How to Create a Good Environment for Your Patients

Most people don’t like going to the doctor’s office. It feels sterile, uncomfortable, and impersonal. So, how can you as a doctor create a good environment for your patients before they come for their appointments?

Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure the experience of seeing a doctor in your office is a stellar one.

Make Your Waiting Room Homely

It might be a waiting room, but ultimately you’re a salesperson trying to maintain a customer. The first thing you want to do is make a customer feel welcome and at home in your space.

You can begin this by making your waiting room feel homely. You can do this by adding greenery in various places, investing in comfortable chairs, and charming decor and accents.

Lighting can make or break the feel of the room. During the day, it would be good to have a lot of natural light if possible. If not, give a dimmer, more relaxed feel with your lighting.

Upgrade Their Wait

This can be done in many ways. Here are a few options:

Offer Free Wifi

One way you can upgrade the wait for your patients is by offering free wifi in the lobby area. Most reception rooms in offices offer free wifi to some degree these days because people always need access to the internet.

This will help them pass the time until it’s time for them to go to their doctor’s appointment.

Have Media Displays

For the older patients who probably won’t be on their phones as much, you can offer in-house visual displays.

This could be in the form of mounted televisions near the patients, company iPads that are left for the patients, or some other tech that could take the attention of the patients.

Institute Text Reminders

When a patient is set for an appointment for that day, you can have text reminders for them. This way, it cuts down on the time they have to way in the actual waiting room, and they can arrive on their own time.

This will greatly speed up the process in their mind as well.

Have an In-House Liaison

Another way you could create a good environment is if you have a liaison work the waiting room floor while the patients wait. They can answer any questions the patients might have and also interact with them to give them a personalized experience.

Not to mention, it cuts down on the work the receptionist has to do as well. But you have to make sure your liaison has etiquette on par with Santiam Hospital patient satisfaction.

A Good Environment for Your Patients

Creating a good environment for your customers should be important as a doctor. Not only do you want your patients to feel relaxed and comfortable before they go into the examination room, you also want them to feel satisfied with your services.

The entire doctor’s experience begins in your lobby. Upgrade your office today and watch your patient list grow today.

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