How to Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast

What Is Pink Eye?

How to get rid of Pink eyePink eye is a disease in which the conjunctiva is swelled and is appeared to be sore with redness around it. The soreness is naturally found in the lines on the eye and its lid surface. However, eye’s lining is mostly without any redness. Hence, it is clear and clean. The condition varies in which the lining is infected or irritation persists for longer time period, then lining becomes bloated.

Pink eye is a commonly cured on its own within a week and the most eight to nine days without any remedies or treatments. This is an article which will give you complete guidelines and information about pink eye; its causes and symptoms, preventive measures, its remedies and how to get rid of it. Each related topic is dealt separately under a new heading to give you solution and a thorough info about the disease.

How Do You Get Pink Eye?

Pink eye is a disease which is very common and can be caught by:

  • Viruses associated to eyes which leads to infections.
  • Bacterial infections.
  • Direct contact to sun or wind.
  • Dryness of eyes due to deficiency of tears.
  • Allergies which could be due to smoke, dust, chemicals and scents or perfumes.

Adenovirus is the most common virus which is actually based on respiration. This virus causes pink eye. Another virus which can become the cause of pink eye is herpes virus. Furthermore, pink eye can be caused by:

  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Viral conjunctivitis

Pollens and eye irritants which may be anything as small as grain becomes the cause of allergic conjunctivitis. Poops of animals and dust are also plays the role of victimizers to those who have this type of conjunctivitis.

Bacterial conjunctivitis are naturally found and transmitted through bacteria which can become real big risk in terms of damage of the effected eye. In this case, it is a must to get the eyes checked up by the eye specialist. Last but not the least, common cold can become the cause of viral conjunctivitis, which is highly contagious and has the tendency to carry it on from one person to another. However, this type of pinkeye is healed without any treatment.

Is Pink Eye Contagious?

Yes, some types of pink eye are contagious and the rest are not.To be specific, pink eye formed by bacteria or virus can be easily caught by people who have this problem. In other words, they are contagious only if pink eye is developed or formed because of bacteria or virus. Preventive measures are more effective than treatment if pink eye is formed by viruses. Pink eye is contagious if it is bacterial. Any object which is shared by other individuals is the cause of spread of pink eye.

Another thing which should be kept in mind is that the person who is effected by pink eye is allowed by all means to attend school and work once the symptoms starts to reduce and get less. This is because pink eye infection is contagious and can spread.

Pink Eye Symptoms:

There are some common symptoms of pink eye which are:

  • Bloated and swelled eyelids.
  • Flow of continuous tears.
  • White area in the eye gets redness.
  • Thick drainage in eyes.
  • Burning and irritation in eyelids.

There is a high risk involved in the pink eye persistency only if it is not cured on its own or it takes more than a month to heal with the help of medicines or any other type of treatment. It gets chronic and dangerous to eyes. Here is a list of symptoms which may help you figure out if the severity of pink eye is normal or not.

  • Diagnosis of impaired immune system which indicates the condition in which the ability of fighting back to the viruses or any infection decreases.
  • Unable to see from both the eyes. Vision loses and the patient can see only from one eye.
  • If you wear contact lenses, the symptoms may reach severity.

In the symptoms mentioned above, it is always recommended and advised to get pink eye checked and examined by the eye specialists.

Preventive Measures Of Pink Eye:

Pink eye is contagious only when it is viral and the infectious. Symptoms of pink eye are already discussed which becomes helpful in finding its presence and determining it as pink eye. Drainage from the eye is seen and noticed once you touch the effected eye. After knowing all these things, we are bound to question arises how to take preventive measures to get rid of it even way before it just happens. There are obviously some ways.Those maybe:

  • Pink eye is prevented by using eye drops or any other medication prescribed by the doctor.
  • Women share their cosmetics which is absolutely wrong in respect to medical issues. It is always mentioned not to share cosmetics as it carried infections and eye diseases. By not sharing cosmetics, especially those meant for eyes can lower the risk of catching pink eye and can be taken as one of the preventive measures.
  • Sharing is restricted to medicines as well. Pink eye can be prevented by not sharing drugs given by a specialized doctor.
  • People who work with chemicals are supposed to wear protective glasses in order to counter back with the chances of catching pink eye.
  • Washing of hands is one of the easiest and quickest preventive measure. Try washing hands every time you use loo or eat. Any activity which starts and ends with washing hands can prevent you from catching pink eye.
  • Lenses, its equipment and containers should never be shared. They carry infections and bacteria from people. If you want to be protected and stay safe from catching pink eye, you must stop sharing personal belongings.
  • Avoid using contact lenses till the pink eye is cured. It is a preventive measure to elevate the severity of pink eye.
  • If you already have pink eye, it is advised not to touch the effected eye or eyes and obviously the face.
  • Sharing of bed sheets, towels, pillows or any other means through which pink eye can transmit from one person to another is strictly prohibited.
  • Wash linen and pillowcases every day. It lowers the potency of spreading pink eye.
  • It is advised by the eye specialists and physicians to wear some kind of glasses which may protect you from direct exposure to wind, heat or cold.
  • Using of gloves while checking or looking in to someone’s eyes is best way to prevent from pink eye.

Natural Remedies Of Pink Eye:

Home remedies are those which are used as treatments. They come in handy and anyone can take advantage of those. Most of the ingredients are found in our homes which have the tendency to cure certain diseases or conditions. Honey is considered to be the finest home remedy. There are other things which help in preventing pink eye. Saline water and raw potatoes are used as the medium of home remedies.

1. Honey:

Honey has anti-bacterial components which helps infections and long term ailments reduce and then finally vanish. How to use honey for pink eye is very easy. All you have to do is take one quarter honey and the same quantity of pure distilled water. Mix both and add a pinch of salt. Mix this thick liquid till it is smooth and a bit thinner. Honey will dissolve nicely if the water is warm. Make sure that the water is not too warm because it will kill the potency and anti-bacterial agents of honey. Use dropper to put one drop of this mixture thrice in a day depending on the severity.

2. Turmeric:

Turmeric has antibiotic agents which helps in curing all sorts of infections. One of the home remedies to cure pink eye is through turmeric powder. You will need one cup of boiled water which is cooled and is in room temperature, pinch of salt and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix all the ingredients. Soak a clean piece of cloth in it and use it as a dropper by squeezing it in the eye. Place the cloth on your eye and let it rest there for around 15 to 20 minutes. Dispose the cloth off after it’s used.

3. Saline water:

Dipping and using saline water as drops is going to help you in reducing the severity of pink eye. Make sure about one thing while dipping your eyes in the saline water, keep blinking eyes in it. Repetition of dipping thrice will serve the purpose but if the severity is unbearable or it is too much then you can dip your eye in this saline water after every three hours. The best saline water is that which comes with sodium chloride.

4. Raw potatoes:

Raw potatoes leave soothing effect which reduces the itchiness and irritation. To get best results on how to use raw potatoes for pink eye is very easy. Take chilled water and put a peeled raw potato in it. Take it out from water after 5 minutes. Cut it into slices. Keep those slices on your effected eye and leave it there. Make sure slices aren’t too cold.

When To See A Doctor?

As we have discussed that treatment and diagnosis of pink eye is subjected from person to person. Mostly pink eye is cured on its own but if the symptoms persists and remains present for more than a three to four weeks, it is must to consult a doctor. Following symptoms needs to be tackled on an urgent basis:

  • Severe redness in the effected eye or eyes.
  • Symptoms gets worst.
  • There is zero level of progress in the condition.
  • Light becomes the cause of sensitivity in eyes.
  • Vision gets blurred.
  • Eyes have pain; mild to severe.
  • Due to any laser therapy or chemotherapy, immune system weakens.
  • If pink eye is because of bacteria and you are using antibiotics for it, recovery will not be seen or noticed in next 24 hours.
  • Any eye disease which makes more room for complications.

Newborn Babies And Pink Eye:

Pink eye in newborn should be consulted with a doctor because, it can be due to any of the complicated medical condition. Clogged tear duct, irritation and infection can be the reason of pink eye in newborns. It can be because of any sexually transferred infection. In short, pink eye in newborn should be taken serious. Why pink eye is taken so serious in newborns? Well, it is simply because of two reasons. Firstly, it is due to mother having pink eye before giving birth and secondly, it is due to infections which are transmitted from mother’s cord to the fetus.

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