would have seen some really nice circles on classic nail art designs and then you would have seen your hands thinking how do they even get those finely popped dots and here you cant even drop a perfect blob using the nailbrush. So to have that perfect polka dot effect or to fill up that ladybug you simply need the help of a dotting brush. The brush has one small and one medium dot on each side making it easier for you to have fun dotting away on your nails.

d. Angular Brush

ANGULAR BRUSHArtists usually require a lot of brushes to get through with their usual work and sometimes a particular edge of the painting and the angle of that area requires a special brush, here my friends we insert the use of the angular brush. A 45-degree cut, flat brush is what we see being used in the base of the painting and it goes for the art created on our nails as well.

e. Cleaner Brush

CLEANER BRUSHFinally the biggest shout out goes to the cleaner brush because this one tool is a lifesaver when we mess up every little thing on the nail or around it we rush towards dipping the cleaner brush in the nail remover liquid and then stroking it around the mess to get rid of the wreck. When it wasn’t for the cleaner brush like in the old times we were using cotton balls or q-tips and the misery to achieve perfection was unbearable.

The best part about all of this is that each one of these brushes along with a number of other brushes (some specific to nail art designs) are now easily available at all cosmetic stores and we don’t really have to bother about them being expensive because the competition is immense and every brand has to satisfy their customers with an excellent product in an affordable range. Our suggestion goes out to those who are aspiring to pursue this art is to collect all these brushes and practice as much as they can.

75. Colorful  Leapord Nails

COLORFUL LEAPORD NAILSLeopard print frenzy women are supposed to go crazy with this great nail art idea that includes their favorite animal print but with a very different and funky kind of twist. We are talking about that mystique leopard but we are going to add some really feminine colors in the making. The base instead of being the usual brown can be any shade of pink and purple because that is going to give it a very female variant outlook and the leopard skin print always looks really wild and sexy.

74. Angry Bird Nails

ANGRY BIRD NAILSAngry females who are angry bird fans will love this nail art design idea because this is based on their favorite game. Since the inception of the game, people have instantly fallen in love with it and this is actually a stereotype that women can never be good at angry birds. Simply paint your nails all red as the base color and then let it dry for a while. Add in a semi circle at the fingertip and two small dots for eyes using a white nail color. Rest you are left to add features including the eyes and those angry eyebrows and blob a small yellow nails color for the angry bird nose. Seal the nail art by finishing it off with a topcoat.

73. Powerpuff Girl Nails

POWERPUFF GIRLS NAILSMost of us have grown old watching the Powerpuff girls and we have always idealized ourselves as one of them. You can be the ever-mature Blossoms, the angry Buttercup or the cute little Bubbles. Whatever you have idealized yourself as, you can go ahead and have it painted on your nails. To have neatness and finesse in drawing a perfect Powerpuff girl requires a lot of attention and perfection and you might want to check on with your nail stylist if she/he is capable of giving the optimum results.

72. Garfield  Nails

GARFIELD NAILSThe chubby, lazy, self-loathing kitty cat that has won hundreds of hearts; Garfield is the signature kitty cat of the comic world. This kitty cat is not only chubby, but is also loving and caring and when you will have that carrot cum orange themed nails with Oddy, Garfield and their Master you and everyone else will instantly fall in love not only with the cute nail art design but also, your personality. Better be cute and sassy then to be dull and boring. So go wild and crazy and look out for your childhood favorites when you are planning your next nail appointment at the salon.

71. Corpse Nails

CORPSE NAILSThis idea might seem a bit eeky to many but this is actually a pretty cool nail art design idea. Basically this is the latest trend both in women tattoo designs and also in nail art design ideas. Where corpse, skulls, and other gothic symbols are used as basic designs and then they are accessorized with floral designs around them. Here too you will need a little bit of fine arts to achieve the maximum result as the corpse skulls are pretty tricky to design and also need a little edge of pop art with the flowers adjusted around the corpse head.

70. Kawaii  Inspired Nails

KAWpeAII INSPIRED NAILSKawaii actually stands for ‘Cute’ in Japanese language and here we are discussing about Cute nail art design ideas so how can we forget adding in Japanese inspired Kawaii nail art ideas who are actually the creators of world favorite Anime. For Kawaii designs there are a lot of rainbows, clouds and drawings with cute little characters. It is not necessary that you go for specific Japanese oriented characters but you can personalize your own characters into the design. This will give it a very unique theme inspired by the famous Japanese Kawaii Art.

69. Geeky Nails

GEEKY NAILSGo Geeky! Yes, men love women who are bold enough to embrace who they really are. If you love video games say it out loud, discuss it with your guy friends and have a night out playing to your heart’s content. This means that you can easily flaunt any nail art design idea inspired by any of your favorite geek element. Either it can be a programming language encoded script, or it can be your favorite characters/symbols from a game you love to play, it could even be apparatus from a lab, just go crazy with your favorite things and later on love to show it off, what you are truly inspired of.

68. Super Mario Nails

SUPER MARIO NAILSSuper Mario, who doesn’t love this game? As much as you love the game, the color scheme and the characters of the game make for some amazing nail art design idea. You can go with the Mario brothers, or you can go with the mushrooms, the turtles, and the list simply goes on. There’s so much in the game that can be used as props to create a majestic nail art design. Even the colors are very striking and are great as a back to school nail art design idea. You will certainly add in some ‘ohhs’ and ‘ahhs’ here and there.

67. Hunger Games Nails

HUNGER GAMES NAILSKatniss is the role model for many girls who are fan of the movie series, ‘Hunger Games’. This young lady vouched in place of her sister to win a battle of life and death and not only did she succeed but she won the hearts of millions of girls, worldwide. Hunger Games the movie has been advertised with the Hunger Games emblem, which is an emblem made up on an Eagle with an arrow. This emblem makes for some really great souvenirs. Katniss’s braids and the Hunger Games emblem had been the biggest trends after the release of the movie. To go with the theme of the movie simply paint the base color black with gray semi circles on top. You can choose your favorite nail to paint the emblem on to.

66. Tie & Dye  Effect Nails

TIE & DYE EFFECT NAILSTie and Dye, as the name suggests is basically the mixing of two or more colors together. Sometimes the mixing technique is kept leveled where the colors do not merge well and there are fine lines in between but most of the times the colors are allowed to merge and mix to create a very beautiful marble effect and this effect when allowed to be painted on the nails turns out to give away an immensely elegant and feminine outlook. Essie’s nail colors turn out to be the best in the market to bring out some amazing tie and dye effect, nail art designs.

65. Nyan Cat Nails

NYAN CAT NAILSWho remembers the Nyan Cat from the Internet? If you are not aware of what Nyan cat is then to explain it and to keep it short, the Nyan Cat also became a social media troll when a cat appeared randomly on the Internet with rainbows coming out from its behind and who’s flying in the air among the clouds. If this wasn’t destined to become a troll, then what was? But Nyan Cat is actually kind of cute because of the rainbow colors and the kitty cat and also the clouds. You will love to have a Nyan Cat inspired nail art design and we can guarantee that the people will also fall in love with it after having a little fun with the concept.

64. Troll Face Nails

TROLL FACE NAILSThe LOL, Excuse Me Sir, Forever Alone, Nailed It, and Poker face are just a few names of the trolls that have become the lifeline of the people living a life submerged in social media. These faces are a way to express, to show the immense level of sarcasm or even laughter. Troll faces can be regarded as the epitome of expression over social media. These troll faces will become your best friend in college or at work after you get this epic nail art design done on your nails. The designs are pretty simple and you will need a white nail color as your base and some basic drawing skills to generate the troll faces.

63. Anchor  Design Nails

ANCHOR DESIGN NAILSAnchor or navy designs are pretty popular amongst both male and female. We have also featured anchor designs in our 100 Tattoo design ideas and the same goes for the nail art design idea, because some themes are great to be used in every way possible. Some day we might even discuss naval attires. In the anchor nail art design you will be needing some anchor accessories or if you are good at drawing you can even draw your own anchor in a gold/glitter theme on top of bold blue and white navy stripes. You can also additionally add beads or glitter to your final design.

62. Back To School Nails

BACK TO SCHOOL NAILSGirls shouldn’t be disappointed for we have a very cool ‘Back to School’ nail art design idea that includes using their most cursed partner during the school years, the pencil! Did you know that we could recreate the bottom of the pencil as a funky nail art design? You need a very bright yellow colored base and on top of that you have to recreate the bottom end of your pencil. Add a thick stripe of silver color to give the look of the steel separator and finally use a pink nail color to design the eraser. Not only will you impress your BFF but lookout maybe your teacher might get a little too inspired as well.

61. Cute Melon Nails

CUTE MELON NAILSWatermelon is the ultimate fruit of the summers and not only does it quench your thirst but it also adds in natural sugars to the body that boosts up the energy without making you fat. Now that’s a win-win situation. Fruits also make for some really cute nail art design ideas and not just melons you can recreate any fruit of your preference. But for the watermelon theme simply grab your darkest green, bubbly pink and black nail polish. Try out designing the outer shell on the thumb and ring finger, whereas you can design slices of freshly cut melon on the rest of the fingers where you can paint the base pink and add a small curve of green on the tip of the nail. To show the seeds simply add in a couple of dots and then spread them a little.

60. Chalkboard Nails

CHALKBOARD NAILSAll of us loved to come over to the chalkboard every time our teacher asked us to and enjoy a little limelight at that age. There used to be some kind of charisma while holding the chalk and then stroking it on the coarse surface of the chalkboard. Everything, no mater how unnecessary or stupid it was looked pretty important. You can recreate the same chalkboard effect on your nails as well. You will need a black or a very dull and dirty green as your base and on top of that you will be using a white nail polish to design your very important message. It can be a cute face, maybe some petals or even a geometric design.

59. Harry  Potter  Inspired Nails

HARRY POTTER INSPIRED NAILSEvery teenage girl and even adult woman’s inspiration is definitely Harry Potter, where J.K. Rowling has successfully created a whole new world for the people to fall in, get up and fly freely in. The world of Harry Potter is incredible where once dived you will never want to come out of. For the Potter fans why not try a Potter inspired nail art design idea? You can go with the lightning bolt scar on Harry’s face, add in the sword, the snitch, or either of the horcrux. Flaunt your love for Potter and the clan with some inspired nails.

58. Facebook  Design Nails

FACEBOOK DESIGN NAILSAre you a Facebook junkie? Then you should better enjoy these Facebook inspired nails. All you have to do is paint the nails using two toned blue, the base darker blue and the tip a little light and on the top paint that hearty Facebook ‘F’ sign using white nail paint that skips a beat each time you will be looking at it. Thinking maybe a notification or two will also appear on your nails probably, which indeed is not going to happen, ever.

57. Goth Nails

GOTH NAILSThe ‘emo’ girls usually love to paint their nails all black but this time we have got a treat for them. Inspired by their all black persona we thought about what can be done with their nails that will not disrupt their overall outlook but rather enhance their state of mind and emotions. So we came up with this gothic style nail art design idea for you that includes your basic black nails and on top of that you just add in some white stripes and additionally add in a dark lord skull to make your complete look stand out and get some envious eyes from your fellow emo fans.

56. Super Man Nails

SUPERMAN NAILSThe man of steel, the flying machine and the ultimate power mountain, superman has over a million fans and then there are women who are crazy over the man of steel not just because of his physique or his hunk features but because there is an air of protection and warmth about Superman that is so natural that women tend to get wooed by it. Superman inspired nail art design is a little bit tricky but you can master the art after a couple of bad tries. Just paint your base a warm blue and then take out your brightest red to design the favorite Superman ‘S’. The ‘S’ is supposed to be the trickiest as it is not designed in your usual alphabet style it is a little edgy and with the shield at the back filled with yellow you might need to take out your thinnest nail brushes.

55. Toy Story Nails

TOY STORY NAILSToy Story, is amongst one of the biggest hits ever produced by Pixar. The only movie that has successfully gone through 4 parts and every part has been an instant hit. Kids love their toys and to see that the toys love them back makes an inevitable connection. It is hard to grow out of the phase when you feel the pain of your teddy bear falling on the ground. For you out there who have been toy story fans you can bring in your favorite characters as part of your nail art design.

54. Strawberry Nails

STRAWBERRY NAILSStrawberry is the sexiest of all the berries, the one that immediately sparks that feminine appeal into your eyes as soon as you grab it from the tip and dip it into that sugary, smooth chocolate dip. So strawberry nails are pretty in trend and you can pretty easily get done with the design on the basis of the same theme like you did with the watermelon. For strawberries though, you need a lighter version of green as compared to the watermelon. Both pink and red can be used to design different variations of strawberries and maybe a cherry or two can be designed along as a sidekick.

53. Ginger Bread  Nails

GINGERBREAD NAILSThe gingerbread nails are destined to be the cute holiday nails. The fresh aroma of gingerbread being taken out fresh from the oven is everyone’s fondest memories from the childhood. Even if you didn’t like eating the gingerbread man, you sure might have loved decorating those cute little creatures. This time you can recreate your childhood memory on the tips of your nails by designing the gingerbread man as a nail art design. The gingerbread man though needs a little more room and will be designed better on wide nails in comparison to smart nails.

52. Groom Nails

GROOM NAILSThis idea might sound a little funny to a few but it is kind of cute. Groom nails are basically a pair of tux/suits being painted on your nails. The suits are simple to design and do not really require a lot of effort. You can use tape to cover the white portion and then blacken the corner of the tips to make the suit, while the white inside will portray the shirt. Finalize the design by adding a tiny black bowtie and some buttons. Surprise your husband to be on your wedding day with this design or you can simply dedicate your anniversary day with the groom nail art design.

51. Yin & Yang Nails

Yin & Yang NailsThe Chinese symbols of peace and tranquility that show how crucial the two parts of a human soul can be. This is definitely the deepest reality of life where one realizes that both good and bad together make the world a better place. This concept will be new and pretty unappealing to many but it is indeed true. The good and the bad both within us determine our morality and teach us the goodness from the badness. Yin and Yang have been used as artistic symbols for ages and thus we too have them in our list of 100 inspiring and cute nail art design idea. The key to design yin and yang is really simple and also you can play around with the colors.

How To Do Ombre Nails

Have you been secretly admiring the hair trend of the year where women are flaunting a mix of shades that is not separated by any line or variation rather the blending between the colors is so transparent and smooth that you cannot even find the part where the color changes from being one to another. This effect is called Ombre and it is the trend of the year where fashion enthusiasts and the top models are flaunting Ombre dyed hair and even the ramps are filled with clothes especially gowns that are dyed and patterned on the lines of Ombre.

In the beginning of the trend the Ombre was a pretty harsh technique where you could see a hard line between the two colors. It was more like a color dip where the tip of the hair looked like they were dipped in a container of dye. But with the passage of time the technique moved forward and we got to see some amazing Ombre dyed hair that looked as if they were not even a part of this world and now almost all the women are going for Ombre dyes instead of streaks or full hair dyes. So when this was becoming the latest trend we thought that the world of nail art shouldn’t also be left behind. Ombre nails are now the latest hi-fashion trend and we are going to teach you how to do them in the comfort of your own house with as little tools as possible. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

  • Start by washing off any form of crème or moisturizer from your hands, especially your nails. Next take a very small portion of a sponge and set it aside. Now you basically have to first sort out what kind of Ombre look you are looking out for, there are quite a few variations in it. You can either go with a transparent base coat or if you are looking for a nude effect then you are supposed to brush in the nude nail paint as your base coat.

Step 2:

  • For the second step, make sure that your base coat is completely dried off so that it isn’t smudged when we are trying to do the Ombre effect. It is really important for the base coat to be dry because it is like a canvas on which we are going to bring in the Ombre effect. The next step involves the use of all your favorite and contrasting shades to create the Ombre.

Step 3:

  • The most crucial stage is the creation of the Ombre for this you are required to use a thick paper on to which you are to add in drops of the shades you wish to create an Ombre of. Then using the sponge dab it slowly on top of the nail paint blobs so that the sponge picks up the shades. Carefully without taking too much time bring the sponge on top of the nail and carefully and slowly press it on the top of the nail. You might need to press the sponge two to three times to perfect the Ombre.

Step 4:

  • One more easy but very amateur technique is to use a simple piece of paper and stripe a line each of the nail color of your preference. Then place the paper on top of the nail and press it on the top this will not only add the color but will also merge and blend it.

Step 5:

  • For the final step allow the Ombre colors to settle and dry off completely before you finish the manicure with a transparent topcoat or maybe a glittered one depending upon the effect you are looking out for. You will also need some q-tips and nail remover in handy so that you can carefully remove off the excess from the skin on the sides.

50. Spongebob  Nails

SPONGEBOB NAILSSpongeBob SquarePants the evergreen tiny little sea creature, which in reality is nothing more than a sea sponge but in the cartoon world he is more than a hero, an annoying hero to be. Grab your favorite yellow nail color, paint your base and then let it dry to perfection. The next part is pretty tricky because here you have to use your drawing skills and add on the signature SpongeBob SquarePants expressions on different nails to have a blast and additionally you can also play around with your design by adding in the lame Squidward.

49. Cute Bunny Nails

CUTE BUNNY NAILSJust like the Internet trolls the Internet Bunnies have also been a trend for years. These Bunnies appeared first through long chain emails where different Bunny gifs were introduced expressing a number of emotions one feels throughout the day. These Bunnies were designed with pretty long ears and simple lines in place of the eyes. We have recreated the digital bunny design by using very subtle neutral shades of light pinks and blues, a bit of yellow or maybe green. Draw the long eared bunnies with finally slashing in those black eyes.

48. Constellation  Nails


This cute nail art design idea is perfect for ladies who believe too much in constellation, stars and zodiacs and that all of this has a very strong impact on a person’s fate. If you are a stargazer and are always looking out to witness a universal phenomenon then the constellation nail art design is just the right thing for you. Use your favorite black base color and for the constellation you can either go with a white star experience or if you are lucky and artistic enough go for a silver glittery gray. This will give you a more realistic look.

47. Marble Design Nails

MARBLE DESIGN NAILSYou can now recreate a very chic and classic marble effect nail art idea on your nails. The technique is not specific though and a lot of ideas can be used to get this marble effect and we cannot actually recommend a hard and fast rule of achieving this design but you can use either the glycerin effect or you can also go on with the manual way of drawing the marble directly on to the nails.

46. Checkered Nails

CHECKERED NAILSCheckers are a very basic design concept and you can see them almost everywhere from tiles to tops, to wardrobe and purses, it is like the best monochromatic theme you can find in all major designing concepts. You cannot really fail with a checkered design. That is it has made its way on to the top 100 nail art design ideas. We too recommend the greatness of the checkered design and needless to say it is actually quite easy to create. You can switch between alternating base colors (white/back), as this will change the overall look and feel of the nail art design.

45. Donut Design Nails

DONUT DESIGN NAILSWomen what is life without some sweetness, right? We love chocolates, we love things made out of chocolate and when it comes to donuts then there’s no way we are ever going to say no to it. Donuts are pretty cute little kitchen creatures that sit innocently on a tray, waiting for someone to cast an eye at them and they can play angelic and lure the victim towards them. So why not do that with your nails. Donuts are simple round pieces of freshness that need a very mild yellow color to create while you can use pinks, blues and darker brown to create the toppings. Don’t forget to accessorize it with some beads.

44. Batman Inspired Nails

BATMAN INSPIRED NAILSFor the evil dwellers of Gotham city there’s not much way for you when Batman hits the road. Batman is about darkness, yet powerful. There’s a very heavy thing associated with his black robe and a hint of yellow that appears with the light that showcases his call of duty. We have often witnessed Batman’s seal with a yellow color and this is what we are going to do with the Batman inspired nail art design. You paint the base of your nails all yellow and then use the nail art brush to design the Batman’s bat using the black nail color. Might sound simple but you need a lot of practice to create the bat.

43. Cookie Monster Nails

COOKIE MONSTER NAILSSesame Street cuteness overload has always been voted to Cookie Monster. Not only is it hungry, and angry but it is ‘hangry’ in a very cute way. He goes for his plate of cookies and when one after the other the cookies start vanishing he couldn’t just control his anger and relied on munching the plate. Cookie Monster inspired nail art design idea requires you having a very sweet blue nail color and the same goes with the brown. You can do all kinds of cookie monster expressions while you are at it.

42. Aztec  Tribal  Inspired Nails

AZTEC TRIBAL INSPIRED NAILSSome designs are pretty much the same when it comes to different art forms. In women tattoo designs we have seen the tribal designs are more or less free style but there is definitely some background to it and you cannot just move and tilt your fingers here and there. Similarly, in terms of the nail art design based on Tribal aesthetics you again have to go through a number of tribal designs to understand the geometry of the concept and the rest is part easy.

41. Monarch Butterfly Nails

MONARCH BUTTERFLY NAILSOne of the fabulous forms of butterflies in nature is the Monarch butterfly, the one that we commonly see around us. It has those big brown feathers and black textures on top of it. The warmth of the brown is most likely to put you in the spring-feel. Painting the base color a warm brown shade and then using the nail art brush to design the signature pattern on top of it with a black shade creates a monarch butterfly nail art design. Don’t forget to add the white dots to complete the feel. You can even be experimental and use any other color instead of brown for your monarch butterfly feather base.

40. St.Patricks Day Nails

ST.PATRICKS DAY NAILSWhy is it so hard for women to get in the holiday feel? It is difficult to choose the clothes, and then match the accessories and the makeup etc. For men the game is pretty simple they get a color contrasting t-shirt and pair it with denim jeans and they are good to go. But we are here to make things easy for you. The St. Patrick’s Day nails are about the greens. You can paint the base color all green, or you can experiment a little by doing a white base color and then painting in the green clovers and on alternating nails you can do a cute polka dot design to have a very innocent overall look.

39. Eye Of  Sauron Nails

EYE OF SAURON NAILSThe Eye of Sauron might be a fictitious burning fire in a book but now it is also heard to be a reality. Russia is said to start the Eye of Sauron over Moscow city and though many Orthodox are not taking it well, we fashion enthusiasts still thought of playing with it in our nail art design ideas. The eye is not the usual human eye that you see. The Eye of Sauron is more cat-like. It is like a slit shaped pupil when the cats stare at you in the day, the same kind of look is seen in the Eye of Sauron. Also the color scheme of the fire around is pretty intense and you will need all kinds of shading in reds, oranges and maybe some yellow.

38. Mickey Mouse Nails

MICKEY MOUSE NAILSDisney and everyone else’s favorite character are no doubt Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Those big round ears with the white snout and the signature smile o their faces has brought million of giggles on children’s faces, worldwide. It is pretty easy to design Mickey or Minnie Mouse nails. You can opt between designing the face or by simply adding the Mickey Mouse theme to the nails. We knew Mickey used to wear a high waist pair of shorts with two big white colored buttons on the top. So why not go for painting the shorts on the thumbnail and then for the rest of the nails you can use silver or gold glittered base and simple three dots Mickey Mouse symbolism.

37. Devil’s In The  Details Nails

DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS NAILSThis nail art design idea behind the famous idiom is about to test your shading capabilities. Now to shade using crayons is simple because you have the ability to control your stroke. But when it comes to shade using liquid nail colors, the game gets pretty tough. But there’s nothing that some one can’t learn and with time and practice we are sure you are going to master it. Though we also suggest that to start learning this technique you can first go with a French manicure though it should be based on the two devilish colors black and red, where red being the base and back being the manicured tips.

36. Thor Nails

THOR NAILSThe mighty and powerful Thor is the superhero whose hammer is his lifeline. Nobody can dare touch Thor’s hammer, let alone grabbing it to attack someone. We have gathered for you a Thor inspired nail art design idea and it is actually kind of cute. Because women flaunting her love for her favorite superhero with a cute nail art is something very unique. We are recommending a very cute form in which Thor is supposed to have a pair of angelic eyes and a dash of curl hanging from the side. The hammer can also be painted like a kindergartner’s sketch.

35. Halloween Inspired Nails

HALLOWEEN INSPIRED NAILSOne of the best holidays is Halloween because there’s so much going on in this day that to lie behind in terms of a fantastic and spooky nail art design is your fault. We would suggest you to start collecting the scariest and spookiest nail art design ideas a week before Halloween so you have enough preparation time before the great gathering. There are dark colors winning over this holiday, blacks, red, and even whites make it to the top. You can paint cute little ghosts ad witches, or you can go a little creative by painting in an intricate cobweb on to your nails.

34. Snow Fall Nails

SNOW FALL NAILSThe best season of all is when you get out of your house door and a snowflake slowly comes down and caresses your cheeks. A heavy blizzard accompanying the snowfall might not be what you were desiring but right as you get into the winter and chilly season you wish to grab a cup of hot chocolate and then get creative with your nails. You can paint the base of the nail a very cold and light blue while the top can be your canvas for creating white, cute snowflakes. You can also opt for silver glitter instead of white to draw the snowflakes to add a little angelic effect.

33. Aveneger Nails

AVENEGER NAILSThe team that never fails or disappoints, The Avengers make for a great nail art design idea. There are the main characters each of which has their own set of superpowers. The sexy philanthropist, Iron Man has a very handsome iron suit, Thor has his hammer, and Hulk is the beast while Captain America goes with his shield. See it was easy we just named all the major props you can draw in the Avengers inspired nail art design.

32. Pikachu Nails

PIKACHU NAILSMen still love and fantasize about owning a Pikachu that actually responds in the real life. But for women it is the cuteness in Pikachu’s eyes that melts their hearts. We can easily recreate a Pikachu themed nail art design idea by a few paint swishes here and there. Rock a perfectly blended yellow nail base and then breakdown the Pikachu face on each of your nails. Better go through this theoretical breakdown. On the pinky finger and thumbnail do a yellow base and then add two small circles in either pink or red that will depict the rosy cheeks of Pikachu. While on the ring, middle, and index finger you are to draw two Pikachu eyes and the nose and smile on each. This is by far the cutest and simplest Pikachu nail art design idea. We also recommend using the Pikachu ball as a prop in your design.

31. Chritmas Nails

CHRISTMAS NAILSChristmas is the holiday season of loving, caring and sharing. Christmas brings in so many fond memories of our childhood and even adulthood. Women gather around and go shopping not just for the family, for themselves as well. Who can glance away when everything amazing is so perfectly put on Sale? To get the perfect wardrobe for the parties and family get-togethers ladies must not forget to match their outfits with some cute holiday nail art ideas. There are many simple and complex designs available on the Internet that you can choose from depending on your own capabilities or if you are going to a nail bar then make sure you discuss the final look before hand. Christmas colors are white, red, green and brown.

30. Lightning Nails

LIGHTNING NAILSHere’s where you can go a little crazy experimenting with the colors here and there. Lightning is probably this Universe’s splendid yet very scary phenomena. It is certainly something that humbles you about your existence and also teaches us about nature’s fury and wrath. Though lightning bolts also make for a great show of color, where you see hues of purple, blue, white and black all mixed together showing a magnificent show in the sky. We can also bring it on to our canvas of nails and there are different variations in the techniques used so we cannot define just one. You can play around with the base colors and go with either silver or white lightning bolts. Additionally you can also use silver glitter to add the thunderous effect.

29. Starbucks  Inspired Nails

STARBUCKS INSPIRED NAILSStarbucks is every woman’s lifeline. The day simply doesn’t get into the mood until you haven’t sipped out of your daily morning Starbucks coffee. So why not show the world what the brand means to you by painting in a Starbucks inspired nail art design. The mermaid and the logo are the tough ones but you can do them easily if you are good at sketching, otherwise your nail specialist will do the trick for you. You can also use Starbucks coffee cups topped with crème as your nail art props. Creamy brown or a classic nude is definitely your base color as it brings out almost everything related to Starbucks.

28. Teddy Bear Nails

TEDDY BEAR NAILSEvery girl’s childhood is protected by her favorite Teddy bear. Teddy bears are actually mighty knights that stay awake all night and guard the bedside of fear of a monster attacking their princess. No doubt girls have had peaceful sleeps along with their favorite teddy bears. Some teddy bears even grow old with girls and go up to their college dorms. Why not pay a tribute to your teddy bears with a cute nail art design. There are innumerable ways you can go along with a teddy bear design. You can add pinks or you can go all brown, adding up tiny hearts to show your love is a bonus.

27. Christmas  Lights Nails

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS NAILSWe were discussing the favorite holiday season nail art before and to categorize it even further we have a very basic and yet a very cute nail art idea based on Christmas lights. This is something that we borrowed off of the Internet and it shows a very tiny and cute little string of Christmas lights twirling on the fingernails. All you need is to do your base, let it dry and then use a nail marker to draw the twirling string and then use a nail brush to add on the pretty Christmas lights.

26. Valentine’s Day Nails

VALENTINE’S DAY NAILSThe day of the lovers asks you to do something extra to enhance your beauty a little more. Women look out for the best Valentine’s attire with matching shoes and also make a little effort on their makeup but they shouldn’t really forget their nails, because pretty hands make you more noticeable as there aren’t many women taking out time to work on their nails and if you did so, you are definitely winning your man’s heart a little more. Cute Valentine’s Day nail designs  are filled with reds, whites with love, hearts and everything happy.

How To Create  A Perfect ‘Heart’ Valentine  Design

Valentine’s is that one-day when almost every loved one tries to outdo the other. Be it a mother or father, siblings, lovers or spouses, everyone wants to be the person who surprises their loved one with something amazing that will simply blow them off of their feet and the experience will become a memory that they will cherish on for years. It isn’t really important how much money you’re putting in the idea but it is actually the thought that matters and counts. People sometimes come up with something really sweet and simple and the person they are trying to win the hearts of simply stand there all awe-struck.

Women especially go on for doing the perfect wardrobe setting for their special day because they really want to appear appealing and attractive on this specific day. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on to have a girl’s night out or are supposed to be on a date night when you are working too much to choose the best dress, shoes, bags and even the accessories then our fashion parade recommends you to never forget to do your nails. Because your hands and feet will never have a finished look if you do not pay the required attention to them. For Valentine’s Day there are probably hundreds of different manicure designs that will not only make your hands stand out but will definitely put you and your partner in the mood for love and if you’re around your girlfriends then maybe you’ll have the chance to become the center of attention for the night. Right here we are sharing a very simple and easy to do Valentine’s Day Cutout Heart Manicure tutorial and you’re definitely going to love it.

Step 1:

  • Apply the first coat of your favorite base color we are recommending a warm red or maroon because the day is all about love and why not show it off with the color of love, indeed.

Step 2:

  • Let the base coat to dry off completely so that you don’t allow any kind of smudges or cracks on the coat. Then using a painter’s tape and a heart shaped cutter, cutout a small heart shape on the edge of the tape or you can cutout a number of hearts depending on your preference.

Step 3:

  • Now paste the tape on top of the nail and carefully place the heart on the tip of the nail. This is the reason why we asked you to completely dry off your base coat so that when we remove the tape there are no mishaps underneath.

Step 4:

  • Finally after the tape has covered the nail then use a paintbrush or an old makeup brush and dip it in a good nail remover and use the brush to remove the part of the nail polish over the cutout heart.

Step 5:

  • Finally carefully remove the painter’s tape off of your nail and you will find your hearts perfectly placed on top of the nail. Always remember to seal your manicure with a good and shiny topcoat. This is what will seal your deal and you won’t be bothered about it getting damaged or cracking from the edges.

25. Cruella Nails

CRUELLA NAILSThe evil Dalmatian loving Cruella is probably the most hated villain in Disney. She was he one who loved Dalmatian coat and was after a happy family of 101 Dalmatians so that she could rip their skin off for her self. But we thought to do Cruella/Dalmatian inspired nails that are probably a very classic form of nail art. To get the Dalmatian effect we probably simply need to brush along the polka dot scheme and to add that zest of Cruella we can go for adding that evil red color she wore on to her lips.

24. Mermaid Nails

MERMAID NAILSAriel might be the prettiest mermaid that we ever saw, or maybe the only mermaid we ever saw. Mermaids are basically a fictitious character but yet again people have claimed to witness one or more mermaids. Mermaids are basically fish but human like fish. So since fish texture can be easily replicated we would love to share that with you. Keeping Ariel in mind we would prefer you using the blue color on Ariel’s body as the base and then you need to simply draw on the scales with a darker shade of maybe sea green. You can also use a silver nail color to give it a very fish texture in 3D.

23. 4th Of July Nails

4TH OF JULY NAILSThe ultimate American dream is celebrating the 4th of July with the fellow Americans in the most safe and secure environment. 4th of July asks for a complete American inspired nail art design where there is the red and blue starred flag, and if you are creative enough you can always add in some bigger props like the Statue of Liberty, some fireworks and definitely a glittery show.

22. Spike Nails

SPIKE NAILSThis is one latest and crazy trend and maybe not many women would like to hop on to this bandwagon but for teenage girls this is certainly a crazy trend to try. By spikes we really mean spike nails. You can choose your base color how bold or neutral you wish to be and on top of that there are spike accessories available that you will need to stick on to the base color when it is about half dry because that is what going to allow it to stick to the nail. Though you would have to take extra care of the spikes because rough use might actually get them to fall off.

21. Cards Inspired Nails

CARDS INSPIRED NAILSHow about we have a game of card right here, right now? Just kidding. But we do want to suggest you a very cute card inspired nail art design idea where you can show off your favorite cards on your nails. You can paint small hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds on the corners of your nails and additionally you can also mark your favorite number along with it. For more artistic people they can enjoy drawing the kings, queens, jacks and even the joker.

20. Citrus Nails

CITRUS NAILSThe summers call for action to get a very juice and breezy citrus effect nail art design on your hands. Not only will your hands look a lot cooler but also the visual appeal of it will help you beat the heat. Though, you wouldn’t be successful at squeezing out that lemon off of your nails but you might experience a fake taste on your tongue. Citrus nail art design includes painting citrus (lemon, orange, lime) slices on to the nails but it should be in a comic style and nowhere close to the reality.

19. Honey Bee Nails

HONEY BEE NAILSThough these are scary flyers, but we know that they make for really cute nail art designs. Even when we used to draw bees I our childhood we never ended up making an angry bee, all the bees more or less used to be on the cute side. That’s why when you’ll settle down and start your honeybee inspired nail art design you will realize that we weren’t wrong after all. Bees are pretty easy to design, just two yellow thick portions for the body and two black stripes on top as separators, the black antennas and very tiny white feathers. We have seen a nail art design where they have painted the bee on the thumbnail and for the rest of the nails they used a black nail marker to draw a dotted trail for the bee.

18. Cupcake Design Nails

CUPCAKE DESIGN NAILSCupcakes itself sound so cute that we really don’t have to emphasize on the overall cuteness of this nail art design. There are tons of cupcake inspirations that you can use either out of your own imagination or maybe even from real life examples. Cupcakes are basically a blob of fleshy sponge cake and then on top there’s a creamy embellishment that we all love to devour. For the nail art design you can use beads and stars as cupcake toppers.

17. Zipper Nails

ZIPPER NAILSZipper nails are pretty chic and trendy these days. You can paint all kinds of combinations while creating the zippers. A very classic zipper design includes painting the base (that depicts the shirt) black and then adding on a gold nail design zipper or maybe silver. There are two ways of creating the zipper design, one is in which you have the zipper completely closed and the other is more stylish, which is the half open zipper. The half open zipper though will want you to paint the black with a little technique.

16. Thanksgiving Nails

THANKSGIVING NAILSAnother holiday season to be grateful and also thankful for. Thanksgiving calls for some action from your side that you shouldn’t simply spend the day inside the kitchen baking the turkey and making those hams. You should be in the shower, cleaning yourself up and adding on your best makeup. Also to help you out in completing the look we suggest you to do simple and easy Thanksgiving nail art design. Go for the turkey feather design, which is actually pretty easy and gives a really earthly effect.

15. Fall /Autumn  Inspired Nails

FALL AUTUMN INSPIRED NAILSThe gloomiest of the seasons yet the color variation that we see during Autumn/Fall is beyond being magnificent. The crinkly red and brown leaves, the green trees slowly transitioning to the crisp red and maroon is a nature’s sight to see. You can play around with mild yellows and oranges and go a little deep by adding hints of brown and even red at some parts. The key is a good nail base color, some also try and give in a blended effect of two or more colors in the base and then add on autumn leaves on the top.

14. Galaxy Nails

GALAXY NAILSThe stargazers love to see how the sky actually changes colors and shows us the beauty that it enfolds within. There are so many colors associated with the open sky especially when you see photographs of the northern lights and the star-studded galaxy you actually tend to confuse your thoughts regarding what color scheme to go with. There are all kinds of colors that you can play around while painting your galaxy nails. You can also go for a tie and dye marbled effect for the base and then add blobs of silver glitter in a way that gives away the effect of a start studded Milkyway.

13. Snickers Nails

SNICKERS NAILSFor our pretty girls who still do not want to get out of their snicker age we recommend you to add on the snicker effect to your nails. Maybe you wont be into buying all shades of snickers that you love and maybe that go with tons of your outfits but you can surely have a nail art design on your hands that will be loaded with all kinds of cute snickers in all the colors that you want. Just add in your favorite snicker base color and then use either a neutral white color to show off the lace and the front or your can go a little experimental by doing a wild red or striking yellow laces.

12. Sesame  Street Nails

SESAME STREET NAILSChildhood favorite Sesame Street inspired nails is one of the cute nail art design ideas we definitely want to mention. Elmo leads the favorites board followed by Kermit the frog. You can either select a single Sesame Street character or you can go for more than one depending on your level of artistry and personal favorites.

11. Frozen Inspired Nails

FROZEN INSPIRED NAILSThis decades best Disney movie awards went to none other than Frozen because the world found a whole new Queen in the form of Elsa. Young girls and even adults have become fans of Elsa where we see tons of hair and makeup tutorials that relate to the Queen of ice. For Frozen themed nail art design we can always go with the freezing blue color and work up to adding snowflakes and why not share some love with everyone’s favorite Olaf?

10. Lilo  & Stitch Nails

LILO & STITCH NAILSTo show love with something different and unique is hard to find but once you get through with that connection you only tend to see love around you. Lilo & Stitch were also based on tons of differences but their love succeeded and we witnessed it through their movie. Lilo & Stitch fans can have Stitch as their next nail art design buddy. It is not the conventional alien that you imagine but it is more like a Koala cum Big- Eyed bear.

9. Adventure  Time Nails

ADVENTURE TIME NAILSFor Mommy’s who have toddlers and young ones at home you might know what we are talking about, yes it is the same Adventure Time inspired nail art design. This cartoon series might be one of the realistic series of all times. Every character has its own power that might not be super natural but close to reality. Why not dedicate your next nail art design to your kids, or maybe nephews and nieces. Every character in Adventure Time is pretty different than the other and this might give you an edge at creating something entirely different.

8. Coco Chanel Nails

COCO CHANEL NAILSThe Goddess of fashion is none other than Coco Chanel, the two semi-circled logo calls out for you from far away. The power of Chanel is undeniable and there’s nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. Leave everything behind and pay a tribute to your love for Chanel by working on a Chanel inspired nail art design. The core color for Chanel has been black and then you can do the semi-circle ‘C’ logo with white, gold or even silver.

7. Explosion  Design Nails

Explosion Design NailsHow many times have you come across seeing an explosion in real life, movies or even in a cartoon? That would plenty (minus in reality). Comic books are filled with explosive art and this can become your main theme for the Explosion nail art design. The ‘POW’ that we read in a comic book or watch in a cartoon is basically a hard blow and that is the same for an explosion, it goes off with a hard blow. So we can actually use the comic book theme in creating a explosion that includes adding a base color and using a gold color to design an edges border that will make for the beginning of the explosion after which you can add in your second color.

6. Giraffe  Print Nails

GIRAFFE PRINT NAILSZebra print is like the most common print of all but what we do not really look out for is something that is unique and not really opted for the people around. So we found out about the Giraffe nail art design and this print is truly inspiring for us. The Giraffe pattern is made of almost hexagonal boxes with brown inner and a yellow border. So you can basically go with a dark brown base colors and then use a nailbrush to do the borders creating a delusional box effect.

5. Free Hand  Cloud  Design Nails

FREEHAND CLOUD DESIGN NAILSThis is yet again a very simple but very fascinating nail art design idea that doesn’t require much of your time and effort. You simply need to choose two to three of your favorite colors, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t include white because we are basically drawing the clouds and not creating the actual clouds. You can even call it a half bubble effect. You simply have to dry out your base color and then start by drawing semi circles towards the tip of the nail and then filling them in with another color, you should be doing it twice with two different colors for the proper cloud effect. The middle cloud should be thinner.

4. M&M Nails

M&M NAILSThese are everyone’s favorite snack time chocolate bits. For M&Ms there are rarely people who come out as haters, especially women can’t ever say no to a bunch of harmless chocolates. M&Ms are also made of two characters, the red and the green and thus the M&M inspired nail art design asks you to utilize these two colors to the fullest along with the rest of the chocolaty colors that you find inside the pack. There is no stop to getting inspirations online.

3. Hello Kitty Nail

HELLO KITTY NAILSHello Kitty is the symbol of sassy-ness; you are not a baby when you are flaunting a hello kitty purse because hello kitty is definitely for the women of today. Hello Kitty is not only sassy but there’s also innocence attached with that face. Hello Kitty basically goes along with the colors pink and white and has a tiny signature bow on the left ear (if you see so from the kitty’s perspective)

2. Comic Inspired Nails

COMICS INSPIRED NAILSAre you a comic books fan? Then you definitely know how to rock a very chic comics inspired nail art design. This design includes all kinds of speech bubbles and polka dots, with some very trendy and rocking shades of reds, whites, pinks, and green. We also talk of retro when we come up with the theme Comic books. The basic comic book nail art design idea is doing the base completely polka dot and then adding in a speech bubble on top of it.

1. Heart Nails

HEART NAILSUs women are full of love and care and our hearts and emotions are spread across our family, friends, lovers and our kids no matter how much we give away in terms of love it never really comes to an end for us. Why not spread some more love by doing a heart filled nail art design and there are unlimited ways in which we can use all kinds of accessorizes and even paint skills to draw hearts, heartbeats and even symbolizing it with the word love.

Top  5 Nail  Polish Removers

When the matter comes to get rid of all the beautifully created designs one has to pick up the bottle of nail remover with the heaviest of hearts as you now know that it is time to remove every good thing there was about the manicure you just had a day or two ago. But there are even crazier nail art designers who are obsessed with trying out a new design every other hour and for them to remove all the effort they have done a while ago seems like not a big deal at all. But just like hair stylists and self made makeup artists one knows that use of too much of foundation or hair care products actually messes up with your skin and hair. Likewise, when we talk about playing around with nail art designs and then getting rid of them every other hour we should remember what effect the acetone in most of the nail removers have on the cuticles as well as the surface of the nail.

At times some nail removers leave the top of the nail in a pretty dry situation with a white dusty layer on top of the nail and the cuticles too don’t seem in the best of shape and when we are supposed to be using such a remover over and over again, it is to no surprise that we would definitely end up hurting our nails and the skin around. For that reason we need to be looking around for products that are not based on a lot of chemicals and just like skin care and hair care products that have gone mostly organic we now how organic nail polish removers easily available at quite a number of stores. Though there’s a tough choice to make because for the organic (non acetone based) removers the efficiency to get rid of the nail art based on a lot of glitter and darker shades is not that good. Hence, it is always your own final call to decide what works best for you according to your own needs, for now we have compiled a list of the top 5 nail polish removers according to our reviewers.

a. Soy  Nail Polish  Remover  By  Priti Nyc

Soy Nail Polish Remover By Priti NycThe name speaks for itself of what are we supposed to be looking inside to associate the effectiveness with. In order to move away from acetone-based, hard chemical nail polish removers Priti NYC introduced a product that was compiled out of the use of Soy and Lemongrass oil. These two ingredients have been rated by reviewers to be best for glittered nail arts as together they not only easily get rid of the glitter and its aftermath but also leave your nails feeling a lot moisturized in comparison to the usual nail removers that take ages to properly remove the glitter and still we manage to find parts of the glitter attached to the cuticles. The brand and the product are a little on the expensive side and hence you should be keeping a keen eye on your use and should opt for a more affordable brand for frequent uses.

b. Expert  Touch  Lacquer   Remover   By  Opi

Expert Touch Lacquer Remover By OpiThe brand stands for providing the world’s best lacquer shades and not only that it stands at the top with its expert Touch Lacquer remover. Now the treat for this product is that it is a genius product known to get rid of darker lacquer shades within seconds keeping your nail bed soft as ever. You don’t have to go through the annoying hard rubbing ritual to get the colors off of the nails. This product is also available in disposable, removable wraps that are more or less like the tinfoil lacquer removal technique. The Expert lacquer remover has also been reviewed to work best with acrylics and gel nail polishes.

c. 3 IN 1 Formula  Remove + Remover  By  Zoya

3 IN 1 Formula Remove + Remover By ZoyaFor nail art designers a couple of things are really annoying, though at the time of art creation these are the things that actually bring life to the entire design but when it is time to say goodbye to them they usually get stuck to the nail bed and then give a really tough time as they are pretty hard to remove using routine lacquer removers. Most of our reviewers have mentioned concerns regarding the hardness of glitter and the problem they face while getting rid of it. Remove+ by Zoya is an excellent product and the packaging too also compliments the use as the dispenser pushes forth just the right amount of remover you are looking for. The good thing about the remover is the after scent.

d. Naturally  Clean  By Essie

Naturally Clean By EssieNo doubt Essie has some of the finest and glossiest shades of all and to test if the remover actually pays off the mark of the brand the best is to test it on the darkest of shades from the same brand. Surprisingly, for the test we were not surprised to see that Naturally Clean by Essie easily got rid of darker shades of lacquer but in the world of nail art designing, glitter is your worst enemy and with time we have come to realize that it is not just the remover we should be looking out for, we should also be considering the material we use for the removal.

e. Smooth  Nail AIL Polish Remover  By Sephora

Smooth Nail AIL Polish Remover By SephoraSephora might be the only brand that has come forward applying the finger dipping nail polish removal technique. This is the handiest and easiest way of getting rid of your simple lacquer designs that include a bit of glitter here and there. All you need to do is dip in a finger at a time inside the bottle and do some rolling inside so that the foam equally touches all parts of the nail and after a good 10 seconds dip when you finally take out the finger you have with yourself a clean and moist nail.

No matter what brand you are using to remove the lacquer and the nail art from your nails always make sure that just like the rest of your body your nails also require your attention and keeping them moisturized and properly managed increases their life, health, and shine.

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