Don’t Hit the Sand Without These Beach Essentials

You’ve got your weekend planned, and you’re looking forward to basking in those warm summer rays. Maybe you’re going on your own, or you are even taking some friends and family along to enjoy those golden sands.

Stop right there! You think you’ve prepared, but do you have the beach essentials you need?

There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting the beach only to find out you forgot one of these items. If you’re going to spend the next few months finding sand everywhere, you should at least read on and be prepared!

The Absolute Basic Beach Essentials You Should Have

Sometimes it’s the most obvious thing that we forget to take, so here’s a reminder. Take a beach towel! If you want to lie on the beach and relax, this is a must-have item for your beach day.

Don’t take any old towels, though. Here’s a comprehensive guide to beach towels. When you’re planning a beach day, you want comfort, so go for the best!

One last note about beach vacation essentials, remember to pack a pair of surf-style flip flops! You could always walk around in your bare feet, but doing a little beach accessorizing with a funky pair of flip flops can be fun!

Also, what would your beach wardrobe be without this last item? It’s a pair of sunglasses! Remember to take your best pair, as a great Instagram moment can pop up at any time on a beach.

Something To Stay Hydrated With

Remember to take your favorite water bottle or flask with you. There’s nothing worse than drying up in that beach sun, so stay hydrated. If you don’t have a bottle you like to travel with, pick one up almost anywhere.

If you’re going with a family member or friend that doesn’t have one, we’ve got a great suggestion. Click here for great gifts that might come in handy for a day at the beach.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

As far as the health of your skin is concerned, this is the most important item in our essentials for the beach. You must bring some sunscreen. Ensure that it’s SPF 50+ so that you’re guaranteed protection from getting cooked by the sun.

One other thing to consider is what is inside the sunscreen itself. Many cheaper brands can have harmful chemicals, so try to buy something organic. It might be a little more expensive, but it’s worth it if you prioritize your health.

Enjoy the Perfect Getaway

So, now that you’ve got your bag packed with the bare minimum of beach vacation essentials, you can enjoy a worry-free trip. When you finally hit the sands, what are you planning to do?

Maybe you’re going to go for a stroll, play with the family, or relax. One thing that’s always a winner in our books is reading at the beach. A book is our secret number-one item on any beach essentials list.

If you find you are missing reading material, we’ve got a whole blog full of interesting articles. Consider reading some more while you’re soaking up that beach sun!

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