How To Create Your Own Minecraft Mod

Did you know over 130 million gamers played Minecraft in 2020? Without a doubt, Minecraft has taken the world by storm with its unique gameplay mechanics that let players build amazing structures. But, there’s more to Minecraft than building since players can also learn about Minecraft coding to create their own mods.

Would you like to learn how to create a Minecraft mod? If so, we invite you to stick around as we take a deep dive into all there’s to know about Minecraft development modding.

Setting up the Development Software

Before you can start creating your own mods, you’ll need to download these programs:

  • Open JDK (Open Java Development Kit)
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • MDK (Modding Development Kit)

These programs are essential to developing mods as they give users valuable information about the mod. For example, Open JDK will provide you with a warning if there’s an error in your code which can save you the trouble of figuring out the mistake on your own.

Moreover, MDK is specifically tailored to help new coders by giving them useful tips about the mod they’re creating. Finally, IntelliJ IDEA will let you write the code of the mod.

But, of course, if you feel that you can’t seem to figure out these programs, feel free to sign up for some of the many Minecraft classes found online.

Downloading Minecraft Forge

If you’ve used mods in the past, then more than likely, you’ve downloaded Minecraft Forge. This Minecraft development program is what allows the base game to use mods.

So as you can imagine, it’s one of the most important programs to have on your PC. And the good news is that it’s free, so you don’t have to worry about buying it.

Once you complete your mod, you’ll need to upload it onto Minecraft Forge to start using it.

Creating a Minecraft Mod

To start your Minecraft modding experience, you’ll need to open IntelliJ IDEA and then click “Start New Project.” You’ll have the freedom to create your own mod in Minecraft from that point on.

But, of course, how easy it’ll be to create a mod depends on what you have planned to develop. For example, creating a mod that simply changes the color of the zombies for a Minecraft server is a lot easier than creating an intricate boss fighting mechanic.

So, if you want to start creating amazing mods, you may want to search for Minecraft developers for hire as they can make your wildest Minecraft dreams become a reality.

Start Developing a Minecraft Mod Today!

As you have seen, you can easily start creating your own Minecraft mod by following the steps provided before. But, of course, developing an amazing mod takes time, so don’t give up! And don’t forget to save this post as it can be useful for future reference.

Did you find this article helpful in creating a Minecraft mod? If so, we invite you to check out our other Minecraft-related posts before you go!

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