The Best IRS Debt Relief Options and Services

Recent statistics reveal that the typical tax debt for an American is $16,849. The top reason that an American owes a significant amount of tax debt is that they simply owe more taxes than they were expecting to owe that year. Divorce and unfiled taxes are also big reasons for tax debt.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for Americans to seek IRS debt relief. Unexpected things happen in life, such as death and taxes, and you must find ways to deal with them.

You are not alone. You can get help with IRS debt. For anyone needing relief from tax debt, this article is the best resource for you.

So take a seat for a few minutes, breathe, and keep reading for details on the best tax debt services.

Community Tax

First, over 90,000 clients have sought IRS debt relief with the help of Community Tax. Community Tax has a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+.

To work with Community Tax, your tax debt should be over $8,000, although you could ask them for information if you owe less than $8,000. This is a lower minimum tax debt than other companies require.

They offer their clients a 14-day money-back guarantee, too.

Community Tax can help with a wage garnishment, IRS audit defense, tax extensions, and tax lien assistance. Click here to learn more about what an IRS tax lien is and its implications.

Optima Tax Relief

This is a trustworthy tax debt relief company in business since 2011. Optima Tax Relief has a debt requirement of $10,000 at a minimum to work with you. They help with tax protection services and tax preparation services, too.

With Optima Tax Relief, there is a three-step process. First is a free consultation, and the consultant you would speak with help you decide if Optima Tax Relief can help you. If you move forward with them, the second and third stages cost money for their tax debt services.

In the second stage, they will investigate your financial situation and build a plan of attack to handle the tax debt. This requires a one-time fixed fee.

The third phase will cost the most, but how much depends on your case’s complexity. Optima will go to work and communicate with the IRS on your behalf.

Optima Tax Relief offers its customers a 15-day money-back guarantee. If they cannot lower your tax debt, you could claim your investigative fee.

Anthem Tax Services

Anthem Tax Services helps with IRS tax settlement, resolves back taxes, and can save up to 99% on the tax debt you owe. In business since 2010, Anthem Tax Services carries an excellent reputation. You would need a minimum of $10,000 in tax debt to work with them.

Like Optima, Anthem offers a three-step process, and the first stage is a free consultation. The second and third steps will cost money. In the second step, create a plan of action to suit your needs.

In the third step, they will negotiate with the IRS to attempt potential solutions that will either lower your tax debt or allow more leeway in terms of monthly costs and penalty payments. How much the third stage will cost depends on the complexity of your case.

IRS Debt Relief

Worrying about things like tax liens on your property causes you unnecessary pain and stress. Do not lose sleep over tax debt, get help. They are great places to start for IRS debt relief.

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