What Is the Hilton Grand Vacation Club?

Did you know that Americans take around 2.29 billion trips per year? Traveling is a great way to experience new cultures, try foods, and take a break from everyday life. 

If you enjoy traveling, you should consider joining the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. The Hilton Grand Vacation Club is a timeshare program that allows members to purchase points to use at Hilton hotels. 

What is the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, and is it worth joining? Keep reading to learn if you should join the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. 

Point System

Before you join the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, you first need to understand the point system. Hilton Grand Vacation Club members can buy points each year, and how many points you buy will determine your vacations.

How much a room costs per night will depend on location, popularity, and the upgrades you choose. Members can buy more points each year or rollover points from previous years. 

Each year, you will get a membership level depending on how many points you purchase. Certain membership levels come with additional perks, such as spa discounts, lounge access, and premium internet. 

Before you decide to sign up, make sure you learn more about timeshare deeds

Vacation Club Locations

Before investing in a Hilton Grand Vacation Club membership, you should learn more about the locations. If you join the club but don’t want to travel to the club destinations, you will waste your money. 

Some of the most popular Hilton locations are Washington DC, Orlando, Hawaii, Mexico, Italy, and Portugal. Several grand vacation resorts include activities, sightseeing, restaurants, and spas.

Pros of Joining

One of the biggest benefits of joining the Hilton Grand Vacation Club is that you get access to luxurious hotels and resorts around the world. There are thousands of hotel options, so you can choose somewhere new every year. 

Members get the chance to go on golfing trips, cruises, and sailing trips. Members can also enroll in ClubPartner Perks, which allows you to rent RVs, Yachts, and motorcycles. 

Cons of Joining

While there are many benefits to joining the Hilton Grand Vacation Club, there are also some cons. Joining the club is expensive, so it’s not the best option for someone on a tight budget. 

If you can commit to going on vacation every year, then the club could be worth it. If you have to cancel a trip, you can lose both time and money.

While being a member gives you access to all grand vacation hotels, reserving a room is still subject to availability. You may not be able to travel during busy times of the year. 

Is Joining the Hilton Grand Vacation Club Right for You?

Joining the Hilton Grand Vacation Club is a good option if you love traveling, booking fun excursions, and luxurious resorts. If you are thinking of becoming a member, keep these vacation club benefits in mind. 

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