3 Types of YouTube Video Ads and How They Work

As one of the most popular websites in the world, YouTube is a potential goldmine for aspiring video content makers. One of the reasons that people find success on this streaming site is thanks to advertisements.

If you’re looking to make video content or get involved in online marketing, it’s important to know the different types of video ads on YouTube and how they work.

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1. Skippable In-Stream Ads

The first type of YouTube video ad is skippable in-stream ads. These tend to be either before the video begins or during it. They play for a minimum of five seconds and the viewer has the choice to skip them.

Generally, the video needs to be around twelve seconds long and you want it to stay under three minutes. One of the reasons that advertisers enjoy this type of ad is because you only get charged when someone clicks on the ad, watches at least 30 seconds, or watches the entire ad.

There’s also a banner ad at the top right of the screen that remains in place, even if the user skips the video ad.

2. Non-skippable In-Stream Ads

The only difference between a non-skippable in-stream ad and the aforementioned ad is that there is no skip button at all with this option. It also plays before a video or during it. Around sixty-five percent of users skip videos so it can be useful to have a non-skippable ad when you need to raise brand awareness.

Advertisers should also be aware that the way these ads are priced is different than skippable in-stream ads. Charges are incurred by impression. This is the cost incurred for each potential customer who views the advertisement.

With YouTube ads, it’s specifically 1000 views. Once you see the number going up, it’s easy to see how easy monetizing YouTube videos can be.

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3. Bumper Ads

Another option for advertising on YouTube videos is the bumper ad. This is a non-skippable, six-second video that plays right before the actual video. If you have a simple message to get across and don’t need anything too long, this is the perfect option.

You can showcase a product, promote an event or get an idea across effectively and quickly. Six seconds may not seem like enough time but for brand awareness, they are an effective option. The secret to these advertisements is to plan diligently, you’ll need to get your message across in a short period of time and engage viewers.

Different Types of YouTube Video Ads

YouTube has over two billion monthly users and if you’re one of them, you probably have a complicated relationship with the advertisements. On the flip side, content creators can make a significant amount of money with YouTube video ads.

Video marketing is the reality of our modern world so it’s best to embrace, or at least try to understand, the different options available and how they work.

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