How Do Hair Replacement Salons Expand Their Customer Base

Hair replacement systems, as a non-surgical hair loss solution with massive popularity worldwide, are drawing the interest of numerous salon owners looking forward to stepping up their business performance and profitability. That is why the hair replacement system market has been getting increasingly competitive, given how fast the number of hair replacement salons is booming across the globe. Therefore, surviving the competition and expanding their customer base is nowadays the most challenging task in the face of most hair replacement salon owners.

Without achieving continuous growth in the number of new customers, any hair replacement salon could be at the risk of bankruptcy. So how to expand the customer base has been one of the most crucial topics many hair replacement salon owners have to address and put effort into if they want their businesses to sustain and thrive in this field. As one of the largest hair replacement system manufacturers worldwide, New Times Hair has helped thousands of hair replacement salons invigorate their businesses. And we are going to extend our help by sharing with you some precious marketing strategies addressing both local and online aspects for how hair replacement salons expand their customer base.

Local Media Channels

As the very most of those who seek products and services from you are local customers, carrying out local advertising practices always remains at the top of your priority list. The most common way must be publicizing branded content through your local media channels to increase your local brand exposure. Such content can be very educational, informative, and even entertaining, as long as it helps in imprinting your store name in the viewers’ minds. Depending on which one has the broadest reach and how much each channel costs, you can advertise your store through the local newspaper, magazines, and televisions. This advertising method can be somewhat costly for some hair replacement salon owners without much budget for advertising.

Printed Ads

Besides, sending printed advertisement handouts to the people nearby is also seen as a great way to increase your brand exposure. Geographical location is one of the main factors people typically consider when deciding which store to go to. They generally prefer to seek assistance from hair replacement salons nearby where they live to save time and travel costs. So this advertising strategy can allow you to fully take advantage of the commercial value of your store location.

Direct mails

Sending direct mails to your local folks has proved to be very effective in getting them to patronize your business. The mails can be any physical correspondence with things that identify your hair replacement salon, convey a call-to-action, and state your contact info and store address. The mails can be things like product catalogs, coupons, postcards, and solicitation letters.

Promotional Events

Hosting some promotional events will give people more opportunities to know your store. Despite that, there must be things that people can expect from such events, meaning your events should benefit them in some ways, even if they are not going to buy from you. If they are not getting what they want for free at the event, then your event must be fun enough to take part in. It could be a party, demo, or festival. Free food, drinks, and gifts can also be reasons for them to come. After attending any of your events and having a good feeling about it, they will be much more likely to make purchases from you in the future. In the meanwhile, they will be much less likely to forget your store compared with their alternatives.

Include New Services into Your Price List
Add new service into your current price list is a great way to expand your customer base.

For example, you can expand your business with a two-in-one service that focuses on selling hair systems. Not only would you sell the product, but you could also offer hair system installation.

It’s an easy way to offer your customers a full-service experience and expand your portfolio. Hair systems are suitable for both male and female clients of all ages.

Hair Replacement

As a highly experienced and professional hair system supplier globally, New Times Hair has helped thousands of hair replacement salons from over 100 countries cultivate their businesses and build up the customer base. Aside from top-class hair replacement systems offered at competitive factory-direct prices, you can expect a variety of highly practical business support that has proved to be helpful in accelerating the growth rate of the customer base for hair replacement salons.

Partnership with Hair Transplant Clinics

This may sound somewhat contradictory and unreasonable since hair transplant is another trendy alternative hair loss solution to hair replacement systems. So there must be a competitive relationship between hair replacement salons and hair transplant clinics. Despite that, they can both help each other with local marketing in ways that benefit everybody. As many people could realize, hair replacement salons and hair transplant clinics share the same target audience, namely those struggling with hair loss problems. By partnering with each other, both the salon and the clinic can expect valuable customer referrals from the other party. Those referrals are usually related to customers who prefer other hair loss solutions over the ones they inquire about.

For example, someone visiting a hair transplant clinic but not willing to go through the surgery can be referred to a hair replacement salon, and it works the same the other way around.

Free Trials & Service

The first-time purchase is always the hardest to get from the consumers. Those who have never worn hair replacement systems before might have some concerns that keep them from being willing to make the first attempt as they do not know what it is like to wear hair systems. So offering them a free trial can sometimes do the trick. It barely costs anything to give them a free hair system attachment trial to see how stunningly their appearances can be transformed by wearing it. Once they are impressed with the trial, they will be highly likely to make the purchase.

On the other hand, offering considerate and well-rounded free services to your customers plays a vital role in achieving a high customer retention rate. They can include hair cutting, hair system base cutting, hair system attachment, hair system cleaning, and so on. Such free services can help you gain an edge over your rivals in reinforcing brand loyalty and therefore boosting repetitive purchases.

Customer Referrals

Customer referral has proved to be a very effective local marketing strategy that is widely used across numerous fields in the modern world. It can help hair replacement salons greatly expand their customer base if carried out consistently. To expand our social networking scope, we often turn to the existing social circle to come into contact with those who are connected to the people we are connected to. Actually, this also works in the business world as a way to connect with new customers. The power of customer referral gets scaled up as your customer base continuously grows. Suppose you have 200 customers and they would recommend your store to 100 potential customers. Once your customer base grows to 1000, that number would be 500.

However, some incentives should be offered to your customers to motivate them to actually do the referral for you. For example, a free hair system rewarded for each successful referral can be encouraging enough for most people.

Social Media Platforms

We live in the information age featured by a vast number of online activities nowadays. The majority of people use social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, on a daily basis to share and follow things that interest them. So these social media platforms are actually one of the best places to introduce your products and services for free. Using social media wisely and consistently can significantly fuel your customer expansion in the long run. After creating your accounts, the first thing you are going to show is a complete business profile, including your store name, your store address and contact info, as well as the scope of operation.

Always keep your followers updated about what is going on in your salon by continuously posting. And this also plays a part in imprinting your business presence in their minds. Despite that, you should be selective and careful when deciding what to post, as inappropriate posts can backfire. Most of your followers are likely to be hair replacement system wearers or people interested in such products. So your posts should be relevant and matter to them in some ways. They should also reflect a sense of professionalism and reliability. Another advantage of social media is they facilitate instant communication, so people can leave you a message for you to see immediately through social media, meaning you can have conversations with each other at any time.

Partnership with Online Influencers

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers. They are people and organizations with a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field. Influencers are those with the power to influence the buying habits of others by posting either original or sponsored content to social media platforms or other online channels. Influencer marketing is when a business partners with influencers who have built a certain level of credibility and target audience on social media to mention or discuss the brand in a social media post.

Influencers can also perform a number of marketing practices for your salon aside from endorsement and product placement, such as product reviews on social media, sharing your campaigns and new product launches, sharing coupons and discounts, creating videos, pictures, and blog content. Such influencers can be found on many social media platforms by keyword search. They usually come with at least a few thousand followers. The more followers they have, the more you will need to pay them for each post for your salon. Influencer marketing usually achieves better outcomes for e-commerce businesses than for local stores, given it is carried out completely online. Suppose your store is not located in a big city with a large population. In that case, this strategy might be unnecessary and not worth the cost.

Google Business Profile

By creating a Google My Business account, your business profile will allow you to easily connect with your customers across Google Search and Maps. Your business profile is basically an advertising tool for free that can have your store info presented in front of those trying to find a hair replacement salon through Google keyword search and Google Map. So it really does the trick in building a bridge connecting you and your local customers. Besides, you can include things like promotions, events, product photos in your business profile to give people a better idea of how your store could assist them and solve their problems.

Suppose you want to further take advantage of Google Business Profile. In that case, you can also prepare an acceptable budget to run Google ads to achieve a wider audience reach and a better chance of your store being found by Google users. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also platforms where you can run paid ads that can be specifically targeted at your local folks who are looking for hair loss solutions.

Positive Customer Reviews

There have been more and more online business review platforms for consumers to leave reviews on products or services offered by a company, such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot. Such reviews, in turn, give those who have not made a purchase a quick and direct way to judge the companies before making up their minds. In other words, many people thinking about buying hair systems from your salon would go to one or more of these platforms to check out reviews of your salon left by your customers and finally decide on whether they will buy from you. Therefore, it is not hard to understand the significance of having a high review score to gain a reliable business image.

Hair replacement salons with high review scores usually outperform those with average and low scores in terms of customer growth rate to a remarkable extent. However, raising the review score of your salon can be a challenge even if most of your customers are very satisfied with what you offer them. This is because only a minority of them would actually bother to go to these platforms and leave their reviews without feeling motivated to do so. So you must offer some sort of incentive for them to do you that favor. For example, a 5% off discount on their purchases can be a strong reason for many of them to leave a full-mark review for your salon. This may seem to the detriment of your revenue, but it is totally worthwhile for achieving an outstanding business image.


Now you have gained an insight into some of the most effective local and online marketing strategies in how to expand the customer base for hair replacement salon owners. If put into effect correctly, your customer base is sure to grow at a much faster rate after a while.

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