What is sleepwalking?

Sleepwalking is disease in which mostly people lost their senses not completely but they are not conscious about that what they are doing whether it is wrong or right because they are not in their senses.Some sleep walkers do an unusual actions in their activity but they don’t remember the incident because they are not conscious about that what was happening and what they do.

What is the state of sleepwalkers?

The sleep walkers are in the state in which sometimes their eyes open or sometimes not their expressions are dim and glazed.

What is the time lasting for sleepwalkers?

Time of sleep walkers last for 30 seconds sometimes or even 30 -40 minutes sometimes.

What are the causes of sleep walking?

Some causes of sleep walking are as follows:

  1. Drowsiness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Insomnia
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Poor quality of life

These all are the basic and potential factors of sleep walking.

Is sleep walking is a joke?? Is sleep walking dangerous or not??

According to the research It’s not a joke it’s a really serious problem because in this state the person is not in a state that he may categorized the difference between right and wrong. He/she can do anything but no law can criticize him/her because they are not in their senses so this disease is very dangerous.

Mostly it happens to the people who are mostly ranging from the age 18-58 even sometimes 15-60 as well.Sleepwalking is a form of “parasomnia.”  In this case the brain is half awake and half asleep, means it is capable of complex actions, or dual action but with no awareness whatsoever. Or what it is doing.

What are the disadvantages of sleepwalking?

There are many dis-advantages of sleep walking because in this state you can do any thing:

  • You can hurt yourself/or someone else.
  • You can even do some suicidal or murderer attempts.
  • You can go somewhere in the street or walk out from your house and go to some place and after when u woke it will be a scary moment for you.

What are the types of sleep patterns?

Sleep can be categorized or classified into following two types:

  • REM(rapid eye movement)
  • NREM(non rapid eye movement sleep)

By studying the 2nd category that is NREM it consists of several stages of sleep which is ranging from drowsiness through deep sleep.

In some of the initial stages you may awake easily and even you don’t know or realize that you have been sleeping.In some of other stages it is totally opposite to the previous stages that is in these stages it is very difficult to wake up but if u awake you find yourself totally confused or looking disoriented so these stages are more critical than the previous one.

In 2nd category that is NREM your muscles are more relaxed then when you are awake but in this condition you are able to move generally it is not because actually the brain is not sending signals to the muscles which allow them to move because they are not in this condition.

Now we discuss the first category which is REM.

REM sleep is more active then the NREM and in this condition your heart rate become more irregular and mysterious ,your eyes gradually move  more  rapidly and quickly  back and front beneath  your eyelids, Beneath the neck,  you are inactive because the nerve pulses that travel down through  spinal cord to your body muscles are banned or blocked. So essentially your body is mutually paralyzed.

So these are some patterns of sleep walking now we discuss how to get rid of sleep walking??

There are many methods to get rid of sleepwalking


Simply first go to a sleep specialist and tell him/her about everything every stress or anxiety u feel so he/she will cure you easily. This allows you to get rid of sleep walking disorder.

Now we discuss some precautionary measures to get rid of sleep walking which are as follows:

1. Get an adequate sleep. Which allows you To get rid of sleep walking.

2. Meditation or do some relaxation exercises. Which helps you To get rid of sleep walking.

3. To get rid of sleep walking avoid any kind of (audio or visual things) prior to bedtime. 

4. Keep a safe sleeping environment free of harmful things or sharp objects.

5. Sleep in a bedroom on the ground floor if possible. To prevent a fall, avoid some kinds of bunk beds.

6. Lock the doors and windows. Properly and regularly to get rid of sleep walking.

7. Remove obstacles in the room. Tripping over toys or objects is a potential hazard. Or it’s a sound making thing which just disturbs you apply this to get rid of sleep walking.

8. Cover glass windows with heavy drapes. 

9. Place an alarm or bell on the bedroom door and if necessary, on any of the windows which allows you to get rid of sleep walking.

By doing some of the following more things you can do to get rid of sleep walking:

  • Follow a fixed sleep regime to prevent sleep deprivation
  • Escape yourself from other sleep disorders
  • Create congenial sleep environment.
  • Avoid certain drugs and alcohol
  • Avoid stress and fever
  • Stay awakened about 15 minutes before you usually sleepwalk and then kept awake through the duration of a typical episode. After 1-4 weeks of these awakenings, episodes usually become less frequent or even disappear.

Some tips to remember

You may not even know that when you’re sleepwalking. Since many people often snack or some pieces of nuts when they’re sleepwalking look for opened packets, discarded candy wrappers, crumbs in the bed and so on.You may also wake up in a completely different place than where you went to sleep.

Many children sleepwalk at some point. Try not to worry as this will probably happen very formally and they usually grow out of it when they hit their mid-teens onto a something or some object. If you do want to seek counsel, look under Sources and Citations.

If you sleepwalk on a regular basis or regularly or even just once or twice in a week or a month, it is important that you should go to your doctor.They may determine the cause and give you a sleep disorders medicine.

These all are the symptoms of sleep walking and by applying all these precautions methods you will get rid of your sleep walking.


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